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  • Naruto Shippuuden - A Ninja’s Second Revolution

    Posted on February 18th, 2007 by Darkshaunz - 110,415 Views

    Darkshaunz checks out Shippuuden

    Special Note: Gong Xi Fa Cai!, Have a Great Family Reunion, to all my chinese bros and sisters!

    Retsgip’s the resident Naruto expert here, he reads the manga and probrably knows the name of a character’s second cousin if you asked him. On the other hand, I would be lucky if I don’t mistake a kunai from a bowl of ramen. The last episode I watched was when Naruto and Sasuke were killing each other at a waterfall place (thats like 10,000 years ago). Now that the “fillers” were over, I wanted to peek at what the community was up in joy about. Think of this as Retsgip Anime Blog’s Naruto Xtreme!!! coverage on the world’s favourite ninja series (aside from Ninja Scroll, of course)….I swore I left my soldier pills on my bloody desk.

    Guess who’s back?

    Chasing Amy, I mean Sasuke

    I’d like to advise readers that unlike Retsgip, I have no idea what the hell is going on in the first scenes of Naruto Shippuden. The “Team” are seen running around what looks like a badly designed house with too many rooms (it also has terrible lighting, totally bad for fengshui). Sakura, Naruto and their new companion are actually looking for Sasuke. Its all coming back to me now, Sasuke ran away from Hidden Leaf to join with Orochimaru to exact revenge on his brother for killing off his family. After hearing Naruto say his “-bayo” suffix for the first time in so long, it was like meeting up with a brother you’ve never met in a long time. According to what I’ve found out the new guy is called “Sai”, and he looks like he overdid it with the Skin-Whitener/Glow product L’Oreal are so into these days. Thats okay, because he’s probrably “worth it.

    Lay off on the Skin-whitener, dude.

    The first Naruto chronicles (non-shippuuden I guess) had this very heavy focus on Team 7’s relationship building and also the “No Man Gets Left Behind” kind of theme towards the end. So you can understand just how pivotal the scene where Sasuke appears before his old comrades was. I was admittedly, taken aback at this, because where I left the series, Naruto almost lost his life trying to bring Sasuke back. Granted, it was a nice transition to see that they’ve finally come this far to get him back. Retsgip tells me that this scene is actually way ahead of where the Shippuuden series was meant to start at, but its a “relief” that after all this time, their sacrifices have not been for nothing. I am sure manga readers know the 411 on what happens after this scene, but for a long-time leaver of the series, this was a pretty iconic moment. Most of you can probrably tell that I really have no idea whats happening, espeically since so many important things are happening so quickly (Give yourselves a Gold Star, because consider me Timewarped).

    This was a well executed Sakura/Sasuke “moment”.

    What got me in particular was Sakura’s reaction to seeing Sasuke after such a long time. I think her emotions were captured with such force and feeling that you could really zone into her being and feel her anxiety, shock and muddled elation as she finally found the guy who she’s been waiting god knows how long for (long enough). I was laughing a bit at Sasuke’s getup because it looked, frankly, kinda gay. I can second guess where the word “Sasoogay” came from, but it was all but affirmed in that “SasuNaru” moment Retsgip pointed out in his entry. Frankly speaking, Sasuke didn’t look too enthusiastic to see his old comrades, or Super Paleskin Dude for that matter. Hearing millions of Sasuke x Naruto fangirls squeal in delight around the world, it came to everyone’s horror that Sasuke wanted to kill Naruto. Also there was this scene where Sasuke was “Inside” Naruto, and the both of them shared an intimate moment where the two had their bodies and minds between each other. You can see how that previous passage can be made into the next bestselling SasuNaru lemon.

    Fangirl Service ahoy!

