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  • Naruto - 207

    Posted on October 28th, 2006 by retsgip - 946 Views

    Transforming into emo-rage All life's problems can be solved with a smile Does every evil badguy or monster have to look like this?!?!? How sweet! Brb, throwing up.. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Thanks for reminding us Naruto has the 9-tails inside of him...I almost forgot

    Rating: 6/10 (bonus points because of Gai’s nice guy smile, and Kurenai being hot)

    Okay, this was boring. I almost fell asleep while watching this and was so bored that I started browsing the net and checking my email. Sadly, it didn’t make the episode go by any faster. This arc was actually decent compared to the other ones, but this format is getting old. Where the hell has Kakashi been and why is he still missing?!?

    This was an extremely anti-climactic ending to this whole arc. They did a pretty good job keeping it suspenseful up until this point, but I think the ending ruined it. I would much rather seen Yakumo die to save Kurenai, and in turn save Konoha Village. Oh well. I guess they had to end it with sunshine and smiles since the entire arc was dark and dreary. Throw in some flowers with that too.

    So, I found out what the real goal behind this filler arc was, and it just a senseless reminder that Naruto has the 9 tailed fox inside of him. We already know this, thank you for reminding us once again what the ENTIRE series is based off of, because surely we don’t remember after watching a years worth of fillers! Yes, shit like this make me write posts like this.

    The previous episode was at least a bit exciting when everyone was getting fucked by Yakumo’s genjutsu. This episode was sooo boring and pointless that I kind of feel cheated after having a such a long “special” at the beginning of the arc. I really thought they were gonna go all out with this one and make it awesome. I was fooled! Big time! Bastards…

    Here’s the episode summed up into a short paragraph:
    Naruto is useless, Hinata looks ugly when she uses Byakugan, Sakura looks like she put on some weight, and Gai gives a thumbs up. Yakumo kills her own evil demon in like 2 seconds with Kurenai and Naruto’s words of encouragement (they had to stick in Naruto because heaven forbid they actually develop side characters). Happy ever after. Now Yakumo has to disappear or die unless they plan on featuring her from now on in episodes.


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    1. Man, I just gave up watching the fillers at somewhere between episode 190-195. (Initially I thought the fillers were not bad, yknow :X) Sorry that I haven’t been updated with this series, but honestly, no date is announced of yet when the fillers will stop?

    2. Nope, no announcement. Next episode is the start of a new filler story so the outlook looks grim.

    3. Well it looks like the producers will be milking Naruto to no end… :(

      This is very disappointing, as I had hopes that the series would/should eventually breakout from fillers.

      Too bad theres no Shizune action in the fillers either.

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