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  • Bleach - 106 - Ishida remembers he has balls

    Posted on December 7th, 2006 by retsgip - 939 Views

    MS-paint resizing, foooo! *hipthrust*

    Rating: 8.5/10

    This was one of the better episodes I a long while, and I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because we finally got decent action, or maybe because we finally got a real look at Kariya’s past. Uh, maybe it’s BOTH?!?? Whatever they did, they made this episode way more enjoyable than the others.

    Someone’s in loooooooove

    Let me just say that shota-Karyia is such a little babe magnet. “If I was female…” (I’ve been saying this a lot lately, oh crap) I’d be pinching his cheeks and hugging him so tight he’d be turning blue. Seriously though, what the hell happened to him?! I mean, I’ve heard it said that “power changes a man” but this is ridiculous. I’m wondering if the Bounto power source is actually controlling him, and once Ichigo breaks that, he’ll revert back to his innocent self. Too bad he’ll probably be disintegrating while this happens. Sorry Kariya, you’re still going to hell.

    Kagebushin no Jutsu (dattebayo)

    Wait…he has new moves we haven’t seen before?

    I guess this fight was a little better because Kariya is a quasi-ranged type fighter so Ishida didn’t get uber-pwned by close combat. I’m not sure how I feel about Ishida suddenly becoming 10x stronger, but then suddenly losing due to the tool breaking, not because of his skills. In fact, if he had his normal skills, he’d probably have pwnd Kariya hardcore during this scuffle, but ALAS the plot did not allow it.  I’ve gotta say, I’m proud of Bleach for creating a relatively in depth filler plot for us to follow.  BUT the plot is just not that great.  It’s not that the plot is weak or anything, it’s just not really that interesting.  I can really feel them slacking in the background, even though the episodes are 100x better than Naruto fillers.

    I see no buldge, is Ishida a reverse trap? Might explain some things…

    So uh, what happened to the explosion that was “supposed to happen” if he used the bow too much or shot it incorrectly? They totally just threw in that piece of information randomly and forgot about it. That’s pretty retarded if you ask me. It didn’t even “kind of” explode or anything. It just broke into pieces, and then I cried. How’s this for a dramatic shot…Comedy skit at the end was pretty funny too.

    I’m kind of looking forward to the movie which is being previewed in the OP/ED. I just wonder if anybody will sub it because it looks relatively exciting. Lots of action shots, a cute, energetic looking female, and plenty of bad guys.


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    1. The movie looks cool, I’ll probrably pick it up.

      Good to see that they’re easing Ishida back into the fray, as I’ve mentioned his old self is back in the manga and ready to serve out some of that Quincy goodness, this should be a sign that the fillers are drawing near to a close and that the anime is ready to move back in the manga scene of things.

      Also, if Ishida is a reverse trap…I would be worried (means the other guys in Bleach might be in the same boat /Gasp).

    2. There was humour in the preview too, about the Barmaid being a trap… Damnit, nothing is sacred anymore.


    3. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to the new movie. It looks almost like a ray of hope in the filler hell. I guess the next few episodes are the end of the fillers so its not so bad. I wonder if they’ll do some real life type fillers as well, that might suck.

    4. It was said that there ‘might’ be an explosion when the battle accessory breaks. And they so copied Ichigo’s bankai fight with Byakuya when they did Ishida this time. There’s no way he would be that fast. They just did this to make him seem not so worthless…

    5. Yup, thats exactly what I thought when i saw it. I was like didn’t Ichigo do this back when he was fighting Byakuya… It was kinda lame but it helped make him seem less worthless yeah.

    6. […] Firstly, if you haven’t seen this ep and you’re not plan to, at least take a look at this post, since the OP and ED animation sequences have been replaced by previews of the upcoming Bleach movie, Memories of Nobody, out in Japanese cinemas on the 16th this month. The previews are awesome and a welcome break from these fillers, but speaking of that, it looks like they will be ending soon, and perhaps earlier than my ep 110 estimate. The flashback of Kariya’s past does not take up the whole episode, as I originally thought, and the quality is rather good, constant throughout the entire episode. The story itself is not that interesting though, while the latter half, although quite impressive, is fairly unrealistic as well. Just as Retsgip says, Kariya’s sudden power upsurge and mental divergence is quite ridiculous. You would think he develops a soft side for Ran’Tao, the woman who made saved his life and made it possible for him to have come this far. I don’t think the creators tried very hard in thinking up a good explanation for Kariya, but at least this way the flashback doesn’t consume as much time. I’m just glad that there shouldn’t be any more need for detailed past reminiscences and such. […]

    7. If people sub the Naruto movies, someone will definitely sub the BLEACH movie xP

      rofl @ Kage bushin no Jutsu, and total agreement on ‘WTF happened to Kariya’ xDD He was soo adorable for words *__*

    8. @whispered.hope: Well thats what you’d expect right? Naruto movie 3 still isn’t subbed so I’m assuming [DB] isn’t touching the movies. ALTHOUGH, this movie doesn’t look like crap so perhaps they will indeed sub it.

    9. Well, the Bleach movie has really generated some hype with the OP/ED preview and whatnot. And man, the Naruto fillers…no comment. They really would have been better off just stopping production after the Sasuke Pursuit arc until they had a big enough time gap between the manga and anime to continue another season. The episode length of the fillers is so gigantic now that it’s probably enough for 5 seasons of any other normal anime series.

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