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  • Naruto - 213 - Ocarina of Homosexuality

    Posted on December 18th, 2006 by retsgip - 7,503 Views

    Sakura looks like a man…sooo, what else is new?

    Rating: 6/10

    Since the fillers are boring me to a whole new level, I figured I’d do something a little different this episode. I’ll give a paragraph or so of my thoughts, then I’ll get down and dirty in a sort of parody using screen caps from the episode. Funtimes ahead, yeah?

    I thought the premise behind the new arc wasn’t that bad, but the animation was just horrid. Like, I was almost distracted by it for a big portion of this episode. The title picture of Sakura posing in her nurse outfit for Naruto baffled me to the extent that I had to rewind it and take a screencap because it was just THAT bad. Some of the shots were so bad that I didn’t even think the same company was still doing the animation. They better get their act together for the Hurricane Chronicals.

    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Homosexuality:

    Unfortunately for Link, he broke his Ocarina the night before when a fight broke out at the local bar he was preforming at. In order to pay the local blacksmith for repairs, he’s going to need to find some odd jobs in town. Having the Ocarina repaired comes first because while harnessing its power, one is able to make a grown man weep, a rugged man gay, and possibly even turn every female into delicious lolis(wow where the fuck did that come from? Spending too much time in the ABirc channel).

    Lucky for him, he met a strapping young man (left) at some random ramen shop. After explaining the current situation (not having a place to stay or money to eat) to the man called Naruto, he was kindly invited back Naruto’s house. Little did he know that his life would forever change…

    They shopped together

    Link suddenly felt compelled to clean the house to please Naruto

    He even did the laundry

    Sometimes they had fights…

    And Link was forced to sleep on the floor.

    Finding dead men in the Hokage’s nose sparked their passion, and they finally decided to move to “the next base.”

    But the locals did not enjoy their public display of attention.

    What will become of Link? Has he forgotten the reason why he was in Konoha? Will the Ocarina of Homosexuality ever be fixed so he can play it for Naruto and reveal his true feelings? Tune in next time for…THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: OCARINA OF HOMOSEXUALITY.

    Just as an FYI, I was extremely bored. EXTREMELY! Thinking up this plot was a lot cooler when I was watching the episode than when I actually wrote it down on paper. Hope you at least found it mildly amusing. Caio.


    9 comments to “Naruto - 213 - Ocarina of Homosexuality”

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    1. This entry is delivering all sorts of LOLs.

      Requesting these kinds of Naruto entries starting from this one, really entertaining. I seriously can’t believe that Link cleaned his house and did his laundry (even sleeping in the same room). I know there are a lot of Sasuke (Sasoogay amirite?) and Naruto Yaoi jokes…this just takes it to the next level of Naruto-gayness.

      I think Nintendo need to buy this idea off you Rets. Now that Twilight Princess is released, the Zelda franchise could really use some “Spice”. wink wink.

      PS: There will be Yaoi doujins of this, I know it.

    2. ROFLMAO @ the Nurse Sakura hahahhahaha

    3. I agree completely with Hinano xD

    4. Yeah……..

      I was like: “YES! Sakura in a nurse outfit! Maybe she’ll look really good for on–WTF WAS THAT!@!$@#!?????”

    5. Oh, this brought many laughs indeed. I think I’m crying I laughed so hard xD

      I completely agree about the Sakura and the Link thing xDD

    6. That kid has an afro. Won’t someone think of the children?!

    7. why do you have to use homossexual and yaoi themes as lame and dumb things? you are a homofobic bastard… homo stuff is way better than fillers..

    8. Whispered.hope: thanks ;p and yeah Sakura was scary as HELL.

      Einsteinmonkey: HAHA yeah I just HAD to take a picture, because I busted up laughing when I saw it. And to think, it was less than a minute into the episode. JOY!

      windsasuke: what ARE you talking about? I think i hit one of your sensitive buttons. I have plenty of homosexual friends and they’re all great people. And I’m not sure how you managed to convert awesome into “lame and dumb.” By awesome I mean entertaining as hell because of the homosexual undertones of the show.

    9. That so-called summary of yours was just uncalled for. Just because you hate the fillers, doesn’t mean the episode summary has to be biased. Don’t be a fool.

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