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  • Bartender - 01

    Posted on October 16th, 2006 by retsgip - 768 Views
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    Rating: 8/10

    FINALLY!! Bartender got subbed. I can die happy now knowing exactly what kind of anime it is, and what to possibly expect from the future. I don’t have much experience with drinks or food in general, so I can’t comment on any of that, but I can say that I enjoyed the setting and overall theme of the first episode (omg?).

    Bartender is a healing-type anime, which seems to be focused on the male audience. The episodes seem like they’ll definitely go with a “customer of the week” type storyline, which works fine for me as long as each episode leaves me with a different feeling or something new to ponder.

    Short Summary: (don’t know how many will watch this)

    Cheif Kamishima is hired to remodel the bar in some restaurant but unfortunately, he hates bars. He can’t seem to agree on the barkeeper (he calls him keepers rather than tenders because he’s a dick) nor can he decide what the design should look like. Some lady who worked for him recommended he go visit Eden Hall because the Bartender remembered an order she made from years ago, and naturally it was delicious. So, Cheif Kamishima heads over to Eden Hall and asks the Bartender what he thought of his plans, which the Bartender avoids because they probably suck.

    The Bartender manages to make the Cheif spill the beans about his past and why he hates bars and whatnot (we see a flashback of this). Then the Bartender makes him a simple drink, a Mizuwari, which is apparently the drink for drunkards. Trying fight back his outraged, the Cheif takes a sip and lo and behold, he’s speechless. How could the Bartender make such a ’shitty’ drink taste so DAMN GOOD? The ice. Yes, the FUCKING ICE! Super cold ice won’t melt and delude the taste of the Mizuwari. He’s not a super hero, he’s just smart and knows how to make awesome drinks.

    Cheif Kamishima is moved by the Bartender’s words as well as his tending skills, and redoes his remodel of the restaurant bar. It ends up turning out to be extremely popular, and so begins the relationship between Cheif Kamishima and the Bartender.


    I think the big question that everyone was wondering about is if Bartender is worth watching. To that, I’ll answer with a maybe. The pacing of the show is slow, and mostly in narrative format (narrator being the customer of the week, at least this episode), but it presents a different perspective on Bars and bartending. If you don’t mind sitting through a lot of talking or narrating, then you might come away from this episode with a small smile on your face. If not, you’ll most likely be bored.

    I loved the background music throughout the episode. There was a lot of nice relaxing Jazz tunes, which seemed to suit Eden Hall rather nicely. The artwork was average, meaning I saw nothing wrong with it, but wouldn’t praise it for any reason. Overall, it created a nice atmosphere which allowed me to calm down from my original “WTF IS THIS” when I originally started watching it.

    The explanation about Eden Hall’s door seriously turned me on (I’m possibly the only one that faps to intellectual stuff). The Cheif commented how it was too thick and probably scared people away, but the Bartender offered a different perspective (lots of different perspectives in this anime). The big door offers safety and solace to his customers. A bar is not only a place to drink, but a place to hide. You can be hiding from bullies or from your stressful job, it doesn’t matter. Behind the thick door, you’re safe to relax and enjoy a wonderfully made drink. When I walk into a bar, I don’t think about this kinda shit, but maybe I really do subconsciously? Then again, I’ve never been to a bar that had a huge door which faced an alley, nor have I gone to one that was as quiet as Eden Hall.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I couldn’t bring myself to make fun of it or anything because it either made fun of itself by being too serious, or it was too serious to be made fun of (holy shit does that make any sense?!). The perspective it brings to life in general is refreshing and I found myself wondering what it would be like to have a nice conversation with the Bartender.

    I feel bad for all those who thought the Bartender was secretly a ninja who pilots a Gundam and fucks 20 women in the morning before he goes to work, then fucks 20 more as he smokes a cigar and wins a Flairing competition, all the while climbing mount Everest without a Sherpa. Maybe he is and we dont know yet?! Oh well, I thought it was cool. Hopefully they keep subbing it.


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    1. Nice writeup Rets.

      I’d like to admit that I was one of those people who thought he would be a Gundam-Piloting-Harem-Gorging-Ninja, but that view is obviously not true. :P

      I guess its nice to see a slow infiltration of these so-called “Healing” anime into the anime scene, this is very much in lieu with A.R.I.A the natural…easy and relaxing viewing.

      Hopefully as the customers come by, they will have more complex issues or ailments to bombard the Bartender with. Reminds me of that old show “Cheers”, except without the sarcastic Jokes and Ted Danson.

      Also, “GAR”tender wins for adding Ice. Just like my hero, Vanilla Ice says, “To Solve your problems, yo jus add Ice”.

    2. I also used ARIA as an example of an anime that is similar in mood to Bartender. Both are meant to just make you feel relaxed, and experience that warm and fuzzy feeling from hearing a slice-of-life tale( aka Chicken Soup for the Soul).

      Of course, since it has only been one episode, Bartender may still morph into something else, but I doubt so.

      Additionally, as a big fan of Literature, I was enthused by their usage of narration and soliquays. Bartender was directed as though it was a theater show. They even had spotlights to focus on the character that is talking( whether out loud, or in his mind). This is a very unique approach in anime, and I heartily approve of it, especially since they have done it so well. The only thing missing are the curtains. ^,^


    3. Well put Skane. I noticed this as well, but forgot to write a lot of what I originally had planned because I was so excited that it finally got subbed. Pwnd by Skane.

      I actually enjoy healing-type every now and then. When this episode finished I let out a sigh as if I just purged all the evil from my soul or someshit. It was a damn good feeling. I hope they don’t ninja morph this into something horrible.

      Darkshaunz, you’re a nut.

    4. I was iffy about this series, at first I was all on, then with a load of other things, I wasn’t so fired up. I’m not familiar with healing-type shows, but ARIA is enjoyable. I can see this being a relaxing and interesting watch with small twists and morals.

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