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  • Bleach - 168 - Fill ‘er up!

    Posted on April 26th, 2008 by Darkshaunz - 1,868 Views

    23 comments to “Bleach - 168 - Fill ‘er up!”

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    2. I’ve already forgiven whatever failure the fillers will bring us thanks to Rukia’s erection inducing hairstyle and O face.

    3. The new captain is a rip-off of Show ▼

    4. I actually like Bleach Fillers, but only when they involve you know the main characters in comedic situations.

    5. R-Rukia-chan!!! *faints*

    6. @ bakaneko: That was the 1st thing I though of when I saw the new captain too.

      Still hesitantly looking forward to these fillers - the new characters are decent enough and the new OP & ED are great! Hopefully they wont mess things up too much.

    7. Words can’t explain how relieved I am to see you review even ONE episode in the filler arc. You’re very sarcastic most of the time, and you’ve bashed so many things during Hueco Mundo, that it getting difficult to figure out which things in your entries were serious about your opinion! Yes, that means even *I* saw the episode too. I was debating whether I should, even though I always do anyway. :P

      The theme song to me isn’t one of the best, but certainly exists somewhere in the top 5 Bleach OPs.

      The new 3rd Seat Captain’s personality and low-tolerance for kid’s apple juice adds something to the fillers, but I really don’t like his design. It looks like the studio just scrambled a bunch of recycled designs into a blender to make the result of a shinigami brothel. I wonder who WRITES the new material? I wonder how hard it is for that person(s) to keep the spirit and character consistancy of the original work, while still making it fresh? I bet it’s like fanfiction.

    8. It was a nice article until that last pic from that shitbox. I Hate Xbox and anything associated with it. i hope it gets RROD and dies in agony >:(

    9. So how’s that skin working for you?
      I always thought the skinit things would like peel off or not stick on right. I wanted to get one for my laptop too.

    10. ROFLCAKES!

      Ok, I was totally going to skip the fillers - cause I found anime Nirvana (Macross Frontier + Nabari no Ou) and I’m a whore for shiny things - BUT, based on your lulz-tastic review, I’ll give it a try.

      Rukia-swimsuit-edition = fuck yes!

      Rukia-edition-Xbox = …if you die unexpectedly, may I have it? ^^

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    14. why didn’t they just let the seizing currents take out all the menos?



    16. Hey can someone send me the Rukia render on that xbox please!!! my e-mail is ashtonhd101@hotmail.com thanks

    17. RROD and dies in agony? That’s a cruel thing to say. I’m betting you’re a Ps3 fan, right?

      Anyway, funny post and that’s one hot box.

    18. The Box pic is great. Nice customisation.

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    20. I think this new season of Bleach is going to be another long one unlike the previous one about rescuing Inoue. But anyway, I’m watching it. XD

    21. Well.I´m kind of pissed, I was really excited watching the fight in Hueco Mundo, when I saw the final part of episode 167 I had a bad feeling about it, and then… new opening and that simple and weird explanation …

      “…The battle against the Arrancar still rages on, but we will pause before continuing that tale”

      I love the funny side of Bleach… but I think it was a bad way to introduce the filler… I´ll take me time to recover from that!!!

    22. Yeah so umm I like this epi…and most of the epis after are good, but I have just one tiny little request WHEN IS MOMO COMING BACK?? she is my fave character…ok ok I know shes been recovering is hospital nd shes lucky to be alive…blah…balha… and we did she a little of her in epi 125? but we didnt quite get to see how she reacts with other people apart from Shiro-chan, anyway Im gonna stop balbing now and oh yea BLEACH ROX

    23. Good choice not reviewing the current arc. Anyone who DOES watch it, doesn’t need know why you’re not. ;)