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  • Bleach - 108 - Kariya goes *poof*

    Posted on December 21st, 2006 by retsgip - 4,742 Views

    Kariya is almost trying too hard to be GAR

    Rating: 8/10

    Well we finally have the semi-conclusion of the fillers, and as expected, it was a pretty shitty ending. I’m not going to even begin to pick out all the problems with this episode, but Danny will in a rather Retsgip-esque fashion.

    I’m rather disappointed in the fact that only one character got some sort of development. Rukia, who was barely in the fillers, had a rather large revelation this episode. She realized that Ichigo was in pain because of his constant limbo between both the real world and the Soul Society. It seems that he can’t find his niche in either worlds, which would make him seem extremely lonely. Rukia gets the character development award of the bleach fillers.

    I love Ichigo’s alter ego/inner hollow

    I don’t know if we can call this character development for Ichigo or not. We just caught a glimpse at some of his inner power, which was cool but also kind of confusing. We really didn’t see very much of it at all, but I guess that was the point of the whole scene. I’ve seen this exact same sort of thing in One Piece and Naruto movies or filler episodes as well. It makes me wonder what exactly the purpose was in the beginning and if it was all a clever devise to hook the viewers by giving them a glimpse of stuff to come.


    I’m not really going to get into the crappiness of this fight, but lets just agree that it was crappy. I can tell that the writers tried to make it a little interesting, but there just wasn’t any heart behind this fight. Yet another one of Ichigo’s opponents got suckered into using all his power for a final clash of swords, laaaame. But anyways, what the hell kind of ending is this? Kariya literally went POOF in the middle of his sentence which sent me rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter. Obviously this arc wasn’t about fighting Kariya because his end would have been much grander. This entire filler arc was to show us Ichigo’s hidden power. Thank god the real story will be starting soon.


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    1. Well if that isn’t anticlimatic, then I am not entirely sure what is. Kariya’s ending was meant to be like, “FOR THE GLORY OF THE BOUNTO!!!” Whilst disappearing in a Blinding Light. Sure its Cliche’d, but its a staple of bad-guy death scenes. However, we can now enjoy the fact that FILLERS are ending.

      Then again, I’ll probrably pick this up in Malaysia, its been a while since I had my Bleach fix. I know I will have a ball ragging the crap parts of the fillers. Also, my bandwidth is showing me the middle finger because I am thinking of downloading non-filler Bleach (Thanks iinet).

    2. the entire bounto storyline was clearly not structured enough to provide a better ending. oh well, at least they squeezed in another reference to the next arc…

    3. I think the battle itself was pretty entertaining - despite the rehash “Ichigos Really Zoomy Spin-Spin Move” up in the sky. Its definetly the best battle we’ve had for the entire damn Bounto filler (what, almost 30 episodes?) - the only one that even comes close is Kariya vs Byakuya.

      Just a damn pity that they could’nt have put a bit more feeling behind it, and come up with some kind of ending that didnt suck. *shrug*

      Entertaining, but like the rest of you, i’m glad that we’ve got the real artists back on the job now that the movies pretty much done (did anyone else notice the hike in quality?) and we’ll be moving along to a real story now.

    4. @darkshaunz: indeed. I was expecting him to at LEAST explode himself or something, but no. Poof. “Ichigo, i’m…” POOOF.

      @Danny: totally agree. This whole filler arc wasn’t structured well enough to make for an awesome ending.

      @Zandur: Very well said. I wasn’t very wow’d by his zipping around in mid-air trick. The feeling was pretty much the thing that was the most lacking in the fillers. Everything just seemed half-ass and there was no reason for them to care beyond the obvious reasons like the world would end.

    5. It was a sudden death and it showed that Kariya’s fight was futile, which it was. What’s the point of killing everyone if no one will be around to know what you did? I actually liked how it wasn’t like the other Bounto deaths. But I am glad that arc is over. They did take their sweet time with it.

      The endings I hate are the ones where nothing happens like in Inuyasha, which they just said to continue to support the show by reading the manga. What the hell? I went through 167 eps. and we are in the same place as when we started.

    6. I think the biggest problem with his Shunp Spinning trick is that they appear to have re-used the exact same animation loop from his battle with Byakuya, instead of animating a new one.

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