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  • Tokyo Majin - 01 - Braiiinnnssss

    Posted on January 23rd, 2007 by Darkshaunz - 5,608 Views

    Darkshaunz calls Raccoon City Police Department

    Score: 9.2/10

    Rets and our friend Danny managed to watch the raw of Tokyo Majin, and apparently it was so good that they demanded my immediate download of said anime. Fearing their cruel threats to unbox all my evangelion figurines (think of the children!) from their original packaging, I folded and finally downloaded it. To my immense pleasure and entertainment, it was definitely worth the small hit to my measly download cap. Maintaining a fine-tuned balance of zombie-smashing, ninja-taoist seals, hot fighting babes, a hot starting babe in distress and guys with enough GAR to destroy the universe, Tokyo Majin is looking like it will to take back the throne of Bel-Air.

    This is our Hero, Kyouichi.

    Now I am not too sure about the starting sequence, as it has a baby witnessing the death of his father or something in a huge firestorm. I am assuming the baby is the male lead and he is forever traumatized by the event and becomes a vengeful being bent of mass destruction ™. After a large spate of violence, we get a nice classical score accompanied by a variety of shots depicting a lovely anime schoolgirl (seriously I thought she was hot) getting chased by Zombies. Before we call in Ada Wong, Claire Redfield or Hunk, I’d like to remind readers that the Zombies in question aren’t your typical Resident Evil: the movie extras, but seem to be attached by some kind of puppeteer device. This allows them to move at spiderman speeds and hang eerily by the neck as they stalk their prey. No wonder the government advises young women not to walk dark alleys alone, well I would not recommend it, unless said young women are carrying a 12-Gauge or a squad of commandos.

    Why do the hot ones always die?

    The question plaguing my mind is that nobody even noticed the poor girl being chased not one, but by a while troupe of zombies. They could at least have screamed in panic or even go “WTF IS THAT!??” before someone died to gain some attention. But no, apparently in dark alleys, nobody can hear you scream, or get chased by a necromancer raised army. Naturally the girl is caught and becomes one of “them” (dramatic effect). The badass old man inspector we saw from the intro montage comes in, and says his trademark line, “Shut up and do your job”. He says this, I think, three times in the episode. He probrably even says it when he is doing it (sad, sad man). Anyway, I better shut up about that and do my job. Moving on, it seems when the girl was caught, All moisture within her was sucked. The Inspector than took out some green goo shit from the girl and wiped out on the morgue director’s labcoat. Maybe thats how he says hello in Badass-Inpector body language. Personally, I would have punched the fag in the face, but meh whatever tickles the director’s fancy.

    “Hey I know! Lets violate a dead body for mysterious green goo!”

    We are then introduced to the series’ MILF, the very hot and lethal teacher, I will call her Blonde-sensei (Her name is actually Maria). She’s teaching Engrish to her class, and one of the two male leads is dozing off. Like all anime schoolteachers, she wakes her students up by throwing classroom objects at Mach 2 velocity. Tatsuma (the dozer in question) intercepted the chalk, but got facesmashed by a cleaning broom. The class applauds her proudly for her 10th successful face-reconstruction of Tatsuma. Kyouichi, the other male lead is also intro’d here, he is your typical ruffian type male lead which is reminiscent of Ichigo from Bleach. In Japan, classes are usually interrupted by roaming rogue spirits, alien samurai attacks or crazy hooligans from other schools. The pair suffering the fate of the latter, they go down to receive their guests. They call themselves the “Four Devas of Sumida”, and they are lead by Scar-chan. I call him Scar-chan because his body looks like the blueprint for the French-Indochina railway system.

    Boom! Headshot.

    I like the drooling guy on the left, he looks like he needs medication. A lot of it.

    Naturally, the pair are kicking copious amounts of ass in the battle. Then, we are swiftly transitioned to another scene which lets us meet the first villain in the series. My first impression of him is, crazy spirit clown with more markings than a Mardi Gras parade, and the people which were