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  • Pumpkin Scissors - 11 - Kidnapping and Conspiracy

    Posted on December 19th, 2006 by retsgip - 1,214 Views

    Rating: 8.3/10 (better than the previous episodes)

    I’m glad they’ve bounced back from the filler-esque type crap they’ve been putting out lately. I’m finally excited about where the plot is going, even though section 3 is still not relieving the pains of war by owning up some badguys. What I really mean is Panda-kun owning up some tanks with his schizo-lantern.

    Section 3 is finally getting recognition

    I was totally expecting the reporter to write a satire or maybe a special on how Alice manages to get her hair to stand up like that, but I was mildly surprised when it turned out to be “normal.” Naturally, half the general public thinks its a bunch of bullshit trash that a noble made up (she’s uber good at public speaking btw) and then the other half go all star-eyed over her words. She’d probably be one hellova dictator if she wanted to; hell I’d follow under her if she threw such wonderful words in my direction. I bet she smells nice too.

    For some reason, seeing Alice in handcuffs arouses me…

    It finally happened–someone is trying to reveal the juicy drama that is the Invisible 9 (italicized for spooky effect). I don’t really approve of such unconventional methods such as kidnapping, but I guess it could work if they manage to sway Alice in her views. Wait, what the hell am I saying? Sway Alice in her view of the military? Good game, no rematch.

    PLUS, everyone knows that kidnapping or taking people hostage to negotiate has an extremely low success rate. No matter what happens, you always get caught in the end, and these people are no exception. So basically, we already know what is going to happen this arc, but I’m going to go for a different route. I think that Alice is going to get swayed somehow and will be interested in the Invisible 9 conspiracy and will do her best to reveal it, but there will have to be a lot of emotion involved in this. Perhaps she might lose Panda-kun if she reveals such information? Who knows…<

    Mildly evil doctor got owned by a slightly more evil doctor

    So we’ve got an old conspiracy mixed with a little bit of new conspiracy. That’s just absolutely LOVELY. This arc reminds me a lot about american movies who tend to always focus on some sort of internal conflict or conspiracy within the FBI or some other government branch. In fact, if you’ve watched the Negotiator, this seems kind of similar in plot, except the rolls are kind of swapped and it’s a little off, but whatever, it’s the thought that counts. In any case, I’m glad that fag doctor got asploded because he was a POS.

    dun dun dun, more hostages

    Please, oh please don’t let me down Pumpkin Scissors! I have high hopes for this anime because I like the genre and it’s got some great potential. Lets just hope they do all they can to get this plot back on track so we can see some ass kicking, mixed with a little bit of military conspiracy, mixed with a little bit of Alice getting nak–wait what?


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    1. I’m quite confident this show will turn out to be one of the better ones this season…if they keep the quality up at least.

    2. Finally, the Pendulum starts to swing. Finally, the gears have been set into motion and the machine spirit of Pumpkin Scissors begins it epic journey of the storyflow of Section III and it’s inhabitants. I too am pleased that Pumpkin Scissors has found direction, and what better way to enjoy the spoils of this newfound direction with two conspiracies (one more obvious than the other) running parallel to each other?

      Ah, but who is the damsel in distress this time? Alice is a lovely damsel, but she is far from distressed, the abductress may have physically abducted the abductee, but I assure you, the abductee is the one that has truly abducted the abductress by way of mental and conversational facade (my oh my!).

      Also, I fully support Alice getting naked (seriously). That and with some good ol’ Retsgip commentary would make for some enticing dessert.

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