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  • Our Anime Passion - Something new on the menu

    Posted on January 12th, 2007 by Darkshaunz - 4,304 Views

    Darkshaunz orders dessert.

    As anime viewers, we love to taste new things. Novelty and fresh ideas are like the melting chocolate laces around a cake slice. The sensation doesn’t last long, but boy do we love them and to that effect, entirely new cakes are a joy to taste if well done (painfully bitter if not). Anime, like other mainstream and cult media forms, have conventions. We follow the archetypical movie/film type genre trend with all the man staple genres and themes. Being anime, we also get the privileges and the enjoyment of certain niches. However, the idea pool seems to drawing blanks, and we just can no longer be entertained by the safe bets of the normal conventions.

    Just cos I can.

    The Usual Suspects

    Harem, Tsundered, Moe are just a few examples of the mainstay anime genres that is available to the anime viewing audience. Although niches to the media form (where the traditional standards involve Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy etc.) they have become so common throughout the art form, that its quite hard not to spot elements of the three within the anime of today. Personally, I find all three aspects enjoyable to watch, if done properly, I mean c’mon what guy doesn’t like switiching off his noodle to see a smorgasbord of delicious looking anime ladies strut around a very lucky male lead? The issue does not lie with the fact that its a common occurence, but rather with the fact that we’ve allowed ourselves be too accustomed with the offerings. Is it possible perhaps, that as an audience, we still long for something entirely fresh? I’m talking fresh as in something completely new and bold, not something old masked behind a veil of superior animation production or new characters.

    I’m looking at this from a consumer viewpoint, its probrably too much of a commercial angle, but I think a lot of you folks out there get excited when something new comes out (products and otherwise). The elation is magnified when we find that the new thing is something totally awesome. By no accounts am I being unreasonable in my demands, I do support the anime industry by buying all sorts of officially licensed merchandise (mostly eva-sega related merchandise), even own quite a lot of original anime DvDs myself (note that I am part of the lucky bunch somewhat affluent enough to afford them). Point being, there’s a lot of you out there supporting the anime industry and the anime field certainly wouldn’t be as big as it is today without you. Like regular movie-goers, are we becoming a bit jaded even with the solid titles on offer since last year? Not curiously, I think we are. 2006 saw the entry of some innovative and entertaining titles, it also saw the entrance of more constructed, precise and sniping criticisms.

    As expected, the better Japanimation companies perform in their writing, animation and pacing, the higher the calibre the criticism that they are prone to receive. So the answer, may lie in delivering titles which have entirely new conventions and and mechanics to satiate our anime passion. Good news is, there are already anime companies looking to deliver material which the anime audience has not tasted, oh and there are already a couple of titles I can think of, the top of my head that is introducing new elements to the anime environment and raising the benchmark for their respective genres. Indeed, it may be time that the Sheriff may not have to deal with the Usual suspects in the downtown station any longer. Lets have a look at some new genres that may be worth looking at for entertainment value, who knows maybe one of these will actually spring up in the future (and you can remember that we called it here first!).

    New Genre - World War II

    Epic battles in my Pacific sea? Its more likely than you think.

    This will look awesome, anime’d.

    I miss epic battles in an animated sense, I am still occassionally wowed by some of the spectacular one on one fights delivered in say, Shounen series such as Bleach (especially when they Bankai). Its kind of where you sit back and have a chance to let your mind soak in the gratuitious slaughtering of one anime party to the other. Hang on, those are one on ones most of the time, what I am looking for are animated set pieces involving the Axis Japanese and the allies. They can feature many characters and personalities that existed in the battle. A good example would be the Japanese strike at Pearl Harbour and the Battleship disaster at the Leyte Gulf. Heck, they can even animate the illustrous 40 day battle of Iwo Jima against the American marines if they wanted. Its a great chance to revisit some of history’s defining moments and capture the spectacle that is war.

