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  • Sumomomo momomg!?!?!

    Posted on November 14th, 2006 by retsgip - 1,635 Views
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    Oniiii-chan!! I spilled.
    (thank god thats ice cream)

    Anybody else find not only this scene, but this entire episode to be so wrong, yet somehow oh so right? Can they even DO THIS on television? Wait, stupid question. There’s plenty of stuff out there involving non-animated humans that push the envelop more than this. In any case, I had to stop watching, take a deep breath, and look up at my ceiling as I mouthed “Oh My GOD…”

    I can’t really stop here. I also have to mention the scene not 5 seconds before it, when she was sucking down some tasty liquids from “a straw”. Yeah, I don’t think I need to comment on what that looks like. You all can use your imaginations, which I’m sure are already grinding away. *clears throat* So, how about those Fall animes, huh? *loosens tie*

    This type of comedy is EXACTLY why I enjoy watching Sumomomo Momomo. Probably 98% of it is sexual innuendos, and it’s usually done in such a way that the viewer knows it’s a joke. I don’t think it targets the pedo’s and loli-lovers, but instead makes fun of them. I see this as a satire, pinpointing all the problems with the loli/harem/ninja-based animes.

    Some examples: The characters are supposed to be pushing sixteen or so, but most of the time they’re drawn as if they’re 10. The girls literally fall at Koshi’s feet. Yes, LITERALLY. The fanservice is practically perpetual, and they never pass up an opportunity to flash some pantsu during the fight scenes. And please, don’t get me started on the corny “ultimate” moves! Everything is done in such an exaggeration, there’s absolutely no way that it can be taken seriously. Can’t really say the same for some anime. *cough*

    This anime is by far the funniest one this season. I thought Tokimeki was going to take the cake, but it seems to be slacking quite a bit in the comedy department. Sumomomo has gotten more and more outrageous as it moves forward and I find myself anxiously awaiting the next episode!


    10 comments to “Sumomomo momomg!?!?!”

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    1. You better watch what you say Rets.

      Or else “I will rock you senseless”.

      Also, Wow at the straw scene. I am indeed using my young male imagination, much to the demise of the seams within the confines on my pants.

    2. Dammit I must watch this episode NOW!

    3. That was a classic scene. But when Koushi started rubbing her chest, it was godly.

    4. loli+sex=WIN!

    5. Haha, yeah… the humour is just amazing in a weird manner.

      What surprises me is that all my female friends love the series. Go figure.

    6. Haven’t seen any of this anime (yet!), but it sounds a bit like “Kyou no Go no Ni”. Sadly there are only 2 Episode, but maybe you might like that, too.

    7. Sumomomo = Outrageous, agreed! It seriously bends the limits of telev-loliism.

    8. Oh yes, it looks like sanae is in the runnings too!

    9. YUP! She’s like a fucking devil cat thing or something. I knew she couldn’t be a simple quiet well-mannered school girl. Not with that voice anyways. It should really get interesting from now on. I really wanna see what kinda stuff they’ll be making fun of next.

    10. […] Both episodes are outrageous as usual, but in a very good way. The perverted comedy material is entertaining on a grander scale, and I cannot help but commend the manga creators for coming up with something so good. The good thing about comedy such as this is that it doesn’t have to abide by natural laws and can roam outside ‘normality’, which I have a serious problem with if it’s with any other genre. Sure, there’s been the fated-to-marry harem/comedy/romance anime before, but this is the first time I’ve heard of one that went into such detail as to clearly specifying the goal of bedding the male lead. Since the first episode, I have been overwhelmed with laughter and it isn’t easing up any now. Of episodes 5 and 6, the prior is funnier, though the latter is not substantially behind. As Retsgip has already pointed out, the episode features a few very memorable moments. The first is when Iroha has a taste of Koushi’s drink, and we all know what she looked like when she was sucking that straw with such…fervour. Next is the shot of Iroha when she had fallen and gotten icecream all over herself. The position she’s in definitely gives her partner a legitimate reason to start spurting blood. The final one I remember is of course, Koushi rubbing Iroha’s chest, trying to clean the icecream off. […]

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