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  • Air Gear - 25 (END)

    Posted on October 3rd, 2006 by retsgip - 11,808 Views

    Episode Rating: 9.5/10

    Crows: Lots of real ones…

    What a happy ending! I couldn’t have thought of a better ending to put at the end of this series. Despite the ups and downs of this series, I think it turned out rather well in the end. This final episode is one of the better final episodes I’ve seen in a while. Brace yourself for a lengthy read, ya bastards.

    If any of the writing seems a little weird, it’s because I originally planned to do final thoughts with this entry but then moved it after I wrote everything.

    If I had to describe it in a few words, it’d be something like: An awesome feel-good ending (that was incredibly profound, I know). Some key points to note for this episode which tends to happen in a lot of episodes, but actually didn’t feel weird in this episode, because well, this is Air Gear:

    • Everyone makes an appearance
    • The evil bad guy!
    • The lead male and female show relationship growth
    • The lead overcomes odds in a corny or predictable fashion
    • Final scene makes us laugh (if its a comedy)

    Alright, lets dissect these a little bit. Shall we?

    Almost from the very beginning of this episode, we get the arrival of EVERYONE. Well, not everyone, but about 98% of the people that we’ve seen in this series show up and make this grand entrance, announcing that they’ll be Ikki’s 30 man bridge. This threw me off guard because I didn’t think Air Gear was that type of anime. You know? That type of anime that tries to appeal to all viewers by giving every character screen time.

    A particular anime comes to mind when I think about those anime: Gokujou Seitokai. If you haven’t seen it then don’t worry about it, but if you have, you should know exactly what I mean. In any case, it didn’t feel forced as it usually when endings do this, which in turn pleased me quite a bit.

    The antagonist of this arc is none other than Yoshitsune. He’s smart, he’s funny, and he kicks ass. But more importantly, he’s a key player in helping Ikki and others realize exactly why they are there. Why do they ride? Why do they lead? Why do they follow? All these questions are covered by Yoshitsune in various monologues throughout the entirety of the episode. Whats even more impressive, is that he actually makes sense, unlike most characters that writers try to make sound smart. Does this mean that he really isn’t a bad guy? Who knows, but he did seem very pleased with Ikki and his ability to persevere and overcome odds (more about this later;this pretty much sums up the entire series).

    What intrigued me the most about this episode, was how they portrayed Ikki and Ringo’s relationship. We’ve known from the very start that they were implying something between Ikki and Ringo, but we also never saw them interact much with each other. I enjoyed the fact that Ringo became a small source of support for Ikki. Not only was she the first one to lay down(in the very last spot of the chain) to be jumped over, but she was also the first to stand at the end. We also see a little bit of love on Ikki’s part because guess who the first person he talked to was after his jump? Ringo.

    Here we see the stereotypical reverse-trap that is in every last epi—nah I lie! I just wanted to plug this scene because it was awesome. The interaction between Iron and Agito was just too damn perfect. Iron starts pulling out his clothes and Agito says, “wait….you had our clothes this WHOLE time????” and Iron looks at him baffled and replies. “yeah?” Agito starts getting angry and yells, “Why didn’t you tell me?!” Iron, still confused responds with, “You say ‘why’ but..don’t you like that outfit?” *pause as they stare at each other* Agito lays the smack-down. Perfect.

    Alright, so Ikki tries to cheat by riding the Fang regalia to victory, but Yoshitsune pwns him hardcore with the Rumbling Regalia. Ikki starts falling and smashes right into Ringo. Being the gentleman that he is, he sacrifices his knee to save Ringo from any harm. This is a brutal fuckin scene too. They added some screams in and stuff and it was just like OH SHIT he just nailed Ringo!

    Well, Yoshitsune lets him jump as many times as he likes after Ikki appologizes (which he never does). It turns into like one of those painfully embarassing scenes where he can barely do a damn thing. Much like episode 18, when Agito was trying to kick Akira but only 0’s were appearing above his head. Well, since Ikki is Ikki, he finally ends up busting some ass and started jumping further, even though he completely blew his knee. Everyone starts cheering for him, and even Yoshitune lets out a “finally…” refering to the fact that they finally have someone worthy of the title Sky King.

    It’s a pretty big trend of this anime, which I’m happy they stuck with. Through perserverance and having fun, Ikki can accomlish anything he wants. Sounds like a good basis for a shounen story right? Yup!

    The final scene not only made me smile, but it made me sad at the same time. It was nice seeing everyone stand because they knew Ikki could leap them if he had “that look” on his face(title pic). The half serious, half smirking look. I love this look because I used it all the time when I used to wrestle in high school. You know damn well this is gonna be a hard match, and you’ll win because you’re having more fun than the other guy (assuming skill is on a similar level otherwise you’re just a dick smirking at some dude you’re gonna mop across the floor).

