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  • Bartender - 04 - Pain + Alcohol = Life - Pain

    Posted on December 27th, 2006 by retsgip - 1,827 Views

    They both fail so hard it almost hurts to watch

    Rating: 8.5/10

    Okay, I’m officially taking Bartender off of “on hold” status. I got me a new laptop and it runs better than my desktop back at my apartment. I almost feel spoiled, but then it was only 500 bucks after two rebates, which is pocket change when it comes to laptops. Unfortunately though, I feel pretty shitty so I didn’t take many pictures. Well, enough about me, on to Bartender!

    I was a little disappointed with some portions of the artwork, which were pretty low at times (face shots mostly). Other than that, everything else was acceptable. The episode featured two stories, both involving extremely real situations involving couples, and it kind of hit home hard for me.

    So we’ve got the young couple and the old couple, both of which reminded me of past relationships I had with my girlfriends. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it was reminiscent nonetheless. It was more like a spitting image of what happened to me early on, and then once again at the end of my most recent relationship. OH GOD! *grabs tissue*

    Divorce papers, lovely anniversary present from the wife!

    I actually enjoyed watching the new couple stumble around and be retarded around each other, because it wasn’t so bad that I was rolling my eyes. Sometimes in anime, the situation gets way out of hand and it’s really embarrassing and I do like the hugest eye roll known to man as I try to watch the show. This situation wasn’t that bad at all, but it was pretty funny. Props to Bartender for steering them in the right direction the entire time, because without him they surely would have owned themselves. Remember guys, drinking alcohol turns you into an instant pimp.

    And the second couple, jesus christ! It was like so reminiscent of past relationships that I was looking over my shoulder for cameras ‘n shit. In all seriousness, it was kind of corny how he got out of it so easily because it doesn’t really happen in real life. If it had been happening for 6 months and she brought out the DIVORCE PAPERS, there’s no way you can talk yourself out of that. No way. Hell, he doesn’t even look like he could talk his way out of anything. Still, I got a tiny bit teary, because I am a girly man who cries manly tears. I’m glad they reconciled their differences, again with the help of Bartender, and were able to find that spark they once had months ago. Did I seriously just say that? *pukes*


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    1. Ahh, its good to be back online and home! An Earthquake owned my ISP here in Malaysia for the moment, hence the disappearance for a few days. It seems like fate has swapped our situations, as I am now stuck with an old laptop which is also going to be retired soon to a newer, sexier and lolicious one (uh oh!).

      Also thanks for the good read, it was what I needed after a few virgin days here in Malaysia without the Internets. Divorce Papers huh, its not something you just casually whip out in the bar these days, but I guess in Gartender’s world, anything’s possible (like how I am secretly hoping he is a pilot of a Gundam and has a secret harem out back).

      The more I read your writeups, the more I am convinced that Mr. Bartender has a degree in Psychology or something, the way he manouvers himself to make people come to more positive terms with issues is kinda bizzare, yet awesome.

      It’s good to be back. Cheers.

    2. Oh, you got urself a new laptop? That’s great. And you’re a fellow Malaysian? Me too, the connection is just terrible.

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