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    Hitohira - Stuttering and Blushing is the new Sexy

    Posted on June 25th, 2007 by Darkshaunz - 1,825 Views
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    Darkshaunz s-s-stutters (its the new cute)

    Thoughts on: Episodes 1 to 3 (9.1/10 overall)

    I love it when the exam period has ended, you immediately flush yourself off any responsibility and you just vege out like a cucumber on your couch. But not for me, I intend to work hard for you guys during my mid-year semester break. By work hard, I mean of course continue to nag Rets for entries and also surprise (and traumatise) myself with anime which I have no fucking idea how they ended up on my hard drive. This week’s meatloaf surprise is “Hitohira”, I decided to try it out because I saw a megami scan of it on the interwebs with some schoolgirl undressing. I thought to myself, clearly, this would be an anime full of story and flare. It ended up pretty decent, no actual undressing though (Damn Megami).

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