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  • Black Lagoon: Second Barrage - 21

    Posted on December 5th, 2006 by Darkshaunz - 1,952 Views

    Darkshaunz readies for the epic showdown.

    Score: 8.6/10

    This episode was pretty much the next stair level from the last, we won’t be spoiled with any combined Revy and Gin ownage till next episode. Still, there were some pretty slick action segments and plot development this episode to keep viewers pining for more. “Tsunderevy” makes an appearance for a glimpse of a moment in this episode too. The starting scenes were nothing short of combatilicious however, so let’s enter the battlefield.

    Awww, isn’t she adorable?

    Episode pretty much starts off with a very adorable Balalaika, who is very eager to restore her father’s honour by asking her uncle what is required of her. She actually looked like a normal child with normal dreams in that sequence, and its a wonder how she became what she is. Not too much of that normality though, Now It’s the battlefields of what looks to be Afghanistan, during that period, the Soviets were pushing into the Middle East, facing resistance from American-Trained Militia groups stationed at the border. Leading a small band of Chemical warfare troops, Balalaika is pinned down. Unpleased with the unfavourable position, she turns on her Aimbot and Dragunov-Headshots all the Militia in shooting at her formation.

    Less adorable now, but 800% more Badass.

    After the soviets were pulled back due to the collapse of the Union (mostly due to the financial strains caused by the Chernobyl Incident). Balalaika’s men had no choice but to seek her leadership even though she was technically stripped of her rank. Ironically, she was watching the Olympics during 1987, and would have probrably been one of the finest marksmen in the competition. I hope that maybe there will be an OVA or something for the Balalaika’s-Past storyline, I’d just like to learn more about her and her men, plus the way they handled the scene in the Middle East was very impressive, it was a tight minute or so of combat which really reflected what Black Lagoon does best.. In a powerful moment, Balalaika goes to the grave of one of her liutenants and once again leads her battalion to fight a Russo-Mafia war in order to survive. This doesn’t mean that they’ll come in Kirov Airships and destroy our national monuments though, well not yet anyway.


    This episode was very much focused on developing Yukio’s character. She is, afterall, the tragic washamine princess that has to inherit a whole private army who would do her bidding (tragic, but a lavish kind of tragic). The main message that was delivered in this sense was that in exchange for control over the group and the chance to revitalize her clan, she would have to give up the things most important to her, her precious freedom and her friends, in the business, having non-yakuza friends may land you in some serious shit (they may get kidnapped etc.). After what looked like a final meeting with her chum, she grabs her junior into a passionate kiss position, I was all excited for a heated lesbian scene at this point, only to be disappointed at a lecture. Then a whole motorcade of Mercedes Benzes show up and do this really cool formation thing, sometimes I wonder, with all the other gangs out for their blood, just where in the hell do they find time to rehearse such a show? I wish my local gang would pull this kind of shit off in the public just for our entertainment.

    Yeah, I was disappointed too. Les Action pls.

    Extreme Parking.

    As expected, it is going to be difficult for an army of ruffians and thugs to obey a young high school girl. Yukio is presented with a room of some very unenthusiastic underlings who immediately judge her based on her gender and age. Yoshida and Gin give a helping hand in “convincing” the crew. I’m kind of glad that Yoshida did the Churchill Speech, or else I imagine Gin would have made them lose their heads….literally. As with all Yakuza leaders, time is money. No sooner had she been sworn into a world so dark, she was already giving out orders. Upon looking up symbolically at the endless snowing abyss, she shed what would be her last tear of innocence (Rofl, was that emo enough? I couldn’t tell). Crawling in my skin aside, she sent Ginji to intercept any Russian envoys in the region to hit back at Balalaika. Problem is, they managed to find Laptev, the KGB rascal who Balalaika schooled previously. Wrong Russian mob leader, but hopefully he could be of use to them.

    Like Raunapaur, Car Horns are replaced with Automatics. Attention-Getting.

    As agreed easlier by couple of other Black Lagoon bloggers, mob leaders which punish their own subordinates by killing them or griveously wounding them, are considered faggots and deserve to die in the worst possible way. This is so that his underlings may serve a less retarded boss. Now Mr. K-tard here decided it was manly to stab his own Henchie in the hand for disobeying his infinitely moronic order. Just like that, a Drive-By comes in on cue to completely vapourize the restaurant they were in (which was conveniently empty). The negotiator for this particular encounter was none other than Ginji the Manslayer (Terminator). After failing to provide the details of where SARAH CONNER was, Terminator decided to show them that none of them were worthy for the machine uprising and served up some Russian Sashimi (great with Soy Sauce).

