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  • Black Lagoon - Revy - Tsundere or Not?

    Posted on November 10th, 2006 by Darkshaunz - 10,244 Views

    A Question for the Ages.

    There’s questions like, what is the meaning of life? why are we here? Does the jeudo-christian God exist? and is there life outside our Earth? All pressing and very mind-taxing questions. Questions which have been debated on, some more seriously than others. But they pale in comparison to the one which is asked in the titular, Is Revy a Tsundere?

    Don’t be mistaken. She’s a Maneater.

    Now what is all this flagrant Tsundere prattle, you may ask, looking rather snotty and adjusting your monocle. I am not about to give you a wikipedia definition or anything, because you guys can do that for yourself. Rather, I will explain it the concept to those who don’t know what Tsundere is. Basically, Tsundere is actually a 2 HIT-Combo of the words “Tsun Tsun” and “Dere Dere”. “Tsun Tsun” meaning that the lady has a 90% urge to do the Undertaker Pin on you, Slap you or Castrate you if you make a move on her. “Dere Dere”, on the other hand, is when the lady converts the said 90% rage into an urge to do anything you please to get into your pants. A rather crass explanation, I know, but seriously, thats what “Tsundere” is.

    The road to “Dere Dere” is going to look PAINFUL for Rock.

    This whole fangled Tsundere concept lies mainly with females in anime, though I know the 4chan community has jokingly asked if there were any Tsundere males in anime (Probrably more of them than females if you think carefully). Regardless, lets assume its a Ladies-only privilege to get the hallowed rank of “Tsundere”. Before you dismiss it as grouping criteria, I should probrably point out that they have contests in Japan ranking the most popular Tsunderes. Our beloved Revy therefore qualifies to the “Tsundere Test”, seeing as she is a gorgeous young lady. Though, I may argue that she has more testosterone in her veins than I do. She’s also the first of her kind, usually Tsunderes are your typical moe highschool girl types or a magical shoujo type. She’s the first Chinese-American Modern-Day Pirate Tsundere Candidate I know of, anyway.

    You are already dead.

    When you look at it, we know that in Black Lagoon, there is only one guy that Revy ever pays attention to. This guy, is a dazed Japanese Businessman and our Anti-Hero, and goes by the name of “Rock”, or “Rokku” as he is so affectionately known by his other half. His other, more brutal half I might add :p (But so sexy). In the Second Barrage especially, I am noticing that she is becoming “more accustomed” to Rock, in that she hesitates whenever something is asked about him, or gets touchy. I know that the soft, gentle type is out of the question when we profile Miss Rebecca, as she’d probrably kill anyone if a proper payment is made…but I do know she would think twice if an order was made out to shoot Rock. It would be criminal to consider even making Revy softer for any other reason concerning Rock, of course, as it would spoil the whole aspect of Revy’s badassery. However, the writers are somehow implying a soft spot from Revy to Rock, this overbearance has played in my mind for a bit, though I know it won’t turn into a full blown romance, I am beginning to wonder whether the “Dere” Revy might come out to play in the season finale. Maybe even a tease would satiate me! Perhaps a warm smile from Revy to Rock, throw me a bone here!

    Yeah, it’d be better if he wore his Gucci suit instead of his Versace one.

    Usually, a Tsundere has a trigger before she is “tamed” (as in they basically throw themselves on the bed and await some sweet loving). For Louise in Zero no Tsukaima, it was Saito’s crazy manliness as he vowed to throw his life away for his master in a valiant proclamation, For Haruhi in MoHS, it was Kyon’s constant resistance to her zany ideas and for Shana in Shana in Shakugan no Shana, it was Yuuji’s personal kindess and warmth. Rock, however, is in a much more “unique” situation. Revy’s had a heavy past, probrably had to wield a gun at an ungodly young age. Rock’s had a sheltered, educated life, where the sanitized facts in his text books has shielded him from the mud-stained ground of Revy’s world. What Rock offers Revy, is no mark of gallantry, not offer her a Man’s protection, nor a Soft Kindness. Rock offers Revy himself as a link to a world where things aren’t so covered in blood and hopelessness. Could this be Revy’s trigger? I mean, she lives in a violent reality, through no fault of her own, and is what makes Revy sexy, but she’s also got the capacity to care for Rock in her own way, and I have no doubt their relationship will play a key role in Revy’s behaviour path in future episodes.

    Rock’s compassion may be the “Trigger”.