    World War II locations also provide an inherently rich, aesthetical and moving environment of which the events can take place in. Anime has always been about delivering special messages to its audience, whether its about love or protecting something important. World War II anime can deliver this premise and then some, after all, its all about patriotic soldiers defending their homeland and important ones. There’s also a lot of individual stories which can be built up along the way outlining just how soldiers came to term with their positions and situations (dealing with battlefield shock and trauma for instance). The WWII genre can be informative, educational and importantly, entertaining. Who knows? maybe this might start anime off as a real educational tool across the globe (its proven that we respond better to visuals than text). Anime has come a long way and pulling off something like this would not be a technological restraint in any sense, and I do believe that a lot of Japanimation companies already have decent toolsets to make something like this.

    New Genre - “Tsunderevy”

    C’mon Third Salvo…!

    You are all familiar with the term, “Tsundere”. It certainly has become a standard offering across a genre of anime. You’re bound to meet an exquisitively beautiful female lead who will do whatever it takes to play hard to get. Tsundere-esque characters are old hat now, a dime a dozen even. However, Black Lagoon is taking that term and giving it some extra GAR sauce. Instead of using the conventional Tsundere system of having equal parts of “TsunTsun” (Hostile) and “DereDere” (Gentle/Submissive), the team over at Black Lagoon decided they’d give an equally graceful and sexy Revy the Mega-TsunTsun treatment with a teasing amount of dere snuck in here and there. Additionally, Black Lagoon breathed new life into the action genre, but they also introduced a new concept of hard to get ladies in the process. Originally a term coined right here, Tsunderevy was meant to represent the pinnacle of Tsun (So Tsun, she was practically GAR), the effect makes the dere part of Revy so much more engaging and rewarding (as we are teased into wanting more).

    The main drawing point of the “Tsunderevy” type character would be her tenacious, ruthless and ultimately masculine properties. She’ll be so loaded up with dark, chaotic and lethal attributes that even the male lead might seriously Die if messes up in front of her. I am speaking not of the regular Tsundere “Blush and Pout” but a “Blush and pump your chest full of .45 calibre bullets”. In a way, “Tsunderevy” types provide audiences with real tough combat vixens drawing blood on a daily basis, yet their sneaked (smuggled even) amounts of “dere” bursts are like the icing on a cake. We all love seeing maidens brandishing tactical weapons, but its squeal-worthy if they even let out one small, forgiving smile. Perhaps the age of Tsundere should take a rest, and we should see where the “Tsunderevy” types may take us in future anime series (I assure you, destruction is guaranteed).

    New Genre - Environmental

    Leaf her alone.

    I am sure you guys have heard of Green buzz-words, such as “Greenhouse gases” and “Global Warming”. This is personally something that I feel strongly about. Even though I have a car, I commute to university via train and bus, not only because its a fuel-cost saving method, but I believe that if you have a good public transport system in your country (and I am aware some of you do not have access to reliable public transport systems), that you should at least try going to where you need to go using Buses and Trains. If you are a public transport regular like myself, than you would know that the inconveniences are actually quite minimal. So my green message aside, I realize and recognize that anime is now global, its a big commercial thing, but its flourishing as an art form. It provides the perfect platform to inform and educate people on how to think “Green”. I mean I don’t go the full way and have recycle bins or live in a wooden shack, but if people did their small part for their environment (like taking a bus!), we’d be alright for the longer term. What better way to spread this message than through the rich, illustrous and colourful world of anime?

    The anime types I will be recommending can be something along the lines of people living in a world where environmental negligence has scarred the Earth, and people are suffering. I think its important that the characters put the blame not on some ambiguous evil dark tyrant brooding in the apocalyptic mess, but with some kind of angst against their forefathers who cared not for the environment. The show(s) can also provide a visual narrative as to how the next generations are coping with the depleted ozone layer, increased temperature and also the maddening weather patterns that are occuring worldwide. Perhaps due to this new harsh and alien environment, we get to see what our great grandchildren see, with strange and bizzare weather patterns. So this type of anime requires both artistic license and to some degree, a “Scientific-Prediction” approach to what the future world environmental issues would be.

