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    Bleach - 168 - Fill ‘er up!

    Posted on April 26th, 2008 by Darkshaunz - 1,869 Views

    Bleach - IchiRuki & IchiOri - “Casualties”

    Posted on April 16th, 2008 by Darkshaunz - 2,481 Views

    Darkshaunz isn’t “Shippy”, but “Rukia-ey”

    What is it about people going too far when it comes to fictional aspects about characters in a certain show? I don’t particularly understand the rabid “shipping” mechanic. So I decided, since I know jack shit about the topic, to do some research this phenomenon. I did not even know that “OTP” meant “One True Pair” (or even existed as a term) until a long time reader, wickedliz, informed me of the abbreviation. One True Pair? Is it the pair to rule them all? The One Pair which fell into the hands of an obssessive and compulsive hobbit in the darkness of the fanfiction dimension? Judging by the militant “shipping” movements (I’m looking at you, Bleachtards) on the internets, they may as well be evil Bilbos, salivating and gnawing on woodwork. Join me, as we explore the cruel and pulsating depths of a romance phenomenon.

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    Kyoto Animation - Clannad and Key titles exclusively until Q4 2009

    Posted on April 1st, 2008 by Darkshaunz - 2,266 Views

    Kyoto Animation to put everything else on hold

    At roughly 12:00 pm UTC today, Kyoto animation announced the release of Clannad: The Tomoyo Chapters for DvD-only release, to much rejoicing of down-syndrome fanboys (fuck). However, to make things worse for the rest of us, they have announced that lead Clannad anime designer - Tatsuya Ishihara was now in charge of all further Kyoto animation production schedules. Tatsuya exclaimed in his press release, “I have worked on many high-profile projects with Key, and I am excited to see future Key games line up the full roster of Kyoani’s esteemed entertainment brand. I urge all Key fans to look forward to it and support us like they did with Clannad”. Managing director of media operations at Kyoani Rie Atsui had this to say, “With regards to Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and further releases of Full Metal Panic, we know fans are still eagerly awaiting them. I assure our customers that many dedicated animation teams are working hard for a late 2009 release for both titles, and everyone here is very excited and proud of how both titles are looking so far”.

    Source of this infuriating piece of news: Kyo-Ani Japanimation (渚もウッー) press release

    The Melancholy of Kyon - Enjoy life in a normal fashion

    Posted on March 31st, 2008 by Darkshaunz - 2,535 Views

    You don’t need to pierce the heavens to impress

    First things first, apparently this blog is being infested by spam mail from pingbacks and my personal loan shark creditors. I have asked Retsgip to set filters to “fucking maximum”, which should alleviate all these new penis enlargement offers and vote for hillary clinton campaign comments that I have been getting. There’s no Bleach for 3 years, so let’s discuss the topic at hand. Kyon then, seeing as Haruhi season two is premiering this year, let’s not discuss Miss Haruhi Suzumiya because every single moe blog out there is probably shooting sticky bullets all over their dorms for her already. Let’s discuss this guy, who I think is just plain awesome.

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    Bleach - 164 - Gay Innuendo and Bondage Pimps

    Posted on March 15th, 2008 by Darkshaunz - 2,731 Views

    Darkshaunz doesn’t think the Balls are Inert.

    Score: 8.0/10

    I know what you are thinking. Two weeks ago, I said that Ichigo is dead and that Bleach is over. Obviously I was sorely mistaken, because Bleach surprises us by showing us that even the mighty bullshit plot device that is the Dragon Balls could not top this new weapon of Orihime’s - Event rejection. Do you have a dead character which happens to be the main character? No problems! this plot-ressurecting device comes with fine legs and a well endowed body to go with it! This opens up a whole new joke for those already teasing Bleachtards, that nobody really dies in Bleach. Well folks, I’d hate to say it, nobody does die in this show, maybe because they are all already dead.

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    Bleach - 162 - Ichigo Dies. Bleach is finished.

    Posted on February 29th, 2008 by Darkshaunz - 2,793 Views

    Darkshaunz inserts 3 more coins.

    Score: 8.7/10

    This episode gave off a really big “Game Over” vibe. I thoroughly enjoyed it, mainly for reasons like the fact that this arc is seeing it’s more serious reality for the characters. Before, everything seemed a bit too shounen-conventional with the fights (see: easymode). It looked like they may have had some difficulty engaging the mascara-laden clowns which infested the area, but always came up on top. Now the difficulty’s been ramped up to Super Ninja Gaiden mode, and I think the gang’s feeling the sharp end of stick this time. Problem is, they only have 1 continue each.

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    Bleach - The Village Bleachers

    Posted on February 24th, 2008 by Darkshaunz - 2,333 Views

    Darkshaunz is now on the sCOOLbus

    As I was surfing the vast internets for Rukia hentai doujins and a Russian mail bride, I stumbled upon my Youtube bookmark. I had apparently bookmarked this search for DBZ music videos, because I was told some of them were “intense” and “wicked”. By that, they meant a constant clones of Gohan vs. Cell music videos with more Linkin Park than razors for you to cut yourself with. Some of these guys had Heaps of views, like in the thousands. I was like, “Holy shit!” that’s like way more people than the Samoan Islands!”. I imagined the video creators to be some kind of otaku rockstar, sipping bubble tea served by cosplaying bunnygirls in a capsule corp penthouse. So my dear readers, why are we left out? Why should we not claim this Delicious Prize of AMV-fame by making our own Shitty videos to flood the intertubes?

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    Bleach - Manga - Kendo recruitment increases 311%

    Posted on February 23rd, 2008 by Darkshaunz - 3,020 Views

    Darkshaunz slaps Kubo Tite

    Holy shit? my last entry was episode 151, that was like from the age of mayans. Well folks, I can’t explain my disappearance, but it probably had something to do with me being a lazy shit-eating sloth which decided that blogging would take a backseat to my new bitch, the Crapbox 360 (its going to bankai itself back to the Microsoft factory soon). Then I read the latest manga chapter of Bleach and knew, I just knew that I could not just sit on my arse and allow Kubo Tite to get away with what he’s done in the recent Bleach chapters without me unleashing a massive stream of whinging. A barrage of complaining so powerful, it will break his nose, legs and his imaginary future children which he is yet to father. So, for the seven people still reading this, let’s do this shit for old time’s sake.

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