    Wait a second! you say, “She’s obviously already overbearing on the “Tsun Tsun”, and she’s displaying hesitation and overprotectiveness on issues concerning Rock, therefore she’s already a Tsundere!”. Well, I thought of that, but not quite, Revy is obscenely confrontational. I mean she literally nearly shot Rock’s head at point blank in season 1, This Tsun Tun act goes off the charts, even beating Louise’s horse crop whipping of Saito in ZnT. I figure, her hesitation on Rock-related issues is because she cannot understand him, as opposed to not being able to understand the concept love, which what many Tsunderes get all fussed about. Revy’s really street smart, and seeing as she lives in a Gangsta West-Side Craphole, its easy to see why. But in order to be tough as nails, she’s given up the concept of warm big sisterly love to embrace gunnery skills. It could be that I am mistaking her acts of neutral comradeship for a warm affection for Rock, however. I had the opportunity to re-watch some parts of Season 1, and even then, the notion of the two having some kind of mutual respect and something “more” was already being portrayed. In a way, this is excellent, as Revy will never be a one dimensional psychopath, but she has to fight two battles. One to survive, and another to see the world from Rock’s viewpoint (which may lead to negative implications on her combat doctrine).

    “Honey, you broke my jaw”

    “Sorry Sweetie, I was aiming for your nose”

    Initially, I was convinced that she was all Tsun-Tsun, as you may notice where my argument is taking us. Recently, however, with Eda’s constant jeering on their current relationship stance, our Supreme Overlord Revy has gotten to be softer and more censored about what she says about Rock. Heck, in the last episode I blogged, she even showed signs of Denial when she dismissed Eda’s remark of Rock being “manly”. Mind you, I think Rock is awesome, I dare any Japanese businessman to go Jedi Master on a Chainsaw-Wielding Body Disposal Lady….with nothing but a STEEL RACK and still survive to flee to the roof WITH a distressed Indian Lady behind. Its funny when you think of it, they are two stupidly different people, one who wants the sanitized view on things, and one who can no longer maintain any childlike innocence. Yet, when it boils down to it, they are survivors in the Ratlike town that is Ranapaur. When you boil these two characters down to basics, they are one in the same. I know Rock’s receptive to any affection Revy might display, but is Revy currently at a state of doing the same? Will she ever?

    I dunno, she seems more receptive to Kevlar than anything Rock does, at times.

    It’s no secret, Revy and Rock are super-dynamic on screen together, especially for me. Though they lack in character synergy compared to Chidori and Sagara (Full Metal Panic) on screen, they are definitely going to be the most Badass couple in anime history should they ever hook up in future episodes. If they do, it confirms my now growing suspicion that our Princess of Chaos may one day lay her guns down, just for one moment to embrace the tranquils of affection. Revy is hands down my favourite character in Black Lagoon, and also in my favourite list of coollest female lead characters of anime (this is a given). However If she does indeed become a warm soul, then perhaps “Tsundere” does not fit Revy. She needs a whole new category for herself, I propose “TSUN-TSUN-TSUN-dere” instead!.

    Remains one of my favourite scens in BL, so far.

    Rock’s on the other side of the character scale when he is put next to Revy, perhaps the cardinal rule of opposites attract may break Revy’s barrier? Perhaps…And So, dear readers, I present you with a question. Is our dear Miss Rebecca a Tsundere? (or TSUN-TSUN-TSUN-dere, as I call it) The fate of the universe lies in your answer, so think carefully.



    28 comments to “Black Lagoon - Revy - Tsundere or Not?”

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    1. Hey I agree with your analysis. As incredulous as it may sound, this Revy is a tsundere. It’s not that far fetched if you think about it. But I’m totally uninterested in her. BL is about war!!!! BLOOOD!! And cool MURDER!!

    2. Yes I think so, and for some reason this post makes me think she’s gonna die in the finale…

    3. I’ve always thought there was something between Rock and Revy since the submarine episodes. And then the hints during the deal at the church, their fight at the eatery, and how Revy reacted when Gretel grossed out Rock. But BL is about violence, cool fight scenes, killer meido/loli, and more violence, right? Who would have thought Revy is a Tsundere? Somehow, just can’t refute your arguements… and I want to ship RockxRevy. XD

    4. @tj han: Haha I see, you have awesome will power! being able to resist the gorgeous executioner that is Revy. Indeed, upon further contemplation Revy does display some “dere”, but we shall have to see how far she goes.

      @Danny: That would be sad (I see where you are going though, a lot of strong “Tsun” types usually encounter misfortune in anime series).