    New Genre - Epic Battlez, In Space.

    Stay on Target….Stay on Target….

    This shit is Epic.

    Yes, you read that right. I am proposing for an anime where they do nothing but have Epic Battlez in Space. This can be along the lines of Karas (a visual splendor itself), where the animation team throws the full force of the budget into say, 3 to 6 episode OVAs and give us nothing but pure space-combat adrenaline. For the mecha fans out there, you are probrably thinking, “But Gundam has delivered a lot of large scale battles in space”. Yes, but the type of Epic Battlez I am referring to is the Star-Wars type of battle. Where basically, you have large fleets of whatever kinds of Starcruisers lined up firing their lazers at each other (for the motherland etc.). The Gundam series and even the Day of Saggitarius episode from Haruhi has proved that Epic Battlez in anime IN SPACE can be totally awesome and “zomg” worthy. After rewatching the opening sequence from Karas episode 1, I remained convinced that if they upped the scale of that to a fleet level, it would make Sci Fi fans everywhere shit bricks.

    Let me set the scene for you, a GAR captain aboard a Battlecruiser is sitting down, eyeing the asses of his hot flight deck attendants (his name can be Garoshi Garmaxx). Then suddenly, his fleet radar picks up some weird red bleeping sound heading at like Mach 500 (or whatever speed they travel in space), and he loses a ship in a spectacular blaze. Of course, Captain Garmaxx does not take this kind of faggotry very well and demands where the shot came from. In the dark unforgiving abyss of space, an alien fleet emerges (with tentacles on them and shit), and they start firing more alien pod missiles at his fleet. Captain Garmaxx then WRYYYYYYYYs and then unleashes all his gun batteries and lighting up a quiet parsec of space. Imagine this in full anime’d CG splendor, with hot anime flight deck babes and GAR pilots whizzing around, and huge lazers cutting up steel in a furious glory. The epic scale of these battles would be worthy of remembrance, I know I’d hit it.

    New Genre - …., True Story.

    This happened in front of me, true story.

    Did I just hear a dull sigh wash across? Anime based on true stories, that probrably doesn’t sound too exciting, that would be general riff I’d get if I brought it up to my friends. There’s always the rule of thumb that Anime and Elements of reality are like oil and water, you have to learn to segregate the two or learn to cleverly mesh the two aspects so that the anime doesn’t become too realistic or too fantastical. Hey, we’ve come a long way since Osamu Tezuka, and even he knew how to counterweight the two aspects very well to make the art of anime, legendary in Japan. Some of you will agree with me, some shit that happens in anime is just so out of place that we can’t even excuse the event just because its in anime. This is because we are used to having Realistic frames of reference when looking at events transpiring in anime. Just turn on CNN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic or any current affairs network, and what you see is that some people have some amazing stories to tell, they’ve been part of some pretty crazy shit which we never thought occured outside of a fantastical realm.

    The argument against this would be that hollywood already does this kind of thing at least 50 times over every year. I have yet to see a series based on an actual person or event done in anime however. It won’t be those lame re-enactments you see on documentaries when they lack the budget or source film to show the audience, but it will be a decently animated affair touched up and pieced together by the animation companies. Just picture scanning through all the typical offerings every new season, you’ll see the usual shounen, romance and lolicious titles and then you will see this title which is based around something that is done around the story of a real event. You’ll get the feeling of awkwardness as you try and interpret anime and reality being merged together (I heard its a tingly sensation). Good source material can be something like a anime-biography on important people such as world leaders or even a journalist working in a war-torn place (real world events are sometimes more brutal than that of anime world events). Either way, I am sure this approach to a new anime genre would pique the interest of budding anime viewers.

    New Genre - Criminology

    CSI this, bitches.

