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  • Naruto’s New Move? [possible manga spoilers - ch 337]

    Posted on January 8th, 2007 by retsgip - 10,284 Views
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    Spread stolen from Chapter 337

    Anyone who doesn’t read the manga, or doesn’t want to be spoiled by information such as new moves that Naruto gets later on, then you probably shouldn’t read any further than this. If you stumble here by mistake and end up reading something you didn’t want to know, well I’m sorry. To recompense for any potential harm I may cause, you can spank my ass and call me suzie as long as you want, and I’ll gladly take the punishment. Not that, I’d like that sorta thing, or anything. *whistles innocently*

    Okay, so Naruto’s move is finally not a vague piece of shit, only half shown every time he tries to complete it. Yes, that’s right. They finally show what the BIG MOVE is. Okay, okay. First, you have to sit down for this because it will blow you fucking mind. I strongly suggest not viewing this particular piece of evidence if you have heart problems or high blood pressure.

    Brace yourself for awesomeness:

    *dies from heart attack* How did he think of that move? No, seriously, HOW?!??!? I mean, he couldn’t have just added Naruto’s wind element to a typical Rasengan, could he? SIGH. Well, at least it looks kind of like a whirlwind of awesomeness and it’s probably pretty strong too.

    What confused me the most about this page was that there are 3 moves going on. The top right frame is obviously Naruto, using a wind rasengan (with his right hand), and the top left is Yamato using a water jutsu (with his left hand). Apparently they devised a combo attack to utilize two different moves with types of elements at the same time. At first, I was like “WTF OH SHIT Naruto can use water now too????” But then the next page shows Yamato holding his left arm, and Naruto flexing his right hand. So, basically his new move is just a wind rasengan. I know its supposed to be hard to control elements, but I’m a little disappointed. Please excuse me while I jump for joy at this new revelation. Maybe they’re hiding its TRUE form although that’s doubtful…

    Side note: This battle they’re in against the two Akatsuki’s is AWESOME. I can’t wait to forget this by the time the anime rolls around to this part so that I can watch it in awe. Seriously, I feel jealous of people who aren’t reading the manga because I want to be surprised when all this happens. At least the anime isn’t going to suck, because the manga is heavily saturated with action and all sorts of win.


    15 comments to “Naruto’s New Move? [possible manga spoilers - ch 337]”

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    1. To heck with Naruto. Shikimaru has been made of win. Naruto’s future fights would need to outshine Skiki’s fights, without resorting to pure power.


    2. For SURE skane. Shikimaru’s fights have totally outshined Naruto and anything he can possibly do. I’ve kind of lost faith in his ability to be the lead of the show, and I’m glad other characters are picking up the slack. It’s also nice to see Kakashi actually do some fighting, because damn those two are BAD ASS.

    3. hahah
      you’re hilarious, and reminds me of someone i know, hehehe

      I can’t wait for the anime fillers to end…which is just a month away!

    4. Anyone who thinks Shikimaru is going to bow out of his one-on-one revenge fight that easily hasn’t been reading the series very carefully. Gonna be more mad crazy mind gamez!

      I think the point of the combined move was just to have a flashy entrance without being too hard for the artists to draw. My cat could have drawn that last frame.

    5. @ohphive: ;p I can’t wait either!

      @Kabitzin: LOL dude. Yeah, you’re probably right. Still, it confused the hell out of me at the time. Shikamaru has been my second favorite character under kakashi, and since the time skip, has become my favorite. He rocks the casbah, seriously.

    6. This ones a little uh………. stupid!
      I like the big bodyslamming froggy (giggle,giggle,giggle)
      (the great battle of the chunnine exams)

    7. SAUSKE UCHIHA R…..O……C……K……..S out LOUD

    8. who knows wen the anime naruto shippuden(dunno how to spell it) is comin to england and on wat channel???

    9. you guys are nut we all know naruto has unlimited chakra and cant die
      ohhh and sauske is looking like hes the strongest character in naruto shippuuden. did you see the beginning of the first episode? dont get me wrong i still luv all the other characters theyre awsome. i just tired of waiting for the third ep aka ep 223.i want to see kakashi fight naruto

    10. naaah. ur crazy dude naruto is going to pwn everyone..there is a web page where it shows that naruto and hinata get married and they have a baby and this kid has a demon inside of him..it seems like its the nine tail fox baby too yeah and the baby was born using the byakugan really cool huh..

    11. naruto is a tool i’m sick of ‘kage bushin no jutus’ sure we can blame the fillers for this but god this is turning into one big dragonball z soap.

      sasuke and gaara are the bset, naruto no longer can be looked up to as the ‘dropout’ who can dominate competition with hardwork. I’ve lost faith in him. RASENGANG THIS AND RASENGANG THAT. Mever uses it when he should like ep 220 (why is he using his hands to pry open a metal cage)?

      doesn’t use medium frog jutsu as his ability AT ALL. (hell, jiraiya’ in the filler just uses rasegan) Should’ve used ‘frog boss’ for the episode where there was a giant bee (funnY)

      shippuuden ep 4 cheats me out of seeing new moves (WTF? icha icha trick??)

      as for the naruto and hinta having a baby, don’t be stupid thats obviously some lame us ‘fan art’I bet.

      i’ve seen hentai (art technique VERY close to the original) naruto boning sakura, does that mean they are lovers?………..NO !!!

