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  • Bleach - 103 - Ishida sucks so bad

    Posted on November 16th, 2006 by retsgip - 684 Views

    Rating: 6/10

    Yet another Sailor Ishida episode of Bleach! Once again, I’m gonna say it: Ishida is such a little pansy that I can’t even stand watching him anymore. His fight wasn’t exciting at all. Why? Because he stood still for 15 minutes of the episode and shot arrows at Yoshii. At one point I remember begging her to just kill him already so we could move on with the story, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

    I feel very underwhelmed by the fights in the filler arc. They just don’t have the same feeling or passion like they used to back in the “rescue Rukia” arc. I guess a possible reason for this could be that Ichigo and crew don’t really have a huge motivation to save the Soul Society. Sure it could fuck up the balance of the world and Hollows might take over, but that’s OBVIOUSLY insignificant in comparison to a friend being executed for no reason. Also, choosing to put yourself in the situation (rescue arc) versus being thrown into the situation (filler arc) might also be a reason. Whatever the cause, it’s really taking a dump on my expectations for the series.

    I can’t believe I took a break from writing a term paper to watch this. I don’t really feel like my time was well spent at all. Ishida’s “win” was so anticlimactic and retarded, that I let out a disappointed sigh when it was finally over. There were three problems I saw with the fight: (1) Ishida is a shitty archer and you can’t really dispute that, (2) No back and forth fighting, pretty one sided until the end, and (3) Not enough emotions.

    I’ll try and explain my third point a little clearer. Ishida pretty much took 3 hits and was clinging to life. He had zero confidence and absolutely no enthusiasm when it came to winning, yet he made a promise? Yeah fucking right dude. Usually in these situations, the character gets torn up like crazy before they finally do a pose like in the first pic, then they get hardcore and vow that they’ll win no matter what! His “I MUST WIN!” type moments were pretty unenthusiastic and he didn’t convince me at all. Where’s the fucking emotion dude? Damnit. Don’t get me started on the end of the fight…

    Please God let me see a decent battle. This arc is already emotionless, so the only thing they can offer is fight scenes. Next episode looks like it will have more action but who’s to know it’ll be quality. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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    1. For some reason the preview of the next episode seemed all wrong. I think it’s the colour which seems off.

    2. I think whats-his-name is gonna team up with soul society to help save the world. not sure though.

    3. Enough with this.

      I say they bring in the Heavy artillery and do a Yachiru vs a Bounto fight.

      Everyone is waiting for our Pink Thunder to whoop some severe ass.

    4. What puzzled me was why was the Bounto unable to regenerate her wound?


    5. I was thinking it might have something to do with his power? Cuz like when he kills hollows then they disappear so maybe they couldn’t heal? You’ll notice this happens a lot with all the bounto though. They’re not as strong as we though and that’s really disappointing. Wounds that pierce them seem to be fatal where as earlier they seemed indestructible.

    6. I’d say the Bounto need a certain amount of strength to actually absorb the spirit particles, since it’s not like doing something like that would be as easy as breathing or something. Yoshii was wounded so fatally and quickly that she didn’t have enough energy to heal herself.

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