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  • Bleach - Grippin’ my balls with suspense

    Posted on May 8th, 2007 by retsgip - 2,513 Views

    Nice hair gel! Lemmie get some of tha–oooh sticky!

    So um, hi. I’ve been absent for awhile, but it’s only because I found this really neat anime called real life and it’s been taking up 95% of my time. When I only have about 3 hours a day to myself it’s sometimes a little difficult to watch anime, let alone write about it. But hey, I don’t want such a beautiful, blossoming piece of artwork such as this blog to go to waste. So, all you boys and girls(no such thing as girls on the internet) get to suffer through my entries once again. Aren’t I just the sweetest?

    In more related news, nothing this season really strokes me hard enough, even after testing the waters for 1-2 episodes for each anime. Everything seems so boring or unoriginal, and I’m really starting to get tired of the damn lolifest that has invaded the world. I don’t mind high school, but loli is just so retarded. Not only is the concept retarded, but I can hear psychologists all over the world sighing as they fill their calenders with little girls who were raped by 18+ year old Japanese men.

    Darkshaunz required this shot.

    Anyways, at least the Bleach has been holding my attention rather well. In fact, it’s pretty much got a kung fu death grip on my balls and hasn’t let go since the Bounto arc. It’s got one of those firm yet loving grips, it really soothes the soul and makes you fly high, something like a kite caught within a steady mid-summer breeze at the beach. Doesn’t the thought just make you want to smile with a sort of youth-like bliss? I know I am. But in all seriousness, I’m enjoying the way material is being presented, and I really dig the story thus far.

    I lol’d

    Random Beef (not the tasty kind):

    In general, I’ve enjoyed most of the storyline so far, but there are some undeniably corny or even retarded things that have happened in the past 3-4 episodes. For one, the epic releasing of their limiters was just lame. Sure it was necessary but the way it was introduced was almost random. I certainly didn’t remember they had limiters on, nor did I know they could release them. It kind of came as a shock and was too much of an IWIN button for me. I guess it served its purpose in showing us how powerful the Arrancar and some of the captains are. It almost felt as if the captains themselves wrote the story so they could stroke their e-penises but obviously thats not the case. Or so we think…I heard characters can really take over a writer and his/her ability to be unbiased or keep a clear mind. What the hell am I talking about…?

    What have you done to my dear, beloved Grimmjaw?!!

    Words escape me…

    Man-sister was SO HOT STUPID. She actually kind of scared me with her manliness and how poorly she was drawn as a female. Usually I like the whole tomboy look, but this was more like i-look-like-my-ugly-brother look. Some of the shots were so bad I felt like I was watching a hermaphrodite hit on my sexy Ikkaku. He deserves better, period. You know, someone like…his partner-in-crime transsexual, Yumichika, with his flamingo eyebrows girlish looks. Oh well, at least it broke up the seriousness of the situation a little.

    She’s so kyoot~

    I’d say “BANKAI” except he already did…fuck

    Cliff hanging by my fingernails:

    I hate ‘em and I love ‘em. The bleach cliff hangers are simply a work of art. Why? Well, that’s because I feel like I’m metaphorically hanging from a cliff all week until the next episode. Go figure, captain obvious. But seriously, when they end right in the fucking middle of something, and we’re left wondering if Ichigo is gonna die, get his rectum opened, or somehow cast a spirit bomb to save the day, it really gets to me. I lose sleep, my day job suffers, I get diarrhea, and I can’t function as a normal human being. Thumbs up to the writers picking good places to end their episodes. As much as I hate waiting for the next episode for an entire week, it’s like a ray of hope at the end of the dark, damp, and dreary tunnel otherwise known as temporarily working full-time at Fry’s Electronics. They also make the endings artsy too, which is just rad to the max.

