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  • Naruto Shippuuden ( Hurricane Chronicles ) - Trailers

    Posted on January 9th, 2007 by retsgip - 19,467 Views
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    OMGKILLERSNAKE can’t phase Naruto Shippuuden

    I was only able to find two trailers for Naruto Shippuuden so far, and they’re both pretty similar to each other. The first trailer allows us to hear Naruto’s voice, which sounds a little lower than normal. Like, omg his balls dropped kinda and I’m like halfway excited about it! The second trailer is more cinematic, and looks a lot cooler, but I find it really hard to make out what’s happening in the YouTube version. Shinsen-Subs was kind enough to sub it and release it on bittorrent for us, which you can get here.

    To ease bandwidth, I put both trailers within the more tag. Enjoy.

    First Trailer: YouTube Link


    Second Trailer: YouTube Link



    18 comments to “Naruto Shippuuden ( Hurricane Chronicles ) - Trailers”

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    1. I cant see the trailers champ!

      BTW Return of the OMGSNAKE is lolz.

    2. works for me :(

    3. I got the torrent anyway, and it works. :D

      Was very brief, but it definitely looks good. Well, 10 times better than the current filler crap airing. Finally, I can watch Naruto and Bleach again, without the fear of needing to gouge my eyes out.

    4. So how badly censored will it be? I mean, I have been following the manga( because Adun knows I needed to remind myself on why I watched Naruto in the first place), and I can’t see how they can market it to the little kiddies unless they heavily censor it.


    5. You know Skane, I was wondering that myself. There’s a lot of blood and fighting and whatnot in the 2nd half. I’m not really sure how they’re going to deal with it, but I just hope it’s not like how 4kids dealt with One Piece. As long as ciggs aren’t replaced with lolipops, and they show a decent amount of blood, I’ll be happy. I’m really just watching the anime for animated fights now, because the manga gives a decent amount of dialog.

    6. -tries not to spazz about Sasuke here like she did everywhere else that showed the trailers-

      -doesn’t know what to say anymore- xD I wonder if Kakashi Gaiden’s gonna happen before the 15th of Feburary or on the 15th.

    7. so..is voice matured a bit. that’s nice to know

    8. lol whispered.hope, well spazz all you like. We accept and love all here. *rolls eyes at the cheesy line* Has there been much other places that have shown these? I got them off of narutofan so I don’t really know.

      @kurotsuki: Well, I’m not 100% sure, but it sounded like the VA tried to add a deeper tone to his voice. I think its going to be extremely hard because the VA is actually a female, and I’m not sure how low her voice goes. I do know that Naruto’s “HAAAAAA” when he does a move sounds the same. It could just be the normal speaking voice. Then again, I could be on crack.

    9. No, very few have welcomed the new season of Naruto xD Waai, I hope they keep Sasuke’s seiyuu because his voice PWNs. It’s not the same hearing it from Ishida or those guys from Code Geass!! They need Sasuke’s body, see. It’s not the same without his body. -spazzed to the max-

    10. lol! Yeah, I like his voice too. But what I’m looking forward to the most is watching Shikamaru basically evolve in front of my eyes. He really becomes the new badass character in place of Kakashi, which opens up a whole bunch of possible theories of mine. ex: kakashi biting the dust to save naruto from danger, and then shikamaru being the new badass character.

      Should be fun seeing sasuke again though. I think he had a few scenes in the fillers and it was the same voice so you prob don’t have to spazz too much :)

    11. Ah, I heard a bit about Shikamaru and what happened to Team 10 n__n I’m deciding to read all of the TS this time, but I’m not sure what happened with Kakashi yet. But if they get rid of him they have to show Kakashi Gaiden! Give him some air time xP

      Yeah, but the latest Sasuke teaser was like Episode 202! That was such a long time ago!! I need him now! xD

    12. Naruto’s new voice sounds quite a bit like Ed from FMA. I thought it was exactly his voice the first time :P

    13. Naruto: “Get these motherfuckin snakes out of my motherfuckin villiage!”

      omg Naruto slated to not suck, very soon? Consider me back in! Just when I thought I was going to have to be prepared for an anime drought.

    14. @whispy-chan: boo sasuke! I’m looking forward to seeing him too. I really do enjoy Naruto, I just despise the fillers.

      @einsteinmonkey: I think it’s the same VA as before, she’s just trying to deepen her voice. I don’t really know any specifics about it, but maybe i should look into it. I forget what ed’s voice sounds like since I watched it hella days ago.

      @crayotic rockwell: lol! Yeah, hopefully everything goes well and we get to enjoy the anime we once fell in love with.

    15. shippuuden….. *drools*

    16. OMG, Naruto’s voice is deeper. >3> You were right…His balls did drop!!! :dies with excitement:

    17. shameless plug you guys, but you can find the episodes at http://www.idkwtf.com/anime/naruto/
      in high quality and its faster then waiting for the torrent to download.

    18. love

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