    It’s always been part of my hopes that we’d get an anime where the bad guy wins. An anime where the bad guy isn’t totally malicious or anything, but he gets away with it. I know you can think of a couple of titles here and there where they do get away with it, but they somehow get brutally eaten by a demon in hell at the end or something. The angle which I am looking at this proposed genre is that, anime audiences can see how a professional thief does what he does in an age where security and suspicion are it’s highest. Part of the anime would attain to not only the physical endurance he has to undergo to do his dirty deed, but also, we can learn about the lead’s (male or female) backstory, why he decides to have a life of crime and also the emotional traumas related to the job, as the thief in question probrably had to steal from “softer” targets like children or the elderly to start with. The crime of theft is as ancient as civilization itself, and it continues to mystify viewers and audiences. Like many of those mentioned above, it would be a pretty cool endeavour to see it in anime.

    Right now, the title that everyone is talking about crime-wise would be Death Note. Granted, its a solid and entertaining series, the premise of the show is intertwined with fantastical elements such as Light’s Deathgod companion Ryuk. The main charm, of course, remains the myriad of intellectual skirmishes which Light and L engage in, providing for a crime sleuth lure. The type of anime that I am suggesting, will have elements of intellectual sparring (without the fantasy element), but also hopefully, an inquisitive and curious look into the dark side of a person’s psyche. As an art form, anime provides the perfect “medium” for a concoction of deception, stealth, cunning and speed. The anime doesn’t have to be too geared towards realism, but it must have a strong focus on the thief lead and how he affects the people and places he visits.

    New Genre - Xtreme!!! Sports (eg: Free-Running)

    Free Running is not usually done in Meido cosplay.

    Here at Retsgip anime blog, we totally love our Xtreme Sports in anime. We believe that anime is the true pioneer of Xtreme!!! Sports. For example, Pumpkin Scissors showed that snowboarding can be Xtreme, especially when bandits snowboard whilst firing bolt action rifles, and also in Bleach, when Ichigo showed us all how to properly school a tower in Xtreme Tower Killing. Aside from being regular overused memes here at R.A.B, I do know that everyone here would actually want to watch something like people snowboarding and shooting at other competitors on ESPN (just cause its so non-sequitur and realistically violent). Aight, jokes aside, I do believe that this is a yet untapped field of sports that anime can draw opportunities from. Air Gear showed us that an Xtreme Inline Skating anime can be both bootilicious (sexy!) and entertaining. It doesn’t have to be a parallel to the real world sport, but it can have a bit anime physics to make the experience much more delicious (like Pizza). Specifically, I don’t want to see Skateboarding or Dirtbiking or anything (the real thing is way more adrenaline pumped anyway), but I think Free-Running is the next big Xtreme!!! thing, and would be glorious in anime medium.

    Free Running is actually a pretty cool sport. The basis of which is not regular running like you and I know it. The point is actually to run and jump across high places like building roof to building roof. The sport includes conventional running, acrobatic jumping and a lot of barrel rolling (to absorb the shock from jumping from high places). I saw a documentary on it once, and I was instantly wow’ed by the fast pace and simple ingenuity of turning something rather old like running, to an Xciting Xtreme!!! sport. Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Free Running’s fast pace would keep the anime audience interested for sure, and they can have like epic anime Free-Running tournaments. Having all the anime leads and bad guys giving each other steel blazing looks before a competition and powering up their legs (lol?) before the big event can all be part of the magical anime transition. Heck, writers can even put in the obligatory cheeky sexy big-racked female character in the anime just to give us a bit of a “Bouncing” sensation whilst we watch her run (it would be hilariously hot). I’m Xtremely Xcited.