      @uhsieh: Join the club champ! Rock x Revy would absolutely “Rock”! (Pun Intended).

    5. Granted that Revy doesn’t do lovey-dovey dere dere but she’s gone out of her way to save Rock’s skin more than once (esp Guerillas in the Jungle where she risks the mission to get him back).

      Oh, which is also why Eda is pure win - she’s really good at pressing Revy’s Jealousy button.

    6. Honestly, I see Rock as a sort of “forbidden fruit” to Revy. He’s from a different world, has a different taste, is just DIFFERENT in general. Its not a matter of love but more of lust. She lusts for something she’s never had. Already, Rock is giving her little bites here and there but not enough for her to taste. It’s almost like torture, if by torture I mean offering her friendship instead of fuckship.

      Revy literally had no male friends. I see her relationship with the other BL members as strictly business. Rock, on the other hand, gave her friendship, and thats exactly what she needed. He shows concern for her, cares for her, and most of the time does what he can for her, and she’s never really had that. I think if you take that into consideration when thinking about their relationship, you’ll see what I see:

      • A friendship where both parties are curious but probably won’t act on it because they’re scared of tarnishing what little friendship they have (especially in this fucked up world they live in).

    7. It would be interesting if Rock ever got another serious love interest in BL. Maybe even someone he knew from his previous life as a salaryman. While Revy obviously respects Dutch very much, I think one thing that draws her to Rock is that he’s living now in her world but his core principles have not changed. Plus Rock is growing some serious spine as we see in Second Barrage, or even as early as when he negotiated their merchandise from the elder Sister from the Church of Violence.

    8. Just wanted to point out a mistake. Revy is not Japanese-American. She is actually a Chinese-American from New York City.


    9. @Zyl: Yeap and yeap, totally agree there. Revy’s gone the extra mile for Rock on many occassions where she would have normally let person X just die, not caring. Eda is playfully cheeky, and is indeed good at revving her up :P .

      @Rets: Also another good response, Rock is like next to her almost all the time, but he is kinda “out of reach” to Revy at the moment. You mention a good point on how Rock gives Revy friendship from a purer sense, and not just getting close to her for any physical intimacy. Indeed, what these two have as a relationship would be taken for granted in other anime.

      @Gary Ee: Good point about Revy’s core principles. I feel that Rock’s getting tougher and more used to the mercenary life as well. But although he is growing a metal spine or so to speak, his core principles too, remain unchanged. Then perhaps this compassion may leak unto Revy in future episodes.

      @Skane: Thank you for pointing that out (fixed by the time you read this comment). But I am curious to know what you think too :P .

    10. I don’t really think of Revy as a tsundere. She’s rather serious the entire time, and fairly down-to-earth when it comes to her annoyances. But I also don’t see the Rock x Revy thing so much. Certainly not even close to a Chidori x Sousuke kind of relationship, so I disagree.

    11. Such a long post about our great Revy-sama - kakkoi~!

      In their world of Ronpaur, strength is what matters the most - totally opposite of how Rock was raised up in Japan where he’s gone to school and basically made to be a ‘cog’ in the ‘great industrial machine’, where brains, not brawn, get you far. Rock has had to make the switch mentally to accomadate his new lifestyle, no small feat, from his old one just to survive his first run-in with BL. It’s no secret that Rock’s strongest assets deal with the softer, mental side of buisness and life: touchy negotiations, fuel effinency, daring and crazy plans, someone to keep Revy occupied while not on the job - an area where only Dutch really ruled (now that Rock’s here, he can take it easy and just focus on getting jobs for BL). Heck, first thing Revy did after saving Rock from the rebels in the jungle was ask Rock for an escape plan. XD If anything, Revy enjoys being a part of one of Rock’s plans just for the sheer ‘fun factor’ at doing something totally different.

