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  • Pumpkin Scissors - 15 - Rape raises the spirit of man

    Posted on January 18th, 2007 by retsgip - 2,592 Views

    *pushes glasses up and licks lips*

    Rating: 8.5/10

    I was really looking forward to this episode, but alas, I was disappointed once again by this series. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a bad episode, but I the events didn’t play out quite how I was lead to believe from the previous episode. I guess some issues needed to be resolved before the evil bad guy could finally get capped, and the bad guy needed to flex his evil organization muscles one last time to make us believe he wasn’t a pansy rat pansy.

    I’m still kind of skeptical of the “rape” scene that we witnessed. I guess it makes some sense that watching your daughter get raped might motivate you to fight/work hard, but its not like this was the first time his daughter was put in this situation. So, logic would tell us that they should have been fighting the system long ago, and the fact that it was Oreld should have no influence on the situation. I lol’d when Machs tossed down his money and went all sleazy rapist with his shining glasses, and then sighed when they got beat up because it was extremely cheesy.

    It’s kind of ironic that the guy who kept getting caught was the one who turned himself in. I guess the fact that his rat-boss was trying to toast him alive was more fearful than scissors made for cutting pumpkins. With his confession, they now know when the next drop-off is, and they can catch rat-boss in the act. You can sure as hell bet that Darth Flamer will be there to heat up the action and possibly create some character development within Panda-kun.

    I’ve been enjoying Alice’s attitude a little more the past few episodes than I did at the beginning of the series. She’s not being as loud and obnoxious with her feelings, it doesn’t feel like she’s forcing herself to be good, and the way she effect people around her seems more believable. The other characters are also starting to get more screen time, which help create the feeling that they’re a team and not just a one man show. Now they get to use “teamwork” and defeat the enemy!

    Oh yeah, Panda-kun gets naked for us this episode, and he’s fucking H-H-H-HOT!

    just…a little bit…lower…*clears throat*


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    1. This is dangerous.

      People might actually start turning GAY for Panda-kun.

      JUst look at that crazy physique.

    2. I actually quite liked this series in the beginning but I guess it didn’t have anything outstanding to keep me interested however Ill probably end up finishing the series anyway.

    3. Well, they needed something to kick back some perspective into those men’s eyes. Besides, Marielle has not exactly been flaunting her beauty to the world. She dresses quite conservatively, so she shouldn’t be attracting that much male attention except from the occasional overly-leery few.

      Not to mention her haircut after she went back to the surface.

      Also, it is one thing to hear that your daughter has been raped, and to actually witness it right in front of you. When it is ‘merely’ heard, one can still employ the powers of denial, but you got to be pretty deluded if you try to deny it when it is happening right in front of you.

      Notice that Marielle’s father did not react immediately. This is hesitation and denial at first; but once Oreld really got his act on, the father accepted the reality and decided to protect her.

      In other news, Machs’ portrayal as a sleazebag gained a lot of laughter points from me. The way Machs and Oreld play off each other is just plain comedy gold.

      Hunks was also pretty GAR-ry in this episode. What with his ability to read lips and exploiting Oreld’s connection with Section I’s secretary. He may act docile and placid, but he packs one heck of a punch when it comes to getting things done. I just love how he always ‘pretends’ that nothing can be done about it, and then proceeds to casually mention loopholes to Alice for her to exploit. :D Indirect orders for the win.

      Lastly, we will finally get to see Darth Alice in action next episode. :) Looking forward to it.


    4. I feel like again and again with this series I’m getting cock-blocked. And I don’t mean that literally with all the references to Panda-kun and his outrageously large package. Where was the big fight? Where was the berserker killing spree? Where did all the action go?

      The comedy is nice, character growth is good to have, but I miss the violence. Too much pretend philosophizing in the most recent episodes; life after war is rough, everyone’s struggling to find their place - okay, okay, I get it.

      And it seems strange to me that such a big, strapping dude like Panda-kun spends so much time in the hospital. I have to admit I’m divided on the issue, though. On the one hand, if he’s bed-ridden he can’t be tearing people limb from limb. But on the other…well, if I get to see more of that pelvic V I will be a happy lady.

      *pushes glasses up and licks lips* ;)

    5. @darkshaunz: like i said, he’s hot!

      @tokidoki: I agree. I got 4-5 episodes behind at one point because I got bored of it, but decided to struggle on. I’m hoping it stays decent from now on though.

      @skane: Yeah, no thats pretty much how it happened. I’m sure that it happened to other girls though and it doesn’t seem like anything was done about it is pretty much the angle I was going for.

      I agree that Machs and Oreld make a pretty good team, and Hunks did some pretty smart shit this episode. I always laugh when he turns his back on the law and helps them jump through loopholes and stuff. He kind of reminds me of my deceased grandfather who always used to have a twinkle in his eye when he wasn’t being watched by other grownups.


      @cate: hey, I won’t hold it against you if you wanna sneak a peak at Panda-kun’s package. Hell I want to see his package and I’m not quite gay.

      You do have a valid point though. They set the series up at the beginning to look like a semi-action anime and they totally cock-blocked us. Bring back the violence and bring on the Panda-kun massacres! Oh yeah! And bring on more SEXY PANDA ABS + SEX MUSCLES. OH yeahhhh.

      *high fives cate*

    6. Hi Iam looking for someone who can give me contactinfo for the writer of pumpkin scissors? I don`t speak any japanese, but I`d love to ask them were the got the name Oreld (since that is my name, too)

    7. As for the violence thing, from what I could tell we’re going to find out that Alice didn’t get to be the Lt. just because of her stirring speeches. Apparently she’s finally going to be bringing out her double-bladed sword.


    8. @Thor Oreld: sorry man, can’t help you there. But that’s a pretty sweet name, and you should cherish it. You might be able to figure out a way to contact them from here: http://rikujyo3ka.com/

      @werarat42: Ahhhh, yeah. As skane would say, Darth Alice. Should be interesting to see her kick some ass with that thing. I bet she kicks ass elegantly too.

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