    And here comes the dessert I ordered earlier. *smacks lips*

    Loving the conventional and standard fare in anime is part of appreciating how far we’ve come as a global anime community. Sometimes, a change of pace is needed, and in fact, absolutely crucial to ensuring the non-stagnation of our industry. I am sure that I’ve only scraped the proverbial tip of the iceberg with my suggestions. There’s just so much other rich and interesting source materials out there that animation companies can leech off. In the meantime, you’ll have to excuse me whilst I fantasize about me being a GAR space fleet captain engaging tentacle monster spaceships whilst secksing my hot flight deck attendants. All cannons to starboard, bitches.



    17 comments to “Our Anime Passion - Something new on the menu”

    Please use <spoiler></spoiler> tags when appropriate, thanks!

    1. I’m still waiting for my Xtreme Curling anime, along with a space show that can match the pure awesomeness of Star Trek’s Dominion War arc.

    2. I would thoroughly enjoy watching an anime based on a WWII theme. There is so much history, information, and there would indeed be many great battle scenes even from the Japanese, American or even German point of view. Frankly I’m a nut when it comes to WWII. I enjoy watching about WWII history as it’s a time that we will never see again.

    3. Nice little surprise editorial you got here. Always a pleasure to wake up with something interesting to read about. I guess I’ll just go down the list and my two cents on some of them :) My thoughts wont be nearly as coherent as I want them to be, but here we go.

      The Usual Suspects:

      If you talk to me on IRC or read this blog enough, you’d probably know that I watch and enjoy the usual suspects sometimes, but most of the time not. Characters who exhibit uber-moe, tsundere, or loli characteristics don’t hold as much pleasure for me as a character who feels real, or goes through a particularly moving endeavor. I feel like a lot of the usual suspects these days a weak substitute for quality anime. If they’re done well, or in moderation, it tends to be a much more enjoyable experience on my part, and thats all I really care about.

      World War:

      There is definitely a lack of any sort of serious anime material out there, especially ones involving historic events or reenactments. The problem with epic battles and stuff is that it’s hard to relate to the viewers, or at least flesh out some main characters. Also, I think a majority of the viewers nowadays want to see lolis flash their pantsu as they suck on lolipops giving a peace sign. I wouldn’t mind seeing some large scale war battles though.

      Green house girls:

      I can see how this might be a popular genre in like 20 years, when the Earth is flipping us off and threatening to commit suicide. Unfortunately I’m not as adamant in my “save the earth” nature so I’m not very enthusiastic about this genre. BUT I think it would be cool to see some anime which involves a fucked up future where the environment plays into the plot somehow. In Kiba (watched like 10 episodes of), they have a fucked up earth in the future, where you can’t breath certain air, and there’s no wind. I thought it was a cool addition to the show, too bad it wasn’t that great of a watch in the first place.

      Space Battles:

      Space has always been Meh for me because they always involve mechs. Maybe that’s because the physics of a fighter jet just doesn’t add up, but I’d much rather see airplane fights than a space fight. Not sure why though.

      True Story:

      This genre is my favorite untapped source of potential awesomeness. Hollywood does a lot of true story movies and guess what, they’re usually relatively successful. There’s just something to be said about a true story that peeks peoples interest. The stories that go down in history are the ones that walk a fine line between fantasy and reality. When unbelievable odds are overcome, or events play out in a magically surreal order, it boggels the viewers mind to think that it actually happened. Anime is so far into fantasy sometimes, that it’s almost impossible to make strong connections with the story or the characters.

      True stories usually go well with sports stories as well. Shows like Prince of Tennis, or Air Gear are fun to watch sometimes, but it’d be better if it was realistic. Practically everyone can connect with a sports memory, and if you mix that in with a seemingly surreal story, its even better. Biggest problem would be that its animated, but if its done right it shouldn’t matter.

      Oh yeah, Xtreme sports 4 life!

    4. @Demian: The way its going, you may get your wish soon enough! I personally cant wait for my Epic Battlez in space, I just know the lightshow will be impressive.

