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  • Bleach - 110 - Vaizards and Papa-san

    Posted on January 12th, 2007 by retsgip - 7,806 Views

    A Bleach episode isn’t complete without Kon picking his fabric ass

    Rating: 9.0/10

    This episode excited me to no end. The first couple minutes were composed of everyday slice of life, but once Shinji showed up, things started to move rather fast. I noticed quite a large decrease in animation quality for certain scenes, but as a whole it wasn’t that bad. I can already tell that the writing quality is much higher, and the flow of the episode was 100x better than all the fillers combined

    Looks like the cat dragged in some nasty garbage aka Grand Fisher reborn

    At first, I thought I was watching a Hollow birth itself from a random egg in some well in whosville, but it turned out to be an old friend! Only this time, he seems to have acquired some epic loot, and has probably hit the max level. If you don’t remember who Grand Fisher is, he was the one who killed Ichigo’s mother and then later tried to kill Ichigo (unsuccessfully of course). Well, he’s back and chasing Kon, whom he thinks is Ichigo. This could get pretty dirty, but Kon should be able to ditch pretty fast with his uber mirco.

    I knew this guy was kinky, but weapons and a mask too?

    Can Shinji get any weirder? Like seriously? I dig his confidence, and I don’t mind his voice despite everyone else mentioning how much it fails. He reminds me a little bit of One Piece bad guys, except he’s not dancing around in a tuu-tuu doing swan kicks, soo…basically he’s a Bleach bad guy. Wow, unlimited deduction works right there. What the hell? Apparently this guy likes doing things backwards, and looks like a Gin clone with that mouth and smile. Honestly, I’m surprised he revealed himself so quickly, but I guess he can since he’s got friends, and he’s also uber powerful.

    Some important things to note, which I kind of forgot through the fillers and whatnot:

    • Vaizards = strong
    • Soulreaper + hollow powers = strong
    • Ichigo is basically a Vaizard
    • This is a shounen series and stronger bad guys will always appear

    Hello, Papa-san

    Ishida’s father is a big ball of GAR itching to pop every viewer’s GAR-cherry. If you haven’t experienced GAR before, well here you go. Like, be right back, gonna go fap. But anyways, I’m interested in seeing where this relationship is headed. Ishida needs to get his powers back, and this could very well be the answer. Maybe Papa-san will smack him around until he magically regains his powers with the burning passion of hate within, or maybe he’ll transfer some of his GAR over and Ishida won’t suck so much anymore. Did I mention they decided to have their reunion in the middle of a fight with a huge fucking Hollow?

    God, this episode was nuts. I was so overwhelmed afterwards I didn’t know what to screen cap or what to write about. There was simply too much information, and too many encounters for me to swallow in 20 mins. I wonder if they can maintain this intensity for the entire arc, or if the pace will slow down to something more reasonable. Anyways, I’m ecstatic that the fillers are over. Now it’s Naruto’s turn…in a month.


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    1. one thing u got wrong, Vaizards = good (either that or a third party)

      and yeah this episode was awesome. and shinji approaches him early coz thats…his job.

    2. Thanks danny. I know little to nothing about Bleach, so be prepared to be amazed at my inability to know anything. I don’t even remember things that have happened in the earlier arcs, so I’m going to have to constantly recheck what I write and look up shit on wiki.

    3. lol yeah…and about your last paragraph, its funny coz i like didnt absorb anything, but of course thats because i already know everything…though it still feels weird that u say that when im feeling the exact opposite, know what i mean?

      and your hypothesis on how ishida gets his powers back is…quite accurate ^^’

    4. Seriously, Shinji needs braces or something xD What is a GAR? -blinku- But yay to see another non-manga-reader of BLEACH! I think, ne? -pokes- But you know more than me xD

    5. it was an awesome episode, despite the low animation quality at several points. like wow, I didn’t expect them to cram so much stuff into one episode.

      For some reason I never liked Ishida or any scenes centered around him, so I have a feeling for the next couple of episodes there will be quite a few moments I might skip.

      Now I really can’t wait for Naruto!!!!!!!

      btw, is your name meant to be read backwards? I have a friend whose sn was telgip…

    6. Hey whispy, i totally agree. He needs braces, ALTHOUGH his teeth are super straight so they’d practically do nothing. It’s just the way his mouth sits that kind of suggests that braces should be there, but they’re not. And I don’t know that much :) Its nice to know that I’m not the only one who hasn’t read the manga yet.

      yes ohphive, I used the name retsgip because I played a pig race in a game a long time ago. I too can’t wait for naruto. I’m super excited about bleach and naruto now. It’s intense.