    The New OP - Great Animation, pity about the Song

    Studio Pierrot is the keyword amongst the community. The General vibe is that the OP was indeed well animated and truly worthy of a non bullshit-filler episode. I could not agree more, it represented well the visceral and fast-toned nature of Naruto (non filler anyway) and it sets a precedent as to what fans can expect from the Ninja Shounen. The song however, was not “Great” and definitely isn’t up to par with some of the better Naruto OPs like “Rocks” or “Go”. It seemed a bit too generic of J-hip hop fare they tacked on to such a well animated OP. It’s not an abysmal song, but they could have spent a bit more time selecting a more appropriate track because it looks like a lot of effort was spent into bringing up the spirit of Naruto. I won’t go into discussing the new ED because the start where Sakura picks up the picture the team 7 was kind of heartfelt but then it quickly degrades into Chibi Sasuke and Naruto duking it out, kind of severely breaking the dark and grim atmosphere.

    Ninja-Eating Kittenz

    I’ve never seen such a brutal creature in Naruto since my last encounters with Orochimaru and Zabuza (RIP dude). I am referring of course, to omgkillersnake’s rival, whom I will promptly name “omgkillerkittenz”. This kitten is quite possibly the most powerful kitten in all of Hidden Leaf, it has everything a villainous adorable mammal could ever need, super speed, glowing sinister yellow eyes and spiked hair. Its so terrifying that Konoha had to deploy three junior grade ninjas to dispatch it. Then it hit me, this must be the main bad guy of Naruto Shippuuden. Adorable Kitten at home, but Ninja Eater when outside (watch out Nine Tails!). Konohamaru and his allies manage to detain the living Horror, but it was just a matter of time until omgkillerkittenz will return to strike at the village. Once Again.

    The Prince of Bel Air

    It’s been 2.5 years since Naruto set foot on good ol’ Konoha (Retsgip assures me the manga timeskip is meant to be 3 years), but they were obviously compensating for the fillers. He does what any homesick ninja shounen does, he runs up a pole and tells everyone he is back and ready to kick some ass (or get his ass kicked, you decide). He then divides my brain by infinity by talking to the younger version of himself. I didn’t know whether all the crackers I was snacking on had finally altered my brain chemistry or not. I thought this scene was cool, because its like a “Back to the Future” moment and the Junior Naruto even gave the Senior Naruto a Rasengan swirl. Rasengan’s cool and all but where the fuck is my favourite Kagebunshin no jutsu? (The greatest jutsu ever). There’s also this keyword crap I dont understand (pops up three times during the episode).

    Moar like Narutwo Shippuuden rite? *badum-tish*

    Naruto meets up with Sakura (more on this little piece of flower power later) and they both have some hot reunion sex to commemorate the occassion. My mistake, that was from my massive archive of Naruto douj-wait you guys don’t need to know this. They all report to Tsunade, she’s kind of like Naruto’s version of Rangiku in Bleach (a.k.a Walking Cleavage). I know her only as the leader of the village and that she runs the whole Hidden Leaf operation along with my favouritest kunoichi ever, Shizune. According to some reading I’ve done to get a grasp on what’s going on or going to happen, apparently we won’t get to see much of my Dear Shizune, and this makes me a saaaad chibi-panda. The Prince is back to his throne in Bel-Air and all’s right with Konoha. Naruto definitely looks more mature and its a plus to see that he has not lost his childhood dreams. I guess the guy is living the ideal life, an environment where he can truly put his life at stake for an admittedly “childish” or “unrealistic” dream.

    Kakashi no Jutsu!

    Ninja Butter Smoooooth

    Of all the male leads Rets and I both appreciate in anime (usually we are too busy fawning at the hawt female ones), I ranked Kakashi as my number one and he is number two on Rets’ list (only just losing to Spike Spiegel, also a prime choice). It’s not Naruto, unless it has Kakashi, this equation works the same for say, Bleach. If there’s no Rukia, its not really Bleach (is my fanboy showing yet?). That aside, it was excellent to meet up with the old Jounin sensei and once again, his character entertains, awes and just brings out the light-hearted side of the series in general. Kakashi’s so slick and smooth, I can’t believe he isn’t butter (he probrably is, and that human form is part of his mad ninja skillz, amirite). Kakashi genuinely cares for Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke and has earnt both the respect and adoration of his team and also captured the respect of the audience. He’s the ninja high school teacher we always wish he had. I also should mention that Kakashi in a business suit holding an anime woman is one of the most hilarious things I have seen come out of Naruto ever. Kudos.