    12. omfg true true naruto is a retard…and man im getting tired of the wow series man I wonder when is naruto really gonna have a new move and when is he gonna stop using kage bunshin….so lame…no frog jutsu and the author made naruto learn that…even his dad did a better job….man and it wouldve been better if naruto had the flickering move rather than the kage bunshin its so lame…seriously and even greg you are wrong…i think sasuke has better charka and more power rather than naruto without nintail naruto wouldve been dead long time ago…i wish it wouldve been “NINE-TAILS:Journey” or something instead of “Naruto” seriously i know the name i said was lame but seriously wouldve been better than NARUTO!! dont you guys think but man I dont even have hope anymore for any of the Naruto epsiode and you know what also…most of the video are crap…its more talks and talks…and less action and stuff….man and I love ninja moves..and man this seem like crap…the best series is only where SASUKE v.s Haku or either The Snow movie…man and everything else are just anooying clips…man i hate this…man when are they gonna do something about this…im getting bored!!! damn Naruto you can’t even do a rasegan right and the author already trying to give you a new move…haha and lol yamato…man dont even think hes a good teacher more like a werid anbu ninja…hes just like naruto..without the special ablities that were trapped inside they wouldve been nothing…and sasuke is still pure power and speed….and one thing is itachi man …. your getting old already and so lame……if you knew that you need a eye of another sharigan user..why did you just kill kakashi??/ point point>>>>KAKASHI mangeykou eyes i mean isn’t the same??? he did the mangeykou eyes…and lol neji owns…but man why does he have to be so lame and didnt tell his dad to get so fucking horny on his mom!!!! and give birth!! to neji!!! lol but man Naruto still got lot to learn even that move cant be done alone…he even cant do it by himself and still with a clone…man…and he dont even use that frog jutsu so lame…and naruto so lame not even knowing about ero sennin i bet that hes dead!!! and lol why is jiraiya so dumb seriously not teaching a thing to naruto and i wonder what has jiraiya have been teaching him hes still the same omfg!!! seriously dont you wonder if he even give naruto a new move and shit..its just the same move!!! really….and jiraiya so lame naruto can’t escape genjutsu he got lucky that round with itachi….he did so something but its not even enough!!! man and sasuke did a better job but watever!! hope thers more that better interest me into reading it more…cause im giving up hopes on this so called “NARUTO” series!!

    13. naruto vs. orochimaru…

      stop whining about narutos power coming from the fox.. just consider each tail as a level of SSJ equivalent.. (EQUIVALENT being the important word… not EQUAL obviously)… except at 4 tails he’s already like SSJ 2… but with 5 more to go after he can control 4… no one thought he could control 2 and now look at him fly.. he’ll get it, don’t lose faith… I’m sure if the internet existed in the 80s people like us would be discussing DBZ in the same way

    14. One of the things about anime and manga, is that (in most cases), it tries to convey a point. In the first line of the series, it was all about overcoming loneliness. It was about the difference in light and dark and how it was that we were able to change the path that we would take by letting others in. Hard work. Determination. Striving to be your best. These were all points that were hilighted along the way, along with never underestimating a person’s abilities or worth. And as the first wave of the series rolled on, they began to build up toward what we see thus far in Shippuuden. The importance and strength of the bonds that we create with people and the power that gives us.

      Initially, what I kept seeing was, “This guy is just like I used to be…” Now, it’s all “Bonds”, “Bonds”, “Bonds”. It underscores itself in the first story arc about Gaara with his recollections of what Naruto taught him and with Naruto’s determination to save Gaara, his kinship via experience, and the bond that they share. Chasing Sasuke, who has done everything humanly possible to become stronger, to outwardly sever his bonds, and yet Naruto and Sakura kept up the chase and kept their bonds with him alive.

      Anime…Manga…It is, in its way, a fable. There is action. There are sub-plots (Sakura’s love, Gaara’s inner demons [not the sand spirit], the clash with her heart that Tsunade went through…Lee…Sai…Neji, the list goes on), character developments, epic landscapes across the world, and amazing artwork. It rolls together nicely into a package that serves to entertain you and keep you on edge, wanting more. But the true heart, the real gem of the thing, is the meanings, messages, and lessons that it conveys.

      The point will never be if Naruto is strong enough, physically, to save Sasuke. In the end, it will all break down to whether or not Naruto’s love for Sasuke is strong enough to reach him.

    15. from the current naruto manga spoilers, it seems naruto will again use RS twice. well, let’s just hope he’ll succeed and not die this time.

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