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  • Air Gear - 20

    Posted on August 24th, 2006 by retsgip - 1,218 Views

    Rating: 8.7/10

    Crows: 0

    No crows, but still. *Applaud* Thank you for ending the arc in a wonderful fashion, and not leaving any bitter aftertaste in my mouth. I really had no doubt that Kogarasumaru would win, but I was really wondering how they would manage to do it in the flashy air gear style. This worked.

    Oh yeah, this will probably be the highest rated episode that has no crows. How sad I was at the end when I was left crow-less, but I did notice how cute Akito was without his patch. *squeal* (I’m starting to question my sexuality…that or I’m a yaoi-boy now)


    I love shots like this. They’re in this super serious battle, and Ikki completely whiffs Teary-eyes, making everyone put on their WTF face. Awesome. It totally destroys the intense atmosphere for a few seconds, but I’ve realized that this is what Air Gear does best. So many emotions back and forth: serious->funny->sad->funny, all done in one episode. AT Typhoon was just ridiculous. Enough said! Plus, I thought he would have removed his training vest before the match. It only seems logical…(Cat-kun came to watch yay!)


    Agito and Akito finally work together and pull out some crazy regalia fang crap, even though he doesn’t have a regalia, hmmm. I’m still not sure what they are, but I’m just gonna go with “special powers,” which apparently choose their master. And of course, Ikki does something I didn’t even think was possible, but I guess I wasn’t thinking abstract enough for the final move. I knew he was gonna bust the invisible cage and “fly” again, but I wasn’t sure how. This is a reasonable solution: Ride akito’s fang. Yup. *sweat* Still cool though. (how many times can Ikki save Agito eh?) I like how Akira pulled a Rock Lee, standing while unconcious after his fight.

    Naturally, Kogarasumaru (god is their name long enough) ends up the victor of this match. The police come and stop all thoughts of potential violence, which was no doubt going to happen because its like 1000+ Behemoth vs. 10 Kogarasumaru(and company). I was kind of disturbed by Akito’s brother, who seems kind of like a lunatic. Plus, I’ve developed a liking for Akito/Agito so seeing him get whipped like that is just kinda painful.


    Also, I was very pleased in how they dealt with Akira’s ending. They turned him into a Martyr and kind of gave his stance on the whole situation a new meaning. The whole arc I’ve been shaking my fist at him saying “We’re gonna fuck you up bitch!” but then when it was all good and done, I was kind of sad. I felt bad for him and for the situation he’s been in. He really pulled off a good exit. Plus the bowing scene was touching as hell after all the crying and flashbacks that have happened throughout the arc. Bravo!

    I dunno if it was just me, but I was starting to get confused at all the bird references they tossing around throughout this arc. I understand that Akira’s job was to stop shitty teams from advancing on in levels, but they use the term “bird” a lot to portray the advancing AT user. I guess most of them believe they can fly to the top, pun intended, but also this reference can be used to portray Ikki’s use of the Sky Road. So much confusion and conflicting references. They could mean both, or more, or none. I guess it’s up to us as the viewer to figure that out.

    Warning - Cover your eyes if you’ve got a weak stomach:


    Oh no! Watch out Akito/Agito! A man woman shemale is coming to get you! Seriously, she’s got a beard or something, right? Right? I’m not just seeing things am I? If she/he is a female, I deem her, worst air gear girl ever. Oh god…I need Ringo-goodness next episode to redeem this, although it looks as though we’ll be seeing more of Simca. And she’s cut her hair!

    I hope there’s more than 25 episodes. Anime News Network only has 25 lined up, but I’m hoping they just haven’t updated it or something. They can’t possibly be close to finishing the series, unless everyone quits when they finally lose on episode 25, which would just be a waste of an anime. I guess that would allow Ikki to join a stronger team, but who knows. I’m not gonna read the manga because I’ve enjoyed being surprised at everything that happens.

    Hope everyone enjoyed this episode as much as me. Good shit. Enjoy.


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    1. True,….let’s hope it doesn’t end at 25 eps.
      It’s to action-packed, and it feels like it just really started. :P

      Hehe shemale, I’m curious what will happen after this.
      Injecting some weird thing, what’s up with that :p.

    2. regalia are AT parts that allow the user to do amazing things… the steel soul thing with Nue was because of a regalia, Akira’s fang was because of a regalia. the fact that Agito/Akito can launch a fang without the fang regalia (which apparently just moves you really fast then mad brakes) is why Spitfire was so impressed. God i love this series

    3. Yeah, that makes sense, but it’s still really weird don’t you think? Regalia is just kinda a weird concept because it’s so abstract, but I think i got it yeah ;p

      I love the series too, despite what the majority might say about it. I haven’t read the manga but I think the anime is catching up fairly quickly so I think we might see a second season? Dunno.

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