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  • Venus Versus Virus - 01 - First Impression

    Posted on January 16th, 2007 by retsgip - 4,234 Views
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    Rating: 8.0/10

    Although I admit that I have little faith in this season, I may still pick up a few different titles just to keep me occupied. This is definitely a possible candidate, but first I need to wait and see where it goes with the second episode. If it doesn’t suck, then I’ll most likely blog it.

    So then, what is it that draws me towards the females with guns (e.g., Black Lagoon, Gunslinger Girls, Chrono Crusade)? Is it my American background? *cue girls in bikinis shooting semi-automatic rifles* Maybe the sight of seeing a female, which is typically a passive gender, take initiative is what intrigues me? Whatever it is, I always find the sight of a female with a gun enjoyable and somewhat sexy.

    Sumire obviously uses the force

    If I had to compare this show to anything that currently airs, I’d probably say D.Gray-man, with a pinch of Chrono Crusade. There’s a definite line between good and evil, with the good being this weird organization of high school girls, and the bad guys obviously being the Viruses.

    What are Viruses? Hell if I know. I do know they’re evil, and good must conquer evil (with the exception of Death Note). Obviously I wasn’t paying attention to the plot, and was focused more on the action, but seriously I think they’re spirits. More specifically, bad spirits who eat people’s souls until they disappear and die! Kind of interesting, kind of not really. What does interest me is the picture below:

    Sumire seems to have gone craaaaaazy

    A special power which causes you to lose all thought processes except “kill!” I’m totally there! This is a lot like Orland from Pumpkin Scissors and his schizo lantern, but this time its like real magic! Wait, no, it’s more like real science mixed with real magic! To make a short story even shorter, Lucia (blue-haired pirate girl) shoots Sumire which in turn activates a seal of some sort to go apeshit-nuts. While she’s in this state, Sumire can’t distinguish from good or bad, she just kills.

    In general:

    Alright, so VVV isn’t the most original anime this season, and definitely not the best, but its got potential. So far, the characters have yet to “wow” me other than their basic gunfighting ability and apeshit-nuts chemical imbalances. Lucia seems like a pretty GARly female, but it’s only a matter of time before she overflows in a fit of girly passion. They all do, sooner or later (if she doesn’t I’d be happy). All jokes aside, I was rather impressed that this was the extent of our fanservice this episode. Normally, I would expect at least one panty flash when girls are jumping around shooting guns at eachother, but I didn’t see a single one. I just hope it will be a trend that they continue to follow throughout the series, because honestly, fanservice would easily ruin the dark atmosphere.

    I’m still not completely sold on this, and will wait till the second episode to judge if I want to blog it or not. My magic 8-ball says “Ask again later” so that’s just what I’ll do.


    7 comments to “Venus Versus Virus - 01 - First Impression”

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    1. If High school Biology has taught me anything, its that Viruses are generally bad. They kinda get into your system and screw you up majorly. So if there are nubile anime girls out there brandishing automatic weapons in order to exterminate said viruses, clearly our world is already a better, safer place. I’ll further admit to saying that the token fanservice shot was not even fanservicey.

      Then again, I dont know about you Rets, but that chick with the Eyepatch is godly awesome hot. If the anime is going to be eyepatch-chan glorious, I sincerely cant wait for my weekly dosage of her screenies in your writeups. Also, Sumire is kinda like a spin-off from Panda-kun dont you think?

      My over9000 cents.

      PS: Shaunz loev Eyepatch-chan (in before jam it in the eye socket etc).

    2. I’ll copy and paste what I wrote elsewhere,
      ~~~~ ~~~~
      Hmm… feeling a little underwhelmed by Ep01. There was a noticeable lack of tension in the fights, and I never really felt any sort of worry for the main characters’ well-being.

      I also get the feeling that they tried to cramp too much information into the first episode. Is this season slated for 13 episodes only? I would understand the information-dump if that was the case, but if VVV is a 2-cour anime series, then it seems counter-productive to squeeze in so many details that a lot of it will just fly over the audience’s heads.

      Not really feeling the urge to keep track of this series, but I will wait and see Ep02 before considering any further decisions.


    3. @Darkshaunz: Lucia is basically a kakashi (and a little allen walker from d.gray-man) clone: the eye that’s so strong it needs to be covered, the personality, and the general badassness. The biggest problem is that the characters just don’t stand out. They kind of blend into the storyline.

      @Skane: That’s pretty much what I thought too when I saw it. I automatically assumed it was a 12-14 ep. series because of the amount of information we got and the speed of the episode (kinda jumped right into the plot). Plus, I don’t see very much possibility for bad guys, unless they fight different looking spirits for 24 episodes. Unless there’s a side plot that needs mentioning, I don’t see any reason to make this series very long.

    4. So then, what is it that draws me towards the females with guns < lol i think a lot more people than u think have similar tastes, including me

    5. Hah, I watched the first episode yesterday, yet again on a whim. And I must say that it really didn’t thrill me, animation and story-wise. The flashback borders really creeped me out, they looked really ridiculous. The character patterns are too generic, a shy high-school girl (which goes berserk later on okay), a tsundere (with an eyepatch! hey Bara Suishou, hey Kakashi), a loli (who eats lots of chocolate), etc. On the enemy side, we got one boring Virus who goes into long discussions, and waits and waits to make a move…

      Still, Sumire’s cute expressions made me forget a little about the mediocreness of the plot (I can’t ignore them klutzy girls *blush*), and Lucia’s eye caught my attention a bit. Now that I read the other comments, retsgip is right, she’s a bit like Kakashi with his Sharingan, lulz.

      Anyway, like most people, I will also wait for the second episode to decide if I should continue watching it or not :/

    6. GARly…lol

    7. @danny: for sure. they need to capitalize on the idea before my love fades.

      @nekosasu: I totally agree. I felt like I was watching a mixture of like 20 shows, which is what I felt when I watched Code Gaess as well. Can’t really tell if I like it or not until the 2nd episode (or more).

      @Drybon3s: hella GARly.

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