      Revy is the strength that Rock does not possess. She herself respects strong people - Boss Chang, Balalakia-anego, Dutch, etc and acts buddy-buddy with them. So why save Benny? Because he’s useful in manning the radar and technical side of things. Okay, so why invite Rock? What did Revy see in Rock? Was it the look in his eye, the way his voice dropped to almost a low growl when describing the plan to blow the EO Heli to the moon? Was it that moment that sparked a genuine interest in him after her monetary interest was derailed? Don’t know what she saw in him at the time but now, after she’s come to know him - by Ronpaur’s logic - Rock should have been dead a long time ago. Maybe she was just using him as a guinea pig to show the world that people have to become as f*’ed as she is to survive but Rock is proving her wrong. As Gary Ee mentioned, Rock’s core ideals have not changed - Rock is still Rock but not as naive as he once was. Rock may not be Revy’s idea of ‘eye candy’ or even her ‘ideal man’ (ie Boss Chang) and so on this point, I side with Rets’s point: Rock is someone/represents something she’s never had before - an actual, bonafied friend. Many guys come onto her because she’s beautiful but you’ve never seen Rock do anything even remotely ecchi towards her, even when he wakes her up in the morning and she’s just in her top and panties (not even an oogle). I’d like to think that these two have a traditionally different role-reversal couple dynamic - Rock trusts Revy to keep his body safe while Revy trusts Rock to keep her heart safe. Let’s just hope that neither of them drops the ball or there will be a bloodbath to end all bloodbaths and that will be the end of BL. ^^;

    12. >>Let’s just hope that neither of them drops the ball or there will be a bloodbath to end all bloodbaths and that will be the end of BL. ^^;
      I have this bad feeling it’ll end up like Cowboy Bebop where either or both Revy or Rock die. Dunno, it’s just me, I guess.

      Back on topic, well, Revy MIGHT be up there in tsundere-land like Eri-chan, Louise, Shana, Haruhi, and every other fictional female human of their ilk, but we still have yet to see a real kiss other than the scene of them sharing cancer sticks. Revy does get a little riled up whenever Eda gets a bit too close to Rock, but we still have up to Episode 24 or 26 to find out. (I’m hoping for a second season, at least.)

      Oh yeah, Darkshaunz…I FOUND YOUUUUUU :O

    13. Mion-chan/Rosa Gallica…from 4chan.

      I don’t habeeb it! But yes, welcome to the blog.

      Direct Anonyfag here as well please. :)

    14. I agree for as far as I am in the series (ep 10). The thing I’ve noticed is that there are flaws in Ms. Revy - that is to say in her facade of “Ms BadAss”.

      First item, her reaction to Rock confronting her in the market after they had run all those “errands”. Yeah, she makes good on her promise from the U-Boat and tries to shoot him in the face, but before that, the shocked look…

      To me it said a lot. There was to me a subtle implication of “I misjudged this guy” “I can’t believe he said that” “I don’t want to, but I have to go through with it [shooting Rock]” Which said to me also that she’s not quite so detached and bass ass when she’s not in psycho mode.

      And then there’s the psycho mode, Dutch mentioned that she did it when Benny joined the crew too. I’m not saying she had such feelings for Benny when he came aboard, but it would seem that new crew = feeling of comradery and or family which in turn makes Revy counter balance with excessive violence.

      For some reason I envision that *if* there was a hookup between the two, it would ultimately make Revy self destruct.

      FWIW: From the very first episode closing, I’ve been of the opinion (because of the closing) that the series might well end with Revy’s demise.

    15. Still not entirely sure what a tsundere is, but I think I kinda get the idea…whateveer it just seems to describe revy…dunno…but i have always always always supported rock x revy…say, is there such a thing as sexual tension in anime? even if there isn’t, rock and revy definitely display chemistry between eachother (i thinnk my sentence construction just went to the dogs) yeah. but revy x rock is THGE BEST PAIRING EVER. full stop.

    16. My feelings are that even if she does start to care for Rock on a deeper level, that it will affect her combat skills and she’ll most likely die. Considering the end of the 2nd season the same thing happened to the sword wielding gangster (i forget his name). The morale of the story appears to be as soon as you have hope in the world then your dead for real.

      Curiously enough I would argue that Revy shows more affection (or concern or whatever) towards Rock than he shows her. Arakan7 said it best I think. Its not that Rock is wishy washy like so many male leads in anime but rather she’s still on a very different level I suspect for him to even view her as a potential partner in a relationship. A decent friend.

    17. It’s hard too agree to “Tsundare” since Revy de facto has a mental disorder. She is highly narcissistic what is typical for people grown up alone. Her “self” is of utmost value as she developed a Histrionic disorder as well in early adulthood. The aspect of particial asociality appears frequently in the manga. She likes to be surrounded by “buddies” and noone else.
      You have to regard she had never visited a school (except of elementary school) or recieved any kind of education. Her life was full of pain, stupidity and frustration since nobody tought her how to interact with people or society. With her multiple and frequent psychosis’ (her eyes get black) it’s practically sure - she has shizophrenia.