      @Adun: The battles of WWII were the very first for me to put down on paper whilst writing this entry. It provides a huge, rich and intense spectacle for any medium. I too am a WWII enthusiast, and I can appreciate how much our types love it when the past of War is re-enacted on an epic scale. Truly excited just thinking of WWII anime’d.

      @Rets: Good Morning champ! =). Well said about how, even though we are used to the staples that the anime medium offers us, we actually would like something new, something solid to entertain us with. It’s human nature, and we need to be satiated!

      I laughed when you mentioned lolis flashing their pantsu and sucking on lolipops, who wouldn’t like watching that? If anything, Black Lagoon was testament to the fact that the anime watching community did indeed wish for more mature, serious anime themes. If its GAR the audience is looking for, World War II had Real Life people who make some of the anime heroes look like spineless pricks. I am talking about, soldiers who literally cleared entire bunkers or charged mindlessly at platoons. I think even Revy would blush.

      Definitely thought of true stories having a huge impact on the anime audience too. As you said, just being able to appreciate the fine line between what Really happened, and what is artisitic license would send audiences into an analytical frenzy. They pique the interest of potential viewers because its such an inspiring and wow-ing genre, thats what I think. Its a tingly feeling down the spine when you hear a person talk about how he survived stranded in dangerous forests or out in the sea, for long periods of time.

      When it comes down to it however, Xtreme!!! Sportz 4evar!

      PS: Rets, Immah charging mah bolding as well. =p

    5. World War II: Zipang
      Environmental: Arjuna
      Biographical/True Story: Prime Minister of Japan
      Criminology: Ayatsuri Sakon, Meitantei Conan … this is a genre that has a lot of anime in it, albeit older ones
      Extreme sports: Air Gear … this is a genre highly reflective of shounen-y anime

      Someone didn’t do their research … ;) . I suggest watching Zipang, Arjuna and Ayatsuri Sakon. The Japanese have tried their lot at all these genre, and the reason that these anime are not prevalent is that they don’t make money. :)

    6. >>New Genre - World War II

      I should refer you to Video Games, First Person Shooters. Be careful what you wish for or you’ll never get anything different ever again.

      >>New Genre - “Tsunderevy”

      Tsundere + Firepower = Tsunderevy
      Been done
      Shana - Seifuku + Beretta + Puberty = Revy

      >>New Genre - Environmental

      I don’t think anyone but Studio Ghibli without being overly preachy or melodramatic. IRL we need to focus on sustainable and safe energy such as pebble bed nuclear reactors instead of Leerjet Liberals telling everyone else to buy a Prius. Also…
      ( Princess Mononoke ) / ( An Inconvenient Truth ) = ∞

      >>New Genre - Epic Battlez, In Space

      First off Original Trilogy >> Prequels. How about a screencap from Jedi instead.

      Other than that I agree with you. There’s been a drought of epic space battles in anime. Except for episode 11 of Haruhi I don’t think there have been any since since Crest/Banner of The Stars. I recently acquired Legend of Galactic Heroes which I’m told is epic, but I haven’t found the time to watched it yet because of it’s epic length of 110 episodes.

      >>New Genre - …., True Story

      How about an OAV “Aron Ralston, the True Story”

      Actually that’s the problem with this kind of thing. Most of these amazing true stories would barley fill a 30 minute one-shot OAV, let alone a 13 episode season. A lot of these would probably be entertaining but I don’t know how profitable it would be to make a bunch of them. It would probably have to be a serial anthology like The Twilight Zone or Tales From the Crypt here in the US, all marketed under one name.

      >>New Genre - Criminology

      CSI: Tokyo here we come. Actually GITS:SAC is pretty much already CSI with less DNA evidence and more computers.

      A live-action drama similar to what you laid out above, called “Dexter” recently aired in the US. It’s about a guy named Dexter (Surprise!) who works in the local police crime lab, But this definitely isn’t CSI because Dexter is actually a serial killer who only kills other killers (and he doesn’t even have any super powers like Light-O) and his struggle to fit in with “normal” people who don’t have urges to kill and actually feel remorse.

