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    About Me


    This is an accurate representation of Retsgip in real life. Without the moustache.

    I am but a lowly, poor, and starving college student. I attend classes in the United States and am nearly done with my degree in Psychology. But, what I really want to do later in life is teach high school. Funtimes?! I think so (helping the children of tomorrow!)!!

    Since college is pretty damn boring at times, and there are times when one must procrastinate, I decided to blog about what interests me. What I decided I wanted to do was to not give a play by play or summary of every episode, but rather to write my thoughts about key scenes in certain episodes. Ultimately, I hope to do some first impressions, and also full series reviews on top of whatever else I’m writing about at the time. Be forewarned though, I’m easily pleased and like just about any anime. As you can imagine, this makes it extremely hard for me to create any sort of top 10 or anything and sometimes my ratings are a little skewed.

    I try to watch as much anime as time allows, so I download and watch every subbed anime that I can find and stand watching–new and old(I love watching old anime if I can find it). Yes, I watch subs, because alas, I can’t speak Japanese. So if you have questions about anime other than what I cover in my blogs(and it’s subbed), I can probably offer a small portion of my thoughts.

    Anime is supposed to be enjoyable to watch, and I’d expect it to be no less enjoyable to read about. Lets all hold hands and have fun with anime together! *skips into the sunset giggling*

    Contacting Me: Don’t be afraid to contact me for any reason. If there’s broken links, some pictures get fucked, or you have a question about something, lemmie know and I’ll do my best. I’m not perfect so I’d appreciate the help! <3


    Rukia spirited away my heart.

    Sup folks, Unlike Retsgip, I don’t watch like he can (I run on water, not his cocktail of chocolate milk and beer). Thanks to my beautiful 5 gig monthly cap, I have to be extra-selective on the titles which I think I will be watching for the season. I am a Third year University student studying in Australia (WA), doing a Business Administration Course. During a chance meeting on another private forum, Rets and I have exchanged multiple anime ideas and discussions together. So much so that our large scale forum posts drove him to create this pad to chill in today.The main priority of my contribution here is to make sure that Im having fun doing what I do, and also that readers are having fun.

    There’s a strong emphasis in this blog to ensure that we have the freedom to behave like raving babboons when we want to, act all serious like when we want to and become rabid fanboys when the full moon comes up. You’ll find that I tend to do more feature posts on certain aspects of anime when I can, seeing as Rets already has the current series wrapups and coverages pretty well.

    Though, you will only see me blogging one series per season at most, but they usually end up being pretty enjoyable so far. I’m also an Evangelion zealot, and have been, since 1997. Like many Eva fans out there, I am refreshing and revising my fandom in preparation for the 2007-2008 movies which are currently in the works. Before I go, I just to say, Rei freaking Rocks. I’m originally an anime figurine collector, and I blog to entertain myself and I think there’s a lot of explore on the anime industry.

    I’ve recently been smitten by Revy of Black Lagoon fame and Rukia from Bleach during my tenure here in R.A.B. I’m proud to be writing for Rets in this fine pad. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can deliver to you, our dear readers. Though I am reaching the tail end of my university education and Rets is now in Japan teaching English, we are both still very committed to providing lulz and /gasps to you all.


    *Special thanks to Maestro for being awesome and providing such an awesome service*

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    1. like ure stuff keep up the good work!

      PLAY WoW

    2. Watch goddamn code geass NAOOO!

    3. I always come to this site and bout time I posted!

      Darkshaunz, you have good taste in girls! Rukia is an awsome character!

    4. hey bout time i posted your really funny

    5. Yo ..so..err I wanna watch loads of subbed anime an it seems you guys enjoy anime as much as me if not more, I’m not really I-net smart so what I’d like to know is wer do u guys download your anime from most of it is free right and which animes would you recommend My fav anime has to be Naruto, other anime I hold dear are Bleach, full metal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo, Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin, Tenchi muyo, death note and Last but definately not least GANTZ ooh I wanna watch sum like that kimkiss rouge that shit is hot believe it or not I do hav a girl and shes pretty hot at that but gotta hav sum japanese hentai in ther

    6. Awh! O.O;;!!! Darkshaunz you’re a sexual deviant!!! I randomly stumbled upon this site whilst searching for “pics” of Luppi… and I read your episode thingy thing! very nice, I agree Luppi really made me question myself… like come on! Ugh when he showed his number that was like what you’d wish all of them bleach girls would do ;_;… Anywho, I’ll probably forget this site exists in the next 5 minutes… so if you can magically contact sometime, that would be… really great.

    7. Darkshaunz, I’m glad there are still some guys out there who likes women with strong personalities and not those big-boobed and ditsy girls!

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    9. you are both providing an essential service. I am a first year university student and it seems like my new found love of most things Japanese (specifically manga and anime) is what is keeping me sane. This blog provides some interesting food for thought.

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    11. where did you get my name from,I am curious
      Eda Forte

    12. I just found out all the posts are gone, so it’s a matter of time before this blog closes down. It’s a shame because this is the only blog that made me laugh until passing out with reviews, which I just don’t read in any format (a waste of time to review episode per episode, in my opinion). Now I regret not saving those awesome posts (which were many) for my personal reading.

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