    Joker vs. Batman

    Ever play with mirrors in a clothing store and pretend you’re floating or have two heads?…yeah

    Yin Yang ‘n shit:

    Okay, so they’re really pushing home hard the whole Yin Yang type situation with Ichigo and his Hollow, and we see it with Arrancars and Shinigami, but then where do the Vizards come into play? Maybe they’re the space around the circle? Or maybe they’re…yeah I have no idea /wrists. In any case, the obviously juxtaposing positions of Ichigo and his Hollow, mixed with the fact that they in the end will probably have to work together in order to achieve power, gives me bleachbumps. I honestly can’t wait to see the outcome of it all. It would be flamingly homosexual (not that being flaming or homosexual is bad) if Ichigo overpowers him and takes control. It would kind of defeat the whole “Ichigo is different than Vizards” angle that I’ve been sensing all along, and is kind of boring in my opinion. I like the constant struggle. I think it gives Ichigo some character. No I’m not biased by the fact that I’d probably rub lotion all over Ichigo’s hollow’s body and watch him sunbathe. Er…yeah I can’t salvage that to save my life…


    P.S. I gotta warm up my blogging skillz, it’ll be awhile till I get my game back.  Bare with me…naked…peace

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    2. >> I lol’d

      I lol’d

    3. The manga’s grippin’ my balls atm, and tighter than the anime since there is so less going on in one chapter than one episode.

      Also I’m really loving the two (manga + anime) right now coz I’m reading the manga and story is pretty far off from the anime, yet I can see the anime and see how earlier events moved the story to where it is (in the manga).

    4. Bleach is all well and good but Ikkitousen’s were the ladies are at. XD Whenever you get the chance, there will be more goodness awaiting.

      Oh yeah, and if you want to see some chicks owning some man-eating monsters, look up ‘Claymore’. Medivial girls swinging around claymores, now what’s bettah than that?

    5. danny: touche.

      deathberry: That sounds kinda like what Darkshaunz is doing atm. He says both are almost equally enjoyable, which I find hard to believe because of the extreme contrast from manga to anime that i’ve seen in the past. It’s either horribly done, or exactly the same, and both make for hard reads/watches. I, for one, and blissful that your balls are also being gripped.

      Arakan7: I’ll try man, but I just don’t have much time. Maybe in a month when my vacation and job are both finished.

    6. Sup champ (welcome back you delicious bastard),

      BTW, Spoilers from the manga:

      Everybody Dies (Wait what? Aren’t they all technically dead anyway? :O)

      Despite what you think, I enjoy the anime more than the manga, because its only in the anime that Rukia is animated! FUCK YEAH SEAKING!!!

      Also @Arakan7: Yeah I’ve had to drop Ikkiboobsen for now, its going to be a murderous few weeks in university. What with essays and exams creeping up on me. I might just do a massive catch up entry when I can.

    7. I just want people to start dying in Bleach, and I don’t mean Random Civilian 42, or some nameless scrub/grunt/minion. At this point, I don’t care WHO dies, just so long as they show me that a protagonist/antagonist CAN die (one of the reasons why I liked the Bounto-arc, because HEY! PEOPLE ACTUALLY DIED!).

      As it is, the tension in the fights have been steadily decreasing for me, because DAYUM, the plot/character shield on each of these characters are as thick as the very crust of the Earth itself. :(

      Somebody please remind me who actually died in Bleach, and wasn’t from a flashback or the Bounto-arc.


    8. Nobody dies in Bleach. It’s a Shounen anime. It’s he law of the universe that no main character can die in shonen animes. No mangaka has the balls to do it.

      Oh and the anime I do prefer more than the manga simply coz it’s animated and the music is total kickass.

      On a related note the last episode sucked coz it was half filler. Gawd I hate the Bounto arc!

    9. speaking of gripping things by the balls, you didn’t mention everyone’s favourite porn-reading seifuku-wearing helicopter-kicking hottie, Yadomaru Lisa. she’s a *bad girl*.

    10. Win.

    11. That’s bull. People CAN die in Shounen Anime, which is why it is particularly aggravating in Bleach, because it robs it of a lot of tension.


    12. death would most likely be a good development, but the way Bleach stands right now, it’d have to be done with extreme care. You can’t just kill off a character and be like okay well he/she’s done. Although, killing off one of Ichigo’s friends would prob do well to fuel any hate he might need to kill some fuckers.

    13. hey hey ichigo actually dies in episode 126 and kon takes over as the main character!

    14. Yeah =/ I’m not really sure how I feel about the Kon/Ichigo switch yet. I mean I guess it’s a breath of fresh air from Ichigo’s constant depression but Kon just isn’t serious to pull of the main character slot.

    15. Your Bleach entries almost make me want to go back to watching Bleach. Almost. :P

    16. I’d like to have separate layout for the photo set overview and the single photo page. Is there anyway to tweak the template to do that?

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