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  • Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~ Final Thoughts

    Posted on January 6th, 2007 by retsgip - 2,319 Views
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    Overall Rating: 7.5/10

    I just finished up the final episode of Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~ and DAMN, I was impressed. This was one of those diamond in the rough type shows because there are obvious problems with it, but once those are put in the background, there’s some good things this anime has to offer (like a life lesson omg?). The story is a little tacky in general, but it had some interesting twists until the ending. Bravo for Gift for allowing me to enjoy at least one harem this season (if this can even really be qualified as a harem). This beats the shit out of Yoake, and to me, was kind of on par with Kanon in terms of how much I enjoyed it.

    Plot: 9.0/10

    For some reason, I found the story to be pretty engaging and easy to follow, even though it might have been a little corny in the end. The series pretty much had everything a typical harem needs and then some more. There was a beach episode, love, and love lost, generic yet humorous characters, issues to be solved, edipus complex action, and of course drama. A LOT of this anime is focused on the drama between the three main characters. The only other anime that I’ve seen that features a girl who flips out over a lost guy would be Shuffle! and this was pretty damn close in comparison to Kaede’s antics.

    I think what really sealed the deal for me though, was the ending. I enjoyed it. I cried manly tears. Hell, I cried girly tears. I enjoyed the use of the way over-fucking-played song at the end, to actually give it a sense of purpose at last. This anime was quite the love rollercoaster, with a solid ending, deserving of a decent score.

    Artwork: 6.0/10

    There is absolutely NO WAY I can say anything that would help you appreciate the artwork of this anime. It straight up sucks (well, kinda sucks). The quality goes up and down pretty durasticaly in random scenes, and the character designs just aren’t that great. At least the character designs look better than Kanon, lol. Too bad it probably has half the production value so its overall artwork hit the shitter. If you can get over the artwork like I did, you might find this enjoyable.

    Characters: 8.0/10

    I liked the characters, but I was also disappointed how most of them didn’t really get worked into the final stage of the story. Once the anime hits the halfway mark, it really just focuses on the three main characters and that kind of sucks. There’s a lot of unused potential buried within this anime, which probably ticks me off the most about this anime.


    I’m glad Haruhiko wasn’t a huge dick like Yuuichi, and maybe the contrast at the time is what originally helped me enjoy this anime. He’s nice, considerate, and not a total noob when it comes to women. And what the fuck, he even has a catch phrase that makes him look retarded as hell. I wasn’t too impressed with the way they drew him sometimes, but most of the time it wasn’t that bad. Also, his mother is a HUGE milf, but she kind of looks exactly like him. Maybe that means I’m turning gay for Haruhiko, or maybe I’m just gay in general. ANYWAYS…


    Riko is the typical, and much overused, childhood friend character with a twist(!). She moved away *gasp* and then came back hella years later *gasp*. Oh wait, did I mention she was adopted into the family? OH SHIT! A non-blood related sister? No, couldn’t be. Well, we know where this is going, right? If you do your homework on harem animes, you should know already who the victor is, but it’s not who wins that matters. It’s the journey, and the emotions and feelings involved in the process.


    Ah, Kaed–Kirino, how we love you. Forever labeled as th “other” childhood friend who was never able to steal the heart of the lead. I really feel bad for her because she didn’t do a damn thing wrong, and she still got owned. Seriously though, this girl has got ISSUES. Like, not “we’re out of milk so I need to go to the store” issues, but rather “where are my fucking boxcutters because I need to kill something” issues. Well, I really had high hopes for her, and at one point thought she was gonna own some bitches, but she was quite the disappointment. She even used voodoo goth powers to try and win Haruhiko. That was not a disappointment!


    I say can’t hurt to give it a try. I’m not going to recommend this to everyone or anyone, but I will say I enjoyed it. There are some definite flaws, but also some quality shit floating around (the good kind of shit). This is one of those animes that actually has a happy ending and doesn’t leave that bitter taste in your mouth at the end because the lead picked the wrong girl. Overall: Meh.


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    1. I am pretty sure I would love Kirino, because she’s like an alternate Dimension Kaede who failt to own bitches =(. At least Kaede went full throttle to dish out the pain with her beloved boxcutter. Also, non blood related sisters are just…asking to be tapped to no end, especially in the magical fertile world of anime.

      What is it with childhood friends losing out? Shuffle Memories better let Kaede win. If Boxcutter-Goddess loses to that Asa one more time, the Universe is going to break into three.

    2. Ehh…I was always a Riko supporter.

    3. Darkshaunz: yeah, kirino is right up your alley. Boxcutter + childhood friend + faithful.

      Danny: Me too actually. Only because I wasn’t sure if Kirino was gonna kill Riko at some point, and that kind of made me want them to be together even more. Love conquers violence! Or something…

    4. Meh, I’d love Riko as a sis in real life. Riko Supporter =]

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