      It would be cool to see something similar in anime.

      >>New Genre - Xtreme!!! Sports

      I’m not interested in sports anime at all so I can’t really comment on what would be good here.

      The only sport I play is paintball, but most people don’t think it’s that Xtreme!!!! Personally I think hour long one-on-one matches in the woods, in full camo gear decided by one (and only one) shot are pretty extreme.

    7. Someone I love ;) seem to perceived this as offensive, so let me clear up my stand. This is a well-thought of article (as is regularly expected of Shaun), but I find that the noted suggestions to this entry have been done before, and that the fundamental reason why these genres aren’t all that popular in the world of anime today is because they don’t make any money.

      The world of manga (from which most anime come from) is a iridescent world of different topics and ideas, some from the most banal and trite ones, like the life of a man riding a train (Densha Otoko) and that’s being serialized, and some as perverted as quite a few doujins. It’s a basically inexhaustible place for different topics about everything, so I doubt that in the near future all of it will be utilized by the anime companies.

      They stick to the same formulaic productions that will garner them money, however. That is purely and mainly the reason why they aren’t utilizing the other genres or other topics. Anime passion (and I think I have quite a lot) will be useless if only because we barely have control over anything that runs its world. I hope I have rectified the matter - I’m in no way castigating the article and how it’s written, but it’s just implausible for the most part that those genres will come out (other than the Tsunderevy one, which sells) - BUT they have come out in the past, though.

      Let it be known that I mean no offense or even criticism - I was posting then in a jocular manner, but if it has offended or was vituperative, I ask for pardon. :)

    8. crap man, everyone is writing essays as comments…lol nice entry Darkshaunz, keep up your epic random posts man lol

    9. @MaverickRonin: Watch out for your mail champ, your CSI:Tokyo could really take off like a rocket. With you deserving of much of the royalties for such a fresh idea. I know I’d watch it. Also, I like your idea of a Paintball anime or something along those lines (looks damned fun irl too). Yes, I do believe we have an oldskool Trilogy supporter, you gotta admit that the Prequel CG’s are slightly prettier than the magic Lucas pulled off 30 years ago. =p

      @Michael: We love you too man, thanks for the clarification <3. I totally agree with you, even though they are ideal suggestions for their various themes, they may never see the light because of the fact that they will be purely unprofitable from a commercial angle.

      If you ask pardon, you are pardoned, loved and then called the official Retsgip blog squishy. We will love you, feed you, and hug you three times a day. =D Always a pleasure Mike.

      @Danny: Thanks Danny <3. I’ll pump them out as long as I have enough juice, and as long as Uni doesn’t start yet (hehe).

    10. @Darkshaunz

      Actually I don’t like the prequel CG’s so much. In the prequels the only things that look better are the laser blasts, lightsabers, and explosions. All the “physical” CG objects in the prequels just look fake, including the “set.” (Sidenote: thats why the acting sucks, its hard to act in front of nothing but a bluescreen) The models in the Original Trilogy looked much better I could go on for megabytes about this but I’ll stop here and just say, in summary he should have combined the two approaches.

    11. Nice writing ^^

    12. I would drool for a full minute if that fleet version of the Karas opening sequence really gets made…

      Of course, quality must be observed, or the whole point is moot…

    13. MS Igloo had the Battle of Loum and the closing battle at A Baoa Qu. Those were pretty epic.

    14. True, criminally environmentally friendly [athletic] Tsunderevys fighting epic World War II battles in space. Like Greenpeace in 100 years, except with hot anime chicks.

    15. @Einsteinmonkey: I think you just won 500 internets. In a row.

    16. that he did.

    17. Ah, a space fight, viewed from the POV of the pilot, at KARAS-level quality, would be a true win. Just 3 minutes of that plz. I guess that’s why I liked Vandread so much (pretty explosions!). …I need more Meia. #_#

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