    Ikki and Ringo have a cute exchange at the very end when he breaks the record by more than a meter:

    Ikki: Ringo! Did you see that Ringo? Right now, my royal self is above you pathetic humans. *makes face and gestures how high he stands*

    Ringo: *smiles*Baka! (see smiling screen shot above)

    This scene gets even MORE cute points because halfway through, it shows Ikki in a flashback when he was young, saying the exact same thing. You can really appreciate the moment that Ringo and Ikki have. It’s nice. It made me smile. It made me frown. I’m glad they ended the series on a happy note and not in a retarded way.

    Awesome ending. Pretty good anime. Sad that it’s over…okay bring on the new stuff!


    Damn, I realized I actually summarized in some parts of this entry even though I hate summaries. Oh well!

    35 comments to “Air Gear - 25 (END)”

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    1. The Air Gear ending for the anime sucked, read the manga! Even with this, I cannot understand why you did like it.

    2. I read the ending and see most of the fansubs, I kind like this anime and there are some elements of the anime that just don’t make sence to me.

    3. GRRRRR I HATE RINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bitch!!!!!! I hope she chokes on a meatball gets hit by a car and gets spit on by ikki!!!! Oh god i hate the simca hurting bitch!!!! Anyways, i think the ending to the anime really sucked!! I agree that the manga is better but whatever. The beginning was good but then it just went downhill from there. I cant believe i wasted my time on it. I should just keep reading the manga and pretend the anime never existed.

    4. The manga is definitely way better, now that I’ve experienced both.

    5. I like this, and I actually really enjoyed the anime. Never read the manga though. Why does everyone hate Ringo? It’s like all the main female charcters are bashed these days. *sigh* I like Ringo, and I’m an Ringo/Ikki fan. I personally dislike Simca, but that’s just me. Anyway’s, YAY!! Feel good ending!

    6. Ringo is a whole lot cooler than Simca. Simca is only more popular cuz she’s easy if ya know what I mean ;)

    7. I think it was awsome, as an episode. As an ending it sucks, anyway it isn’t even the ending, i haven’t read the manga yet but some friends told me there’s still more after that. They never showed ringo as a stormrider, just a race against an F class.

    8. in the manga, nobody shows up except ringo so the situation is a lot different.

    9. just because ringo wears glasses doesn’t mean you need to hate her! and yeah the ending sucks, i couldn’t even make out if it ended or not until the ads came on.

    10. AWWWWWW!!!! Is this really the last episode for Air Gear? OMG, it cant end just like that… I wanna know wat happens to Ikki!!!!!

    11. I agree with the anime ending, it sucked…!
      And wtf! All those episodes for nothing? Ending something that merely begun. *sigh* i hate manga, ah jeez, my interest in this anime will die along with it >.=

    12. Well to think of it, there is no better way to end it than this. But write ‘The End/FiN’ whatever so you dont go clueless for a week or two -.-

    13. I can’t believe they ended the series, i guess they tried to shorten the manga version in the anime and it didn’t come out right so it didn’t go very well. But for people who’s read the manga, i’m pretty sure everyone wanted to see the story after the Trident battle cuz that’s where the story really starts i think. It would be awesome to see the battle between Ringo and Ikki tho…Hope they renew the anime.

    14. more air gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. simca is a bitch.. i hope she dies by getting hit by a train :D

    16. I like Air Gear, but I personally was disappointed that it ended so quickly. Honestly, they should make a second season or something because a lot of the stuff isn’t summed up (for those of us who haven’t read the manga): Ringo and the Sleeping Forest, the alliance between Kogarasumaru and Genesis…

      Btw, I think Ringo is cool too :P

    17. i dont think the anime was as gd as the manga however i did enjoy it, i just dont no y they didnt make lyk more of it, there were plenty of material, to be fair i dont no if its just me or what but no matter how gd the manga is i would always prefer it if it converted into anime cause itll b in color and the characters will b movin with differnt voices, with brilliant songs and music for different parts and of course realistic sound affects that to me just make the manga come to life and becomes much more enjoyabel

    18. i hate simca!!!!!!!!!! and it’s really cool that ringo is the leader of sleeping forest even though she doesn’t look like it. . . and yes, it is bumming that we never get 2 see ringo stormriding as a memner of sleeping forest. . . hey i have a question does the members of kogarasumaru know that ringo is the leader of sleeping forst . . .???

    19. I liked the ending, but it sort of sucks that there isn’t any more episodes…
      Anyhow, the ending fitted the story well, so I guess I shouldn’t komplaine.

    20. they shoulda made a second season. there’s such a deeper story behind everything. ah well, for those of you who want to find out, go to kuu-scans.info for scanlated manga of air gear.