    7. Having never read the manga, at first I thought Shinji was the creepy technological department Shinigami captain in white face and lopsided hat (I forget his name), but then I remembered he looked pretty normal and had blue hair when out of his weird costume. His penchant for gravity defiance, million dollar smile, and prince valiant hair cut made Shinji seem like a pretty dopey villian to me at first, that is until he revealed his Hollow mask. Interesting. Cue more angsty goodness from Ichigo.

      I wasn’t expecting Grand Fisher to make an appearance either (and so late in the game I just forgot about him, it’s been a while), but glad they’re addressing that part of Ichigo’s past as they left it hanging for far too long. I was pretty interested to see that Tatsuki notice Ichigo run out in Shinigami mode; I always liked her character far more than some of the others, and though I doubt Tatsuki will play a huge role in this arc, it’d be nice to get her somewhat involved with Ichigo and the gang.

      I don’t remember whether or not Ishida’s dad was even on the show (apparently he was seen briefly back in ep 44) though I know he didn’t look like that originally (basically exactly like Ishida only with white hair and more fashion sense, heh).

    8. After watching the first ten minutes of the episode, I was afraid that it was going to be another stinkin’ filler. However, the second half totally delivered the excitement I was looking for. Ah, I can’t wait for the upcoming battles and everything else that’ll happen. Certainly a few surprises will arise that I can’t wait to see animated as well. God, I love this show. :D

    9. @Ryuma: Yeah, I was kind of shocked about the Grand Fisher thing, but it all kind of makes sense I guess. It should be interesting how they deal with Tatsuki. Will they tell her everything or leave her guessing? And yeah, I remember the brief shot of Ishida’s dad back in ep 44 or whatever, nice work researching though.

      @maya: I’m surprised you enjoy this show so much! I guess its no weirder than me watching NANA right? I too thought this was going to be one of those “welcome back!” fillers, but surprised me to no end in the second half. Do you read the manga?

    10. I think the most amazing thing about this episode is that now that Ishida has no real reiatsu of his own left or any quincy powers to speak of, he DOESNT SUCK like “Sailor Ishida” of the Bounto arc did. He’s actually fighting as opposed to flailing about half-heartedly and whining.

      On the Tatsuki thing, im with Ryuma. It would be very interesting to see her get involved, but so far, the manga has yet to do anything with her, so we wont be seeing much in this arc.

      Lastly, at Retsgrip: The Vaizard are NOT the bad guys. They are neutral Shinigami who have commited the crime of attaining Hollow powers and are thus concidered outlaws by Soul Society. They are interested in Ichigo because Ichigo has an inner hollow that he has not mastered like them.

      The bad guys are the Arrancar, of which this rejuvinated Grand Fisher is one. They are Hollows who have attained Shinigami powers. Notice his sword? ;)

    11. Lol zandur. I totally agree that watching Ishida try and pwn that Menos Grande was awesome. He did better with no powers than he did with that stupid-ass wristband.

      Yeah, I know nothing about Bleach, I’m sorry :( The way they’ve portrayed the Vaizard thus far has been linked with evil. After Aizen etc went in search for them or something, I assumed they were bad.

    12. retsgip - Surprised that I enjoy this show, eh? I actually liked Bleach WAY before ever getting interested in NANA. And sadly, I do read the manga because I’m impatient and I don’t like to wait to see what’s going to happen in the next episode. You’re right - it’s just as surprising to me that you like NANA, and I’m so glad that you do. =)

    13. Nothing about the other Papa-san in the ending? ;)

    14. @maya: tsk tsk tsk, impatient.

      @cynos: I thought I’d leave that for next episode since I was spoiled beforehand and know what they’re talking about, but some people don’t.

    15. you know what? I’ll tell you guys the best anime and comic book that exists in the jump comics! It’s REBORN! Or even Neuro and Naruto might do good…the beginning in Bleach was actually fine but it’s getting WORSE and the characters seems so boring cause they all look like they have the same face! Plus, the ways Ichigo loses SUCKS honestly! Don’t think that I’m NOT a Japanese cause actually I am! It’s just that I’ve been living overseas for like 11 years! Anyways, i have been reading both comics and the weekly JUMP too in japanese so at least i can consider which anime’s better! You’d better watch REBORN and NEURO! They’re GREAT! They’re the best anime and comics ever! I’ll recommend them to all of you!

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