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  • Pumpkin Scissors - 14 - So cold…*vador breath*

    Posted on January 10th, 2007 by retsgip - 1,092 Views
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    Luke…I am your father *pulls trigger*

    Rating: 8.9/10

    I liked this episode a lot. We got 1 cup comedy, 2 cups action, a dash of eeriness, and a pinch of funky looking badguy. Et Voila! A well made, ‘rough yet delicious‘ meal of Pumpkin Scissors, at out disposal. Hell, the first scene roped me in pretty fast with its eerie natures, from then on it was landslide city. I hope jokingly quoting Star Wars doesn’t put me into the uber-geek category because I haven’t even watched them all yet *gasps*. Anyways, pretty good episode.

    BEST acting job…EVER

    This is probably Pumpkin Scissors comedy at its best: non-slapstick and relative to the plot. We have the entire crew sitting in a truck, waiting for the bad guy to make a deal so they can pretend that they’re showing up to do a completely unrelated job. They just happen to see the deal being made, and arrest the guy. The best part is everyone reading from a fucking script in the car, like they can’t even act normally–ahhhh, classic. Oreld was funny as hell with his sarcastic attitude the entire time. Even the chief holding the paper over his face like he didn’t know they were going to leave and do this, cracked me up.

    Silly wabbit, twix awe for kids

    I’d like to take a minute and say WTF is up with this bad guy?! Its like on Austin Powers 3(?), how he was staring at the dude’s mole the entire time, yeah, I was staring at this guys teeth. They’re amazing! He must get them cleaned or polished or something, because they look damn good from this angle.

    Being serious though, I’m not sure how great of a bad guy this bad guy really is (shit that was like a dr. suess sentence). I mean, he’s rich, has access to guns, and a Darth Flamer, but does that make him evil enough? I guess so though, because he basically controls whatever city this is by conquering the sewage system. At least they’re finally going up against a real problem instead of like, “omg my heel broke we need to find a shoemaker before the ball tonight.” I wanna see what his last words are gonna be. If he does and evil grin as he rubs his hands together I’d crack up so hard.

    Also, in other news, it looks like Panda-kun is gonna fight a real human this time. A human tank which I dubbed Darth Flamer, that is. He really fucking creeps me out with his so cold business, which leads me to believe that he was conditioned somehow. This theory also helps support the idea that Panda-kun went through some intensive conditioning too (notice his resistance of violence this episode), since both his and Darth Flamer have odd section numbers which “aren’t suppose to be there anymore.”

    Good episode. I approve. I want more Silly Wabbit and Darth Flamer.


    6 comments to “Pumpkin Scissors - 14 - So cold…*vador breath*”

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    1. I have no idea on how they plan to make a good fight between Hans and Oland. Hans does not strike me as a particularly agile trooper, unless he spawns dragoons or some schizt out of his backpack.

      Hans the Rocketeer?

      I mean… seriously, all Oland needs to do is to load his Door-Knocker and *BOOM*, game over for Hans. Unless Hans’ armour is made of diamonds and tungsten carbide substances, and Oland’s bullets bounces off him. Which would then seriously crimp on the believability factor.

      Counting down the episodes till we get to see Darth *Alice* Maul.


    2. Yeah, I’m not sure. But the door-knocker is supposed to suck unless its like, touching the object or something. So assume that this guy’s armor is tank material, he’ll have to get up close without getting burned in order to puncture a hole in Darth Flamer. Noooo idea.

    3. I dont think a foot soldier has an armor so thick that is comparable to a tank frontal armor. Door knocker is useless at long range due to the power that a bullets need to pierce so much armor.
      Probably Hans armor is thick enough to stop bullets from guns and rifles but I doubt that his armor can stop anything bigger.
      Plus Flamethrowers were an anti-soldier tank, and they were not prepared to face armored targets or target with greater firepower than a foor soldier.

      But we are seeing that Oland is trying to supress his Gespent Jaeger side and perhaps there will lie the root of the fight in the next chapter

    4. Nice observation. I agree, that could very well be what the upcoming focus of the show is. His conscience is starting to fight whatever conditioning or training his body received in the past, and you can bet your butt that it will cause some problems in the future.

      I wonder if Oland will fight this guy, or if the whole team will attempt it. He doesn’t seem like he’s in any condition to fight at this point.

    5. Darth Flamer reminded me a lot of The Fury from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. His constant, “I’m cold,” comments makes me think he was conditioned in cryogenic experiments to create a super soldier capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, hence his fire fetish. Neato. Be interesting to see Oland and Darth Fury duke it out next ep.

      The script reading in the jeep had me smiling too, heh.

    6. finally got round to watching this episode and it was as good as you said. Lol @ the buck teeth guy, and yay for orlando finally being able to fight someone on par with him…

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