    21. It’s better then what I expect from most anime endings I think ( It was even a bit cute), even if the mangas did go farther..alot of fans did really dislike the manga ending..Though I still hope they would make a second season I dont think the chances of that happening are very high..though who knows. Now that it has come out with the dub version it might make more of a fanbase. It got me interested even though I’m not a huge fan of the dub.

      And…I’m hearing alot of hate for Ringo and Simca..I dont think Ringo was that bad for a female lead…though they played on the fact shes ‘omgsupahhottiez’ which was annoying to some extent..and with Simca..personally I couldnt stand her for most of the series..but later episodes made her seem alot less of a manipulative slut ( now just manipulative). Overall I dont think either one was that bad and this is coming from a major Ikki/Ag.kito fan.

      Also..Ag/kito + Wedding Dress = Pure Love. (Oh Great! knows how to keep all fans happy. Agito dear, Ikki was right. That dress really did suit you.)

    22. I did like this anime, but the ending was really disappointing to me. It doesn’t show Ikki become the sky king for one, and his team were going to make genesis an ally, which they did. But Ikki also said he would wage a war on them later, which never happens.

      Did they even show all of the eight kings either? I’m not totally sure they did. =/

    23. i think the end of air gears is kind off boring…
      i wish there has the second season…

    24. Is this seriusly the last epeisode like it ends at episode 25 or something? soooooooooooo what happend serously im really into aie gear like its my fav anime and manga even my fav show and books pleeeeeeeeeeeeeez tell me it doesnt end at episode 25 tell me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    25. Want more Air Gear for fucks sake it is awesome

    26. Tweek, you idiot! The manga hasnt ended yet!

    27. defiantly agree. To those who hated the ending and says the manga one is so much better, you may be correct but on anime standards, Air Gear’s ending was pretty damn awesome. Comparing the mind of the actual CREATER of Air Gear, and some anime writers isn’t much of a comparsion (though, it’s possible the anime writers had some help from the creater). I applause Air Gear for it’s awesome cheese.

    28. The ending was crap!!!! The manga still continues but the anime doesn’t….

    29. This was a amazing episode but its sad that the series/show had to end like this. Before i wrote this i look at the endings of one hell of alot of diffrent anime shows. Most of them have ended like this one. I used the calculator and found out that 80% of the anime thats out there will end like this. I guess its just the way anime is. Also what i had seen most shows that came off the manga had some kind of award for the manga. I would really like to have the second series but i wouldnt keep my hopes up enlese the writer gets another award for that manga. If you want to screw waiting for the videos(if they ever come) and see what happens go to chapter 102/103 on the manga and start reading. Unforchantly from my point of veiw it looks like they hit fillers somewhere in chapters 170-180. Hes a good website: http://www.onemanga.com/Air_Gear/102/

    30. P.S. I can see why you guys hate Ringo because what she did in the comics but otherwise i dont see a point to hate her. Also simca goes from manipulative slut to manipulative to just plain slut.

    31. well i think… all u bitches can suck my fucking cock if u think manga is better u pussies. Air Gear, and shelsea one who posted can suck my cock the most, u motherfucking pussies u guys are pethetic, and need to go die because manga sucks major ass. the anime is way fuckin better.

      The ending was great and i loved it. It put a smile on my face, and it made me feel good inside.(happy)

      fuck u all who like manga better and say animes suck and that its a wast of time. Personaly ur moms and dads wasted their lives giving u life(Air Gear and shelsea only and those who like manga better and say what these two say)

    32. the ending was okay…but the manga is a lot better
      im also a fan of ikki\ringo……she is way cooler in the manga

    33. I thought the ending was good. One of those feel good endings.

      Now i’m sad it’s over though.. it’s like i’ve lost a close friend.

      “Ride hard, fly high!”

      Air Gear forever! ^_^

    34. thank you

    35. Well i wasn’t going to post anything till i read that ridiculous post by CDM. . .

      “Really. . .?”

      That’s all i can think of to say to that..

      But i will agree with him on one thing the ending for airgear was amazing and no matter how many times i watch episode 25 i get that chill factor every time even with the dub which wasn’t as great as the japanese mainly because of agito but it was still good enough to watch and i had my laughs with it.

      Now with that being said. . .
      You only like manga if your a true anime fan it’s a known fact that most animes are a “manga lurer” it’s there one true reason there created and brought to the publics eyes.

      I Read vampire knight but i don’t watch it. . .

      Why you ask?.. *Because im not a pussy*

      Almost everytime the manga ends up being better then the anime it’s self berserk being another fine example.. great anime.

      Outrageous mind blowing manga.

      And as for the air gear manga. . pick it up look it up online it’s by far worth reading and every page makes you feel like your watching the anime it’s that good.

      Reading manga makes you a pussy. . .
      What the hell is that guys malfunction?. .

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