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  • Naruto - 209 - REJOICE! Fillers continue!

    Posted on November 11th, 2006 by retsgip - 597 Views
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    Rating: 4/10

    Watching this episode was the equivalent of trying to stay awake in class when you only got 4 hours of sleep the night before. It took some SERIOUS mental power not to scroll through this episode, and as expected, I lost a little bit of my soul in the process. Not only does this episode mean more fillers to come (sorry all those who speculated 210) but there were seriously plot holes everywhere. This looks like it could easily turn into a 3-4 episode arc, and lets hope to GOD that they at least spice this up a little.

    I only have one good thing to say about this episode, so I might as well get it out before I rip this episode apart. I found the practice session between Lee and Naruto to be an awesome easter egg. This is one of the few times we’ve actually seen two ninja’s practicing with each other, so it seemed kind of new and exciting. 100 Kagebushin vs. Lee is a smart idea, too bad it means nothing because it’s a filler arc!

    Now, lets examine some of the many plot holes in this episode. I’ll just start listing them since I don’t think I can do it properly in paragraph format:

    • Lee and Naruto are NOT equal in strength yet they knocked each other out simultaneously.
    • Sakura doesn’t get mad at them for being retards.
    • Why are there NEVER any higher ranked Ninja’s available? It’s been HELLA DAYS since the damn attack on Konoha.
    • By the way, where ARE they? The only person we’ve seen is Gai since the fillers started.
    • Non-Ninjas shouldn’t be treating Ninjas like shit EVER, especially if you HIRE them. I hate this damn reoccurring theme, it pisses me off.
    • How did non-ninjas capture a Ex-Ninja in the first place?
    • The Captain didn’t see Naruto enter a room that was about 10×10 feet wide, even after he said something OUTLOUD…wow way to be on the lookout buddy.
    • Flashback seemed at least a decade ago, why are they transporting him now to be judged?
    • The “fork” in the river is about 3 feet deep, yet the boat easily travels down it.
    • Lee and Sakura watch Naruto float away on the bottom half of the boat and didn’t run across the water to join him, they’re ninjas wtf don’t sit there and gape.

    Hmm, not as many as I had originally thought. Oh well! I bet if I re-watched the episode (please god no) I could find more, but I’m not willing to do that. For the sake of my sanity as well as my soul, I’ll leave it at that.

    I found it rather funny that Naruto, Lee, and Sakura were all complaining at how boring it was for them to be sitting around doing nothing. I wonder, hmm, yeah so was I. What a startling concept! Watching people get bored by doing nothing is boring?!?! WTF? I didn’t get the memo…Darkshaunz, you gotta keep me posted on these sorts of things, seriously.

    Well, so begins another few months of fillers. The manga episodes didn’t start up with the Fall season, so I doubt they’ll be starting them in the middle. I also expect to see some sort of “filler wrap-up” type arc which sends Naruto off to train with Ero-senin. I’ve estimated this wrap-up arc to be roughly 60 episodes long, mostly consisting of walking, talking, and ramen eating. So basically what we’ve been watching the past year. Anyways, lets see if some action can spice this arc up a little. I really hope so!


    9 comments to “Naruto - 209 - REJOICE! Fillers continue!”

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    1. Well, I wanted to give Naruto a chance to get away from this filler crap and resume normality. But I am going to say, I have given up all hope. The 210 speculation was desperate at best, and I know this is pretty much a blow to an already angry/tired community.

      They should hire me to do the fillers. I would have it as steamy lesbian action and Ninjas using submachineguns and Goddamned Gundams. People would actually watch that shit. As opposed to this shit, which is just…Shit.

    2. thats some nice shit darkshaunz =D

    3. So basically…Black Lagoon meets Naruto? I’d fucking watch that shit. Naruto lacks entertainment value. Toss in a gundam, that’d probably be pretty interesting.

    4. I have a feeling that the fillers will last another 24 episodes up until somewhere in the early 230’s. Basically, if they were gonna stop the fillers it would be in the beginning and they only hint at a grown up Naruto in the closing credits so I assume that they will not come. At this point I am willing to take anything over them just sitting around talking about how bored they are. My goodness, I’d even watch something like Naruto cutting himself and singing Green Day over this. You know what, we should stick the people who are doing Naruto fillers in the room with the people doing the Bleach fillers along with the guy who stopped doing the HunterxHunter manga half way through along with a clown, lube and a pineapple and record it, edit it and then just have that replace the filler episodes.

    5. I cant believe you actually sat through it
      I just dl, scroll, delete these days since it comes out onThursdays now and i got 5 other things to watch that are more fulfilling

    6. @BobtheHobo: You assume the fillers will stop. I’m not so sure anymore. That’s a scary fucking image you made there lol. No doubt it’d be an interesting watch, much more interesting than anything Naruto writers can think of.

      @Hinano: I seriously put on war paint ‘n shit when watch these episodes. It literally takes concentration of every fabric of my being to not claw my eyes out and not click the scroll button.

    7. Haha, I laughed out loud reading your list of plotholes xD This episode titles up until 212 show that this arc continues, and probably won’t end until maybe 213, probably only to be followed by yet another filler. I can sit through the episodes though without having the urge to scroll ^^;

    8. Then, you are in fact, my hero. I need serious action in order to sit through naruto without twitching nowadays.

    9. Fillers make me a sad-panda :(

      Hai Rets!

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