    Reading Porn on a roof, a true King amongst men.

    Sentimental shit aside, how wicked is Kakashi’s hairdo? Attention Duelists, His Hair is commanding you to watch Naruto Shippuuden!. Nobody believes me, but I think in the future episodes, Kakashi will use his hair as part of some new, ultimate jutsu. I don’t know, maybe his hair becomes needles or some psyched out shit like that. If something like that happens in the manga at the moment, don’t tell me! I wish to be surprised and shocked. I like Kakashi because he has absolutely no problem with people looking at him whilst he is reading “Cum cum paradise”, and now “Make out paradise”. Although there’s no real physical change to how Kakashi looks, I am certain in Naruto’s 2.5 years of absence, he must have come up with some amazing shit (like ninja rockets or something). Scoring points for badassery, looking like an actual ninja, reading H-novels and a 24/7 lazy eye makes Kakashi everyone’s “sensei” and chillout buddy.

    Kakashi asks Team 7 for a Threesome.

    The Sakura flower finally Blooms

    Ass Kicking is very much Imminent.

    Before I get killed by Sakura fanclub assassins, I honestly must say that I really hated Sakura. In all seriousness, she was only as good as keeping the peace, but she ended too much as the damsel in distress and all I remembered her doing was being useless and crying. Retsgip would always be waiting for me to ask him, “So did that useless one die yet?” at the end of a filler episode. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to say I’ve had to take it all back…and the some. Whether all the past “uselessness” was part of the writer’s vision for her inevitable “change”, its been a very appropriate and impressive transformation. Sakura not only retains her gentle, feminine nature, but definitely looks more womanly and she has a new aura about her. Looking at the new Sakura, she represents the Shippuuden series in general, a fresh, invigorating and spunky take on the events that are about to change the lives of Team 7. She’s the classic tale of a total 180 degree take on a character executed well.


    Sakura’s a Chuunin (which I believe is the mid-tier ninja rank) now, and aside from looking like an actual Anime Babe that Naruto should spend time hitting on, she’s been working hard for her master, Walking-Cleavage. As much as I hated her old self, I did mention she could at the very least, keep the peace between Naruto and Sasuke. Its very pleasing to see that they didn’t overspunk her and she still retains that warming sister-like care towards Naruto. Of course, by sister-like, I mean punching the living shit out of Naruto the moment he tries to morph himself into a the next Konoha Playgirl in front of Konohamaru (seriously, where is my Kagebunshin no Jutsu?). Although as we can see, she’s got most of her heart placed with Sasuke (oogay), she’s bloomed into a flower I wouldn’t mind cheering for. Summarizing, what I’m trying to say is, Sakura looks like she can and WILL kick some ninja ass when it needs be. /salute.

    I am glad some things don’t change

    The Man with Two Bells.

    The “Who can be more Emo” test was banned shortly after.

    Throughout my absence within the narutoverse, I never forgot Kakashi’s lesson on teamwork. The moment when Sakura and Sasuke offered their lunches to a clumsy, oafy Naruto signalled the birth of new friendships and the birth of Team 7. It was also what made the separation of Sasuke from the team all the more “tragic”. From the OP sequence we can see characters within Naruto “reaching” for something, but never grasping it. Aside from being a smart play on the theme “So close, yet so far” it also symbolizes that although they’ve come a long way from the first series, they’ve got a long journey ahead of them yet. Togetherness would be the key to Naruto and Sakura’s (and their companions) in the success of bringing their estranged Sasuke back home. Though I fear Sasuke may not be so eager to return with them, from what I’ve seen in the opening scenes.

    A Mano a’ Mano moment. Basically, totally gay connotations.

    The finale scenes of Shippuuden was of course, the nostalgic test of Kakashi’s two-bell snag-a-thon. It was the first official exercise they had to go through as a team, and it was indeed cyclically fitting that the series began from the start once more. Although the only difference was that they were one man lesser, the spirit of Team 7 remained intact, and I suspect, was part of Kakashi’s grand design in the end. The Two Bells is not only a way to test Sakura and Naruto’s newfound power and skills. But it is also a signal to audiences to reflect and remember the events in the Third’s Training Ground more than two years ago. It’s their way of saying, although the world around the Narutoverse has become different and people have transformed, “some things will never change”.

