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  • Naruto - 208 - The Crap Continues

    Posted on November 3rd, 2006 by retsgip - 765 Views

    Rating: 4/10

    I’ll be pretty straightforward and blunt and say this episode just fucking sucked. When I say sucked, I really mean this SUCKED, big time. The plot was alright, and they added a tiny twist to it, but they didn’t even execute it that well. I had a extremely hard time finishing this episode, and had to bite my lip and struggled through it as tears flowed from my eyes. Yes, these were this-episode-sucks-and-I-can’t-watch-anymore tears. The most important part of the episode was the 20 seconds after the credits which told us that the next episode is another filler.

    What a failure of an episode, seriously. If they’re going to do single episode fillers, at LEAST make them comedy fillers. Who the fuck wants to watch a single episode action filler? There’s no way you can fit all the possible ingredients to make a good action episode into one episode. In Naruto, there’s a pretty straight forward blueprint for action sequences and it takes more than one episode.

    Besides the disappointing plot and action, the MOST disappointing issue was the fact that Naruto and Kiba basically failed their mission. They were supposed to transport the cup from point A to point B, and they fucked it up. They didn’t know that their real job was to protect the dude, but it ended up happening after Naruto gave one of his shitty ass tag lines: “Nothing’s more valuable than a human’s life” or something of the sort. The outcome basically demonstrated to me how weak Naruto is due to the inability to defeat three shitty bad guys who’s boss was taken out by a non-ninja cup maker (WTF?!?!) and save the teacup. Tell me again, why is Naruto the hero of the series and not Kakashi or Lee?

    Blah, I’m so upset I ended up rambling again about random shit. I don’t even know if what I wrote is legible, oh well! At least Death Note made me orgasm this week.


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    1. Remember guys, Cup making is Serious Business. In Naruto, protecting a Cup can play a pivotal role in the overall stor-What am I saying? Just by reading about this episode I felt like killing cute adorable kittens.

      The Latest in a long line of impending filler failures don’t seem to be stopping. Now, amid “desperate” news that Kakashi Gaiden is coming soon…I don’t think so. Its already 208. Kakashi Gaiden was slated to come in at ep. 204. We are way overdue to the normal timeline.

      Dear Haruhi-sama, save us from the Unlimited Filler Works.

    2. I can just imagine how awful fillers can be. Thank god Bleach isn’t like that!

    3. It’s pretty horrible! I cry every time I watch an episode and I feel like a piece of my soul gets eaten by the shitty anime devil. I’ve told Darkshaunz already, but even if the fillers end, I think my view of this anime has been extremely tarnished and is beyond repair. I can no longer enjoy the show and will probably still be bashing it when it gets back on track. I AM looking forward to seeing Kakashi though since he’s been MIA for like 6 months.

    4. yes because of that i stopped watching filler after the third filler episode

    5. I agree, this episode did suck… From the very beginning it reeked.
      Falling safe, and he doesn’t use his clone technique? The safe falls in the water and he doesn’t just jump down there and slide off the rocks and walk on the water and pick it up and climb the rocks again? Naruto’s done much more complicated things… They got beaten by the people in town even though they have devastating techniques and can generally dodge shit and use replacement techniques? They bothered to split up and sent the cupmaker alone, that’s a terrible decision from a team of ninja, one of them should have been with him at all times.
      The smokescreen? What we couldn’t have even got yet another clever use of the rasengen like the mixing ramen episode… He could have created a whirlwind and blew it away or compressed it in or something…
      Or at the very least, move out of the smokescreen since they’re apparently blind…
      The whole fact that the cupmaker ended up fighting the boss alone shouldn’t have happened… Kiba and Akamaru could have handled three small guys alone. While naruto went with the cupmaker.

      And what the hell was with the 3 foot rock that the guy was stuck on, yet you could climb over or pass things over and there was more than enough clearence for anyone to just hop over with little difficulty…

      This episode was full of failures of an absurd level…
      It might not have been too bad if was back during the training missions and they were complete retards who didn’t know or have the training and experience they currently have. But that isn’t the case.

    6. LOL YES! Thank you! All that shit I forgot to mention!

      When they were looking down the cliff like we’re fucked we can’t get the safe back…I was like WTF?!?!?! run down the fuckign side of the cliff and use your damn chakra to stop yourself from falling.

      They pretty much failed. And also, this episode wasn’t even funny. I’d expect at least for them to make this a somewhat funny episode if Kiba and Naruto were gonna be the feature, since they’re known to be small rivals. Nope, it was just trash. Fuck my trash smells better than this shit.

      Everything you mentioned and more were definite reasons for failure.

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