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  • Bleach - 300 - Fighting in the Shade

    Posted on April 14th, 2007 by Darkshaunz - 4,415 Views
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    Darkshaunz charges to Victory.

    So, how about that latest episode of Bleach eh? As I was sitting on this soft chair of mine, eyes glazed to the screen, lusting to know the outcome of what was meant to be an epic battle. I could not help but think that the two titans, IchiGAR and GARjaw crossed their intents of fate in an galactic-scale power duel, A duel that would forever change the fate of our humble, mortal world, A duel fought on a man’s willingness to defend his women and a duel which knew nothing but strength and magnitude. This was the Battle of 121, the battle that would signal the beginning of a new age in Bleach, where the power gap seems impossible, where the skill seems onesided, a young man would rise to silence his assumed fate. SPARTAA!!!!

    If you haven’t heard of 300 for some reason, watch the trailer Here, you’ll need to have a look at it for this entry to make any sense. The movie doesn’t represent the actual Battle of Thermopylae obviously, but its the “Against all Odds” message is what matters (I doubt Xerxes actually had Battle Rhinos). Its a meme-goldmine of a movie, but I enjoyed it, and I could not describe the events leading up to 121 any better. Well that and Retsgip seems to be MIA for the time being (new job and such), He’ll be the one to give you the proper the summary of Bleach 121 (at least I hope so). That aside, There probrably won’t ever be such an stupidly epic trailer to cross our mortal lives again.

    We Shinigami are descended from God himself,

    Taught never to retreat, Never to surrender,

    Taught that Death in the Battlefield is the greatest glory he could achieve in his life.

    Shinigami, the finest soldiers the world has ever known.

    {Whispering Little Boy} Its quiet now…They came from the blackness.

    Be afraid! Karakura will burn to the ground!

    A thousand nations of the Spirit realm Descend upon you!

    What must a king do to save his world?

    Instead ask yourself what should a free man do?!

    You threaten my people with slavery and death!



    THIS. IS.


    We will stand and fight!

    A new age has begun…An age of Freedom.

    And all will know that 300 Shinigami, Gave their last breath, to Defend it.

    Shinigami! Tonight. We Dine. In Seiretei!!!

    Give them nothing.

    But Take from them..


    We’re in for one Wild Night. (Insert Dirty imagination here)

    Never forget, as simple an order a King could give.

    I’m glad my Rukia’s Awwwright. Looks like I won’t be panning Bleach for the moment after all. I’ll see you guys for my regular Ikkitousen check-in, and remember if the army of a thousand nations blots out the sun, Fight in the shade.



    PS: Let us never forget the valiant 1,400 (thats a more realistic number) free peoples in the Battle of Thermopylae. Who laid down their lives in the name of freedom and cool looking capes.

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    1. Awesome!Really funny entry once again! XD

    2. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptDarkshaunz charges to Victory.So, how about that latest episode of Bleach eh? As I was sitting on this soft chair of mine, eyes glazed to the screen, lusting to know the outcome of what was meant to be an epic battle. … […]

    3. 1400 they may be, but people will only remember the 300 Spartans. ;)


    4. You mean you haven’t seen 300 yet? Oh the glorious puns…Xerxes=Aizen so easily it’s not funny.

    5. http://youtube.com/watch?v=ceIEzzKSbIQ

      And just because this is uber. A little narrow in the choice of Shimigami selected but who else could have been better than Kenpachi, eh

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