      The scene as she hit him into the face is a kind of key in this matter. That’s the point she realized she hurt a friend because of her own mental illness.

      As for her relationship with Rock: As a young, physically healthy woman she HAS feelings and sexual interest for him. But the ways to show it are permanently blocked - Revy just doesn’t know how to do this. Futhermore any kind of attachment is seen as a threat for her own ego. Her statement “to be unable to work together with Rock” is just another clue he’s the right person for her.

    18. Another key moment is Revy’s playing with children in Tokyo. You can clearly see she really enjoyed it until Rock came back from his familiy visit. With red in her face she is ashamed for having played with them. She mentions “to cut off his genitals if he says anything to Dutch or Benny.” This reaction implies another assault on her ego, as she is mentally immature. In her inner she is still a child which is fond of playing with other children - an activity she missed in her own childhood.
      From all characters in Black Lagoon, Dutch understands it best, as he bears certain responsibilty for her.

    19. well i must admit, i agree with everything you’ve said. Also Revy is my number one fav anime gal so far. No other girl on any anime compares with her.

    20. Is Revy a tsundere??? It’s a certain yes for me.
      Let’s see a couple of examples, shall we??? :D
      - The obvious scene where they’re lighting each other’s cigars.
      - When Rock woke Revy up, there was like a freaking chemistry there.
      - Also, when Rock felt upset about Gretel’s situation, Revy told her not to mess with him.
      - When Balalaika almost killed Rock, Revy told Rock that if he wasn’t him, he wouldn’t have cared.
      - There was the carnival scene where they were talking and Revy was caring for Rock’s welfare.
      - Also, there’s the thing when Eda ask Revy about Rock, and she avoids the question.
      - Oh yeah, the last thing, in the manga. Rock told Revy that if she was his gun, then he was her bullet. I mean come on, what more of a romantic analogy than that??? Well, in a violent, trigger- happy way. :P
      Well, Revy is a tsundere. :D IMO. Peace.

    21. I realize that this blog was written around 2 years ago so its a little late to comment but I totally agree with the gist of this. I just found the series (Anime and Manga) and I have fallen in love with it. I also totally agree with the whole tsun-tsun-tsun-dere, I definitely want to see a Rock-Revy pairing and am hoping there will be something more too their interactions in the third season

    22. I realize this was written a long while ago, but I really feel I have to speak up.

      No, Revy is emphatically not a “Tsundere”.

      Does she have a soft side? Sure. That’s not the same as being a Tsundere. Yes, she has a good heart underneath it all. Yes, there’s a guy she likes. Yes, she’ll let down her guard a bit around him. No, her “badass” personality is not an act. No, she does not eventually turn to jelly around the right guy. No, she does not ever need to be saved, no she does not sit around waiting for him to take control. She has a good side, she’s capable of love, but she’s still a strong-willed woman that honestly will castrate and/or kill anyone that crosses her, and never have a second thought about it. She’s no more a “Tsundere” than John “Die Hard” McClane is. Having a good heart and being capable of love is not enough to make that label applicable.

    23. hell to the yea

      Revy is such a sexy badass babe babe BABE. I’m a straight female and even I cannot deny the tingling I get in my loins when I see that hottie blast her gun is some dickwads face. WHAT A BABE. ugh jesus christ. if Rock doesn’t start to man up soon and take Revy , I might just have to .

      I’ve been studying the manga and I deduct that there will definitely be some kind of romantic scene that’ll get us so excited that we’ll grab the nearest person and fuck them. The hints are obvious.

      Revy obviously has a sexual attraction to Rock, the jealously she exhibits when Eda hits on him, the soft lingering look she gave him in Japan and the way she comments immediately “He won’t take his damn suit off” when Eda questions him on Rock, these are words that are just tainted with sexual tension

      I just feel Revy’s problem is that she’s so damn insecure . She holds back from Rock because she recognizes that she’s a villian and he’s not. Yet.