    You’re already dead. DEAD.

    Fresh Russian Sashimi is delicious.

    Tired of her Tokarev, Revy had planned to get back her two killer babies in order to get her Pwn-Mojo back and also to serve our friend, BlondeHench (Chaka) a shooting back to where he blongs, Oblivion. Rock, who developed a bit of a rapport with Yukio, started to get very edgy and concerned about her. Now, I can’t tell whether he likes Yukio or whether he just decided to play the Good-Guy in all this (why bother with Yukio when you have Revy). Revy, who was trying to talk him out of doing something stupid like get in Hotel Moscow’s way (I wouldn’t be too keen on taking on Russian Urban Ninjas either), but of course, fails to get through to him. “Tsunderevy” gives her dear Rock a very cute, concerned look (100% Guaranteed to melt any guy’s heart), and finds some form of justification of bailing his Yukio out of a shitstorm. To add bondage to an already semi-romantic atmosphere, she calls him “Master”. Alas, no sensuous leather whipping or “dominating” took place after this declaration.

    Tsunderevy is Win.

    Rock tries to remember where he kept his leather whip.

    Yoshida proceeds to escort the new elected Yakuza leader back to her home, only to find BlondeHench there waiting. The loser is up to no good as usual, he was drawn to have a face you are tempted to bash in with a Heavy Crowbar or make History with a 12-Gauge. We stil want him dead for hitting on Revy and bashing up Rock, now, we want him MORE dead for killing his own comrade and bringing Tokyo’s scumbags here to “greet” the new leader. BlondeHench declared that he would only join the faction which benefits him the most, and siding with the Russians, appealed most to him. In this sense, he was going to use Yukio as bargaining leverage. Thats all well and good until the piece of shit allows one of his men to beat the living crap out of the girl. Beating up and molesting unarmed girl is the kind of shit that will get you butt-raped and bashed to hell when you do get into Jail. But with all his seriously bad actions thus far, BlondeHench’s death will be so painful, that even viewers will feel his pain for when he finally chokes on his own blood.

    Definition of a P.O.S thug: See BlondeHench.

    This is…..Enraging to see.

    Revy and Rock finally get to Yukio’s residence,and I must say, Rock kind of acted out of character to charge in head-first to save Yukio….he is usually very clam and collected when it comes to engagement like these, no doubt, doing something as rash as that would and could have landed Revy in unnecessary danger (She’s uber-skilled, but previous contact have proved to us that even she has limits), here’s to hoping this is the last instance we see Rock make such Rash decisions. As you would expect, the place is empty, Rock and Revy play a little bit of Detective and decided that Yoshida-san was probrably shot a lot by a big gun (awesome deduction by the both of them, perhaps “people die when you kill them” would also be appropriate). The real deduction was of course, that BlondeHench betrayed Yoshida. Then Suddenly! Gin appears to make a slice and dice tutorial out of the two. This had to be the coollest scene int he episode, pose-wise.

    “A Close Shave.”

    “A Great Panadol Advert.”

    Rock manages to talk Terminator into not being such a sadfase about not being to find SARAH CONNER, and get on with the rescue operation. Walking to the place where BlondeHench is hiding out would be a boring sequence to watch, so they decided to hijack a car GTA style and hit the radio (Vice City had the best radio tracks). Revy is a great driver as one would expect, and she pretty much goes at it Takumi-style a’la Initial D. Also, I might add that, “Road Rules? What Road Rules?”, is a strong part of her driving philosphy. There’s this segment where they show the three in the car with the radio on. Was anyone else reminded of that Saturday Night Live segment where the where three guys listening to “What is Love?” song whilst bobbing their heads? I know I was, and I was picturing in my head the scene of Gin, Revy and Rock bobbing their heads to “What is Love?” and had a good laugh to myself (cackled maniacally even).

