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  • Naruto - 214-215 - Ocarina of Homosexuality Part 2

    Posted on December 24th, 2006 by retsgip - 4,619 Views

    Even Shizune is fascinated by Menma’s “piece”

    Rating: 7.5/10

    If you ignore the obvious shit-fest associated with the artwork and the so very underused Rasengan, this episode and arc actually turned out alright. The funny thing is, my “joke” of this being a homosexual innuendo is really NOT a joke because it really IS there and I find that quite amusing. Not that being homosexual is bad or funny, but I think that the writers are trying to make a serious plot and tried to portray a strong bonding friendship, but instead it turned out to be gay. (pun intended?)

    Like, NO WAY, a rasengan? No, can’t be…

    Okay, in all seriousness, this was probably the best arc I’ve seen since the start of the filler episodes. The Gendou arc was ALRIGHT until the end when it just shat on itself, but this arc has been pretty quality through and through (except maybe the art quality). The writers managed to give off a strong friendship between Naruto and Menma through the overly homosexual tendencies that they were exhibiting, but in the end it worked well. When Menma sacrificed himself at the end, I was actually sad because Naruto lost his lover. Well, at least this was acceptable, but I still wouldn’t want to see crap like this in a non-filler episode.

    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Homosexuality Part 2

    If you forget the story, you can always refresh your memory of their epic journey.

    After angering the local Konoha residents, Link and Naruto take up some more chores to make up for their mistakes.

    They learn the meaning of “teamwork”

    And…learn another form of “teamwork” in the bedroom

    Link and Naruto have finally fallen in love. There are no boundaries to how much they love each other, yet the locals still don’t accept them. Link, being a lost boy from the start, has finally found something worth fighting for.

    So Naruto tries to help Link win over the locals, but they are still not amused.

    He even went to the Hokage to explain their situation…if by situation I mean what it feels like to make babies with Link.

    But alas, only diamonds last forever, and their relationship is definitely not a diamond. The Ocarina of Homosexuality is finally repaired, but it seems Link had no use for it after all. After months of a wonderful relationship and many hardships involving the locals, Link has decided to continue with his journey. A journey through a life of uncertainty and loneliness. A journey only he is able to withstand.

    And so ends the most bitter-sweet romantic relationship ever known to man. Two lovers, fighting against all odds, but unable to succeed in being accepted by others. Now, all that’s left is but a shadow of a memory of what was once there and what is now lost. Life will indeed go on, somehow.


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    1. Oh jeez xD You really think they meant it to be homosexual? But the ending to Link’s story was funny still! I knew if you were going to make an entry on this, that “Link’s” little operation would turn into something sexual xDD

      Rasengan is really being used a lot through the fillers, and it doesn’t seem Naruto’s getting any better at using it without a Bunshin xD

    2. You missed the obvious imagery of the two erecting the wall, raising the wood. Even Tenten joined in!

    3. @whispered.hope: c’mon, I can’t let stuff like that slide without at least making fun of it a little. ;p

      @einsteinmonkey: lol! Yeah I had actually taken a picture of that but decided not to use it in my final product because I just wasn’t feeling very creative when I wrote the story. I was amazed i got something readable out on at the time. God bless tenten for joining in, as well as all the villagers :o

    4. Lol at the homo ting :D rest is awesome

    5. what was the song played on the ocarania i looked but i cant find it.

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