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  • Naruto - 212 - He takes a bite outta crime

    Posted on December 9th, 2006 by retsgip - 2,572 Views

    Rating: 6.5/10

    I wasn’t as mad at this episode as I have been for previous ones. The ending was done pretty well and I even kind of felt the emotion they were trying to portray, even though I wasn’t very involved with the story. Still, the action and the plot is just sooooo horrible it makes me want to /wrists.

    There was some serious homosexual pedo undertones going on in this episode. Gantetsu’s eyes are really starting to freak me out, and its even WORSE when kids are around. He’s a cool character and all–you know, 300 pounds of muscle with a huge nose and bulging eyes, but he just doesn’t do it for me. I’m really glad he saved all these children, but are they really safe? I’m beginning to have my doubts.


    I guess finding out his brother was alive after 5 years of believing he was dead, then getting his brother stolen again right after a pseudo-reunion was too much for him. His pain was so strong that when he screamed, he even moved the leaves around him. I half expected an aura to explode around him as he crouched down and powered up over 9000. Lets just say I was unimpressed with his performance this episode, except maybe for the very end.

    Just thought I’d plug Naruto ordering Sakura to do the only job she’s meant to do. Yeah, you guessed it, watch the children. “No no, don’t worry about helping us Sakura, you’re useless. Just go watch the children–Oh yeah, make sure to have dinner ready when I get home, thanks hun.”

    Don’t ask because I don’t really wanna explain it…


    So uh, how many times can I see the same move done the same way on the same kind of bad guys with the same result? Like, didn’t we see this already a couple of episodes ago. Hasn’t he learned anything new by now? Plus you’d think he’d take the time to hone his skills so he can do it with one hand, but no… The more I think about it, the more of a failure Naruto is. Little did we know that people calling him a failure 200 episodes was only foreshadowing, and they were really just tricking us into thinking that Naruto was getting strong, but really he’s a failure. Oh god.

    The sound effect for this was straight out of the old black and white cartoons or something. I seriously paused it and mouthed “WTF!” Sigh.

    Once again, Gentetsu scares the shit outta me with his pedo-eyes

    So here’s a ton of incomplete sentences with ugly grammar explaining the arc since I don’t think I ever really mentioned it fully because I was ranting too much.

    1. Younger brother gets secretly kidnapped by Gentetsu to save his life from the evil bad guys.
    2. Older brother flips out and vows to see Gentetsu rot in hell for his heinous crimes.
    3. Naruto almost dies to the OMGKILLERSNAKE!
    4. Younger brother appears.
    5. Naruto breaks his teeth on some wire then saves the day with a move I’ve never seen before called: “Rasengan.”
    6. Older brother tells younger brother to be the brother he never was to the lil’uns.
    7. End.


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    1. This arc delivers.

      Those kids are definitely not safe from pedo-bear Gentetsu, he has that “I got this shit down at night” look. Also, Naruto is like a broken recorder, constantly replaying Rasengan over and over until our ears bleed profusely. Also, the sexist portrayal of Sakura was hilariously poorly executed, I guess they really wanted her to Fate/Stay in the Goddamn Kitchen (ALABAMA MAN STYLE).

      Sexist Remarks, Pedo Implications and Rasengan #436,876 make this arc a freaking winner. Cheers Naruto! Now wheres my Avtomat…there’s some writers that need shooting.

    2. Whoa I can’t believe you still watch fillers. Roflcakes.
      I decided I’m gonna just wait it out until the fillers end (that and I don’t need a 6th Thursday show right now lol)

    3. @darkshaunz: indeed indeed.

      @Hinano: Lol, well. It makes me cry every time I watch it but I hate quitting things so trying to stick with it. Do you actually d/l the episodes or just read the 2 blogs that blog it.

    4. Those kids were totally humping Gantetsu from 18:07-18:10, and the whole time, I was thinking “what’s so good about twenty eight year olds? that there’s twenty of them…”

    5. It’s been a long time the filler episodes took place. When will it end? I stopped around episode 140 and not planning to follow the fillers.

    6. @einsteinmonkey: Haha, yes! Gantetsu probably has x-ray vision when he widens his eyes like that. So when his kids huddle around him, he’s like the hokage of the Pedo district. It’s insane.

      @Darren: The fillers will end soon so you’re in luck! Don’t worry about naruto fillers and just pick it back up when they give the anime a new name :)

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