    Akatsuki’s in ur village, stealin ur tailz

    “Hay guyz, whats doin’ in mah town? lol!”

    The boys are back in town. Boys with nothing else better to do but use their Hokage-level power levels to capture demons and scheme for world domination. I remember these bad boys from the first series, and its definitely a plus for fans that the organization is moving up and about to wreak havoc once more in the Narutoverse. With GAaRa at the helm of the Hidden Sand village, it looks like something dangerously lethal is about to enroach the quiet desert city. I am informed that the two Akatsuki at the Gates of Sand are none other than Puppet Master Sasori and Art-Freak Deidara. No doubt they will be providing the following weeks’s worth of high level ninja power and excitement. Deidara even has a hand with a mouth, which is going to bring a new meaning to “Biting the Hand that Feeds you”. Har Har.

    Gaara told makeup not to overdo it on the eyeshadow, to no success.

    Akatsuki’s always been the Genrei-Ryodan of Naruto. I always appreciated the writing they did behind the organization’s freaky, S-classed bingo ninjas. I am referring to their Black Lagoon aura of badassery balanced with a mysterious niche that perhaps only SEELE from Evangelion have perfected. Manga readers probrably already know that they are continuing to play a large role in the manga story (as I suspect), or at least they will be involved in several high level combat with our heroes as they try to piece the puzzles on the board known as world domination. The Black, flowing robes and red clouds have become an anime household name as to what Darth Vader’s Helm is to Star Wars fans. Akatsuki, Coming to a hidden village near you.

    Fellow “Narutards”, the time of waiting and BS fillers are over.

    Fine, this is “filler”, but its Kakashi in a suit and romancing a woman. Its awwwright!

    Mind you, I only checked it out because Retsgip spoke highly of it and I was extremely curious to see the events three years after the first series. I’ve not seen such a shounen timeskip like this since, say DragonBall or something (so you’ll have to excuse my enthusiasm). Thanks to my 5 gig cap, I can only afford to download anime episodes very very sparingly and when I can I usually consult with Rets for things worth expending my limited bandwidth on. Given the animation, new soundtrack, quick plot pace and promising character development, Naruto Shippuuden has not only satisfied skeptical hype critics like me, but did what it should have done a long time ago. And that, it breathes a new life into the series, broke it out from ridiculous over-done and dragged out filler arcs and went so far as tempting me to actually want to download the weekly episodes.

    Needs moar Shizune imo.

    I may not know my Kunais to Shurikens, nor am I well versed in the fields of Ninjutsu (or whatever-jutsu for the matter), but fortunately I do know how to sit back and be entertained by an episode of anime. Naruto Shippuuden is not something entirely different, it’s still got that boyish, hopeful and energetic vibe to it. Dismissing it as merely “Series 1 with mature bells and whistles” wouldn’t be doing it much justice either. Hey, lets face it, it was exciting to see all our old ninja comrades once again; Shikamaru, Temari, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Tsunade, Shizune, Iruka, Gaara, Jiraiya, Shizune (<3), Konohamaru and heck, even those two bandage-faced guys we saw in the Chuunin exam arc in Series 1. As with most reunion and catch up episodes, lets leave all the hype-bullshit and "lolz manga is better" arguments at the doormat, and just Savour the moment. I might not be downloading any more episodes after this one, thanks to my crippling download limit, but I will never regret downloading this one either (Youtube ftw perhaps).

    Naruto’s back in town. Tell a Friend.

    They’re having sex, aren’t they? (Retsgip thinks so). Shikamaru, you dog.



    PS: But seriously, where is my fucking Kagebunshin no Jutsu? =(

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      Actually, he’s always been reading the Icha-Icha (”Make-Out”) series; it was Paradise in the beginning, but Naruto just handed him Tactics. Chalk up the dirtier reading of the name to Narutards who want to think their show is more “adult” than it really is.

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