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  • Naruto: Shippuuden - 01 & 02

    Posted on February 17th, 2007 by retsgip - 33,188 Views

    Its good to see them mixing in Kakashi humor once again (I missed it)

    Rating: 8.8/10

    And so, after two years of dicking around and watching the grass grow in the Narutoverse, the new series finally appears. I wont claim that with this new coming, everything will be saved and that we can all magically forget that the fillers ever happened. What I will claim is that I’m satisfied with the pace and the method in which they presented the manga material. I have a feeling that quite a few mangatards will be up in flames with this episode, but they can go eat dick because whining about it isn’t going to change anything.

    Sasuke: *whispers* “I still yearn for you inside me…that’s the real reason I didn’t kill you”
    Naruto: *starts crying* “S-s-sasuke…”

    At first, when the show started with Naruto and Sakura running through a dark hallway, I immediately was like “what the fuck?” because I thought they had skipped half of the manga. Then I realized it was just a spoiler for adventures to come, and then I was like “why the fuck?” I’d say it was poor judgment on their part to do this, but I guess they wanted to start out strong and remind everyone (for the millionth time) that Sasuke ran away. I’m just hoping this 10 minute spoiler doesn’t mean we don’t get to see that story later on down the road. Although, that might be good since I didn’t really want to see Naruto crying his eyes out (for the millionth time) once he realizes that he’s not gaining ground on Sasuke at all. Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, Sasuke doesn’t stab Naruto, but instead slices open his backpack. Apparently Orochimaru doesn’t stock his hiding places with food and he was fucking starving…

    Best couple ever? I think so.

    Beyond the spoiler of NaruSasu reunion, I was quite pleased with the way this episode was rewritten. The storyline seems a lot more probable and the interactions between Naruto and the others seemed a lot more natural than what was written in the manga. While I was watching, I thought to myself, “what would make Naruto anime better than the manga?” Then answer was “bonus material.” In order for the anime to surpass the manga, I’m going to need lots of bonus material because who the hell wants to see the exact same thing as what they just read? I’m sure there are some, but honestly, the story is more interesting if we get to see MORE than just the main story. There’s also new music! It kind of reminds me of old epic kungfu movies and the like, but it seems to work rather well with naruto. I was tired of the midi-esque background music, and am ready for more in depth soundtracks.

    Konohamaru is SO much hotter than Naruto. Someone needs to shop those clouds off for me.

    For example, a mini Konohamaru’s mission. The only reason I don’t classify Konohamaru’s mission as a filler is because it was well done and it was somewhat related to the story. We see that Konohamaru is becoming a better ninja and striving to be the 7th hokage, the 6th being reserved for Naruto. The speech he gave was a nice transition into Naruto finally showing up in Konoha. People need to chillax and realize that the Anime story is not going to be exactly the same. I will admit though, that the “commercial fillers” with the secret password was kinda lame, even though it let us see comparisons of new and old Naruto and Sakura, and some interations between Kakashi and Jiraiya.

    You’re too good for Naruto, don’t even blush at him.

    In all, I don’t think it was worth waiting two years for, but it was good. I’m hoping that I’ll no longer have any need to bash this show, because the story quality will no longer shit in my brain. Also, get ready for my subliminal Sakura fanboyisms because after the time skip I think she’s awesome. She also gets to shine a little bit during this first serious fighting arc. Anyways, its good to be back and not sucking a nut.


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    1. episode was great and music was greater
      naruto has great character designs may be even better than bleach

    2. i dont like the character designs much… and dammit, my internet stuffed up last night and i couldnt post my entry T_T

    3. Oh my gawd, not SasuNaru, Retsy-san~! That’s just as worse as NaruSaku~! -tries to scratch her eyes out- And Sakura’s not too good for Naruto. Ew, what are you thinking? xD

    4. The premiere was AWESOME. XD

    5. @qwertypoiuy: Yeah the episode was pretty good, and the music was definitely better. Not really sure how much better the designs are but their outfits seem to be a little more complicated.

      @Danny: You gotta get over your “bad character design” phobia, brotha.

      @whispy: The hell you been smoking! An yes Sakura is too good for Naruto, she needs a man like Lee. Oh yes, I just said Lee. And let me clarify, I don’t think Sakura is hot, I just like what she has become after the time skip.

      NARUSASU 4LIFE!!! /pukes a little in his mouth

      @leon: It’s the best Naruto episode I’ve seen in years…

    6. What do you mean what have I been smoking?! xD LeeSaku’s okay (as long as Sasuke’s mine xD), but not because Sakura is too good for Naruto~!! Mostly because I like NaruHina xP I still have beef with that girl, ‘taku xD I’m afraid to see Hinata, I don’t really like her TS-look.

    7. mmm i am just like Danny cant watch anime if character designs is bad
      but the first thing got me in to naruto was character designs

    8. @whispy: Obviously you don’t know what happens between Orochimaru and Sasuke when nobody is watching. Poor poor girl, Sasuke is gay, I thought you knew that already.

      As for Hinata x Naruto, I’m fine with that. I’d rather have them as a pair than Naruto x Sakura. Not only does Naruto not deserve Sakura, but Sakura doesn’t deserve Naruto.

      Although, I’m pretty sure Sakura would be happy with a NaruSasuSaku threesome action orgy, but thats just what I think…

      @qwertypoiuy: I don’t mind simple character designs if they’re drawn well. I think most of the designs in Naruto are drawn well even in their simplicity, which is probably what you’re talking about. They’re also unique in their own way and style.