    “Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more”

    Seems that BlondeHench and his ScumKrew are holed up at a Bowling Alley playing Strip-Bowl. For every strike the guy gets, they strip a piece of clothing Yukio has on, looks like they’ve already progressed to her nether regions. From a fanservice point of view, I guess we’re not complaining. However, I am sure every single one of those shitbags in the room Dies the most painful, gory death-alternatives available to them, with BlondeHench getting to the Crown for person who must die the most in this arc.. Who better to administer such a Righteous smiting than a Terminator-Samurai and a Crazed Gunwoman….and a Japanese Businessman. Well, Rock kinda counts now too, he needs a weapon though, whats stopping him from using his business tie and strangling his opponents Hitman/Agent 47 style (now that, would ooze ass-whooping juice).

    Here’s my game: We take a Vodka shot for everyone of those guys that die next ep.

    With that, we await the next episode which will promise a lot of killing and Revy/Gin tag-team action. The pacing has slowed down just by a tad these past two episodes, soI am sure next episode will ensure the action is brought back on board the Lagoon Express and I will be once again left Jaws-a-gawking at the level of gunfire and well-deserved killing of Henchmen. The episode closes off with the two heroes walking in to save the half-naked damsel in distress. By the way, did you notice that sign says Sports “Praza” when the camera does a pan-up? Those writers can be so witty at time. In the meantime, don’t forget to ready your vodka shots to play the “Drink everytime a Henchman dies Game”.

    Praza…can this anime win anymore?



    9 comments to “Black Lagoon: Second Barrage - 21”

    Please use <spoiler></spoiler> tags when appropriate, thanks!

    1. umm i’ll be dead on the floor from alcohol poisoning if i do that, just fyi.

      Also gin is like so fucking sick looking that i almost splurged in my pants. His coat blowing in the wind while he was walking was like mmmmmmm, so hot.

    2. Already watched the RAW for Ep22 and while witnessing the downfall of Chaka, I actually experienced a twinge of sympathy for his fate… which immediately made me disgusted with myself.

      Pausing the video, I purged the feelings of sympathy by recalling what he had done so far. Now I was filled with mirth and satisfaction. There. Much better. Back to watching Ep22.

      Ep22 is awesome in another way in that past incidents from season one and this season are interleaved into this arc. Why is Rock so determined about keeping Yukio out of the darkness? Remember Gretel. I’ll probably talk more about it when you have watched Ep22.


    3. Also… if Roberta is T-1000, and Gin is T-100. Does this mean that Balalaika is T-X?


    4. @Retsgip: We’re all GAR for Gin the Manslayer, this is pretty much a given (plus he has a stupidly shiny sword). Also, the Henchman-Drinking game will be a sure hit at parties. Rejoice in glee as everyone hits the floor everytime Revy mops a place up.

      @Skane: Thanks for the heads up there Skane, I definitely can’t wait to see Chaka get Owned so hard. I’ll definitely love to discuss the event of Ep 22 with ya. Also, nice work with the Terminator - Analogies, Not sure about Balalaika being T-X though :P , but she sure is as relentless as T-X.

    5. “I’ll follow you, Master.” *_* Sounds like an Otome moment. XDDD The image of the two in Mai Otome will bust a few precious braincells.

      Back to your weekly dose of BL - I have yet to watch this since my comp is temporarily rendered un-Internet-ed, but I have to wonder as well about Rock’s sudden surge to protect Yukio all of a sudden. It may stem from the fact that they’re both Japanese and/or Rock sees that she has such a bright future ahead of her that he, like Gin, wants to save her from the dark underworld that is drawing her in. Rock has this thing with wanting to ‘turn people to the light’ so to speak - the light of those living within the law instead of dodging around it. I don’t think that he’s realized that he IS already a light in the underworld - morally.

    6. A close shave eh?

      Quoting dear wallace and gromet?

    7. @Arakan 7: Yeah that might have been a reference to the Otome series (Master-wise), either that or the two are now on Bondage-Kinky terms (rawr). As I discussed, I too was surpirsed by Rock’s surging rush to “rescue” Yukio, in fact he looked like he was ready to take Revy’s safety for granted.

      @Joyrok: The one and only (Or the two and only, in their case).

    8. Yeah well A close shave was better than the first two, but the wrong trousers is brillant for the villian. I mean who doesn’t love the rooster *cough* penguin *cough*

    9. For the second pic: “Awww, isn’t she adorable?”

      Maybe you should put “Awww, Oni-chama” that’s very better.

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