      She’s a permanent fixture in the underworld, and there’s no way for her to escape that. BUT, in a tragically beautiful twist, Rock is dragging himself down with her, as each chapter passes he falls further into Revy’s crazy mrderous life . Partly for her, partly for himself. The more he toughens up, the easier it’ll be for the author to make a relationship between them more plausible. (I’m sorry, but badass revy and wimpy rock just won’t work)

      I love studying the manga because the art actually says alot about what the author is trying to convey. There’s a ridiculously sexual scene between them in volume 7. She’s in the shower. he’s laying on her bed, legs open. Revy asks him (nakedly) something along the lines of: “I’m not your mother, so explain to me why I protet you so much?”

      and instead of responding with the obvious answer which is “because we’re in love dumbass” he just looks sad and restrained. then he simply promises her, that he’ll no longer get caught up in the moment and do stupid stuff

      then REVY looks down, shielded behind the shower curtain, and has a terribly sad expression, because that’s exactly what he was doing, not getting caught up in the moment. He restrained himself, didn’t rip off his clothes and join the gorgeous revy in the shower. Even though, if he did, she might have castrated him

      My point is, that the story is definitely driving towards a developing relationship. Rei Hiroi works in a really subtle manner, with a lot of hidden meanings in the dialogue and artwork.

      To be frank, I dont give a rats ass about the anime. I love the manga better. Does anyone know when volume 10 is coming out?????

    24. I would love to see a Rock x Revy pairing in future episodes, both manga and anime. I also disagree that Revy caring for Rock on a deeper level will effect her combat skills in a negative way and get her killed. Love does not make one weak, but stronger than any could ever be without it.

    25. I think any “official” hookup between Rock and Revy would effectively spell the end of the story. Like if Bones and Booth ever hooked up. Or when Mulder and Scully got romantic (which effectively signalled the end of X-Files).

      This is one of those relationships that works when they’re together but not “together-TOGETHER”

      And I think this tangent in this thread is somewhat unfair to Revy at times too. She is actually a fairly consistent character and not prone to as wild mood swings as one thinks. But she’s like a pack animal. Like an animal, she is basically amoral. But she can be fiercely loyal to someone she considers to be a part of her pack and she obviously at some point decided to take Rock under her wing.

      But Rock is not some paragon of goodness either. He talks out of the side of his mouth. He’s a HUGE hypocrite. He doesn’t always see it but Revy does and calls him out on it every now and again. She also periodically reminds him of the numerous marks on his butt from all the fence-sitting he does. At the same time, he does offer her an alternative perspective on life and that’s what Revy is drawn to.

      So it’s not just one sided as it’s portrayed in this thread. They both provide a very specific function to one another. Whether it is love, friendship, or lust, that’s for fans to write fanfics over. But at the current time, their relationship is one of mix and clash, mix and match, and it’s one of most fascinating relationships in recent anime/manga right now.

    26. Rock is like the total defence player and revy like the total offense player.
      Rock can take a lot and I mean a LOT of presure and Revy fights like a berserker. A seeing Rock bringing Revy into sort of defence stand time and time again is just bitter sweet.
      I personally wonder, if Rock would ever use a gun if there is nothing else he had…

    27. Revy is a tsundere in my opinion.

      Many talk about other tsundere pairings but forget one that probebly is the closest to RevyxRock - AsukaxShinji from Evangelion.

      Asuka is also someone suffering from being psychotic at times, and can be just as blood-thirsty as Revy (just watch the EoE movie to see how she tears Eva’s apart, literally). Considering that Asuka is caunted to be a tsundere I dont see a reason why Revy could not.

      After all Asuka almost always is a tsun towards Shinji (I would say she is even worse than Revy) and almost never shos her dere parts. In fact just like with revy, her dere parts towards Shinji are implied. Sure she kiss Shinji but that kiss is screwed up (you can see from her mindrape director’s cut episode).

      So yeah, as long as we count Asuka Sohryu Langley from Evangelion a tsundere (and she most definitely is counted as one), Revy should be placed on the list.

      She like Asuka is not moe tsundere - they both a psycho bitch tsundere that is mostly tsuntsun all the time with all dere parts being subtle and vague, but I think they both should be caunted as tsunderes.

    28. i know i’m super late but i’ve seen the end of the anime honestly it should have ran longer because sum people can have great characters and great plot and still run out of ideas on who 2 kill…. ergo their called morons===but n e wayz chemistry…. definetly===best female anime star……..thats a big check!!!….but when all boils dwn to theirs been rumors about finishing the anime but the best u’ll proably have is an ova………..
      JUST THE SAD TRUTH…..so if u want 2 continue the story then pick up a manga ladies…….oh and if the anime does continue they say it will be about revy’s past ergo the rock saga is over ne wayz so no luv story..P.S. Rock is a pussy come on ur boss erases u from history and u have nuthing left but u want 2 hold on 2 morales….if he would have knuckled dwn he would have definetly got with her and fukkkked her brainz out…i kno i would’ve!!!!!!!!!!!!

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