    9. retsgip, i dont mind the character designs, but for _this_ particular episode, the quality is just too low for me to handle…

    10. -shakes Retsy-san- Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who like OroSasu? -is reaching her yaoi limit- Yada, no more~! Sasuke’s not gay! I’ll make him straight, dammit! -rocks back in forth in her corner-

      Okay, I can deal with both of them not deserving each othe– Oi, a threesome now?! xDD

    11. Just wanted to add to retsgip’s Yaoi thought. Makes you wonder how Ero Sennin got his “research” done for the new book, especially considering how much he enjoyed naruto’s original Oiroike no Jutsu… he must have gone nuts for the “New and Improved” version :) Pretty good use of 2.5 years of training time eh?

    12. Yea, those opening scenes will take a whole lot of steam out of that part of the anime when it comes around…unless they don’t plan to show it? Eh, whatev.

      Btw, totally agree, retsgip: Sakura is tres fab post-timeskip. If she ends up with emo!Naruto or emo!Sasuke, I’ll seriously die a little inside. Sakura’s strong and independent enough that she doesn’t need to end up with anybody.


      Im watching the episode at the moment, just got it overnight.

    14. @danny: I “guess” i can see what you’re saying, but I thought the quality was rather high for a Naruto episode. Naruto has never prided itself with stellar visuals, although they do seem to do nicely in battle scenes.

      @whispy: threesome baby!

      @Kaeadar: lol. I have a feeling Naruto helped Jiraiya a lot in writing his new book, yeah?

      @Gabby: Glad there are still some Sakura fans out there. And we can only hope that Sakura will one day realize how independent she has become. She really doesn’t need a partner, although Sasuke kind of fits her personality since he’d prob let her be independent. Then again, I don’t really like talking about couple pairings unless they are actually happening…so i’ll just shuddup now ;p

      @Darkshaunz: Kagebushin rulz–believe it!

    15. rets wow really? i asked my friend and he said the quality of this episode isnt as good as the rest…

    16. eek, disappointment in the artwork. but i guess naruto never was selling it’s animation, it was always more about the storyline and comedy. and, of course, Kakashi

    17. Not really sure where you guys are getting “bad artwork” types of comments from. For Naruto, this is rather good artwork. I rewatch a lot of fight scenes from pre-filler and this episode surpasses that in almost every aspect and it has no fighting. Even the cliche battle music gets me all pumped up more than the old fight music.

      I dunno…in the end it’s all personal preference I guess.

    18. naruto has special episodes where animation surpass any other anime
      look at episodes 19 30 48 71 133 no other anime can compare to those
      may be quilaty in second episode wasnt good but first was good
      i am sure i will see fights that are better than everything i saw in my life (only naruto and bleach can do that)

    19. I’ll join the post-time-skip Sakura fan club.

      They went pretty hardcore with the first part of this episode, yeah.

      And the music is cool.

    20. Oop, and the animation was pretty sweet for the opening; the Akatsuki part was especially freaking cool!

    21. Danny: Sweet Christ, who cares?!

      Retsgip: I think there’s been some rather distressing evidence(i.e. her discussion in chapter 297 with Yamato) which intimates that Sakura’s beginning to have “feelings” for Naruto (!D:). But they’re just on two such completely different levels in terms of maturity (and general awesomeness) that I can’t picture them at all romantically involved. Oh well. :-/.

    22. I wanted Rock Lee to be Naruto’s opponent :(

      Springtime of Youth!

    23. Hey, does anyone know the title of the music?!?! like when those to red clouds guys came, I would really like to know if you knwo the title.

    24. Just wanted to start of by saying I love the reviews on this website :D

      Anyway, I have to agree with you on Sakura. She is 100x more awesome than what she use to be, AND she looks a lot nice too! :D

    25. i saw the episodes a few days ago and i must say they seem quite promising indeed. The music has a kind of orchestral sound if thats the word that just accentuates the suspense and from the looks of it there’s gonna be some pretty intense fighting early on as the 2nd episode ends with kakashi about to fight both naruto and sakura.

    26. i got lucky to start and finished the first 200 something episodes (including the fillers) only a month before the new episodes came out. i feel like i cant sympathize with a lot of peoples feelings on the show because i got lucky to not have to wait so long (2 years for some) for the series to continue. shippuuden looks promising -it’d be cool if naruto really did get mature and hot (his outfits’ GQ)

    27. ahusom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    28. Hehe, i think this’ll be a good season of Naruto in my opinion. Sakura seems to have grown up. Naruto doesn’t seem to be as immature either. And now that Sakura isn’t all Sasuke obsessed, I might grow to like her more. The Japanese is better than the English, just so you know, because either way I can understand it, that and when it gets translated to English, the words aren’t exactly the same. I like veiwing the anime the exact way the Japanese animaters and story writters wanted it. Also, I think it’s not going to be the same without Choji, one of my favorite characters, but eh, what can you do besides bitch pointlessly? Gaara will kick ass though. He’s hotter now, so yeah.

    29. I :heart: Gaara!!!

    30. hello? did you know that gaara dies!
      i know very sad
      but its true
      i saw the whole episode!
      it was sad!

    31. The creator of Naruto said their will be a love triangle in the Naruto series of Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto. In the old one that would mean:

      Sakura —>Sasuke
      ^ /
      \ / Naruto Sasuke
      ^ /
      \ / Naruto

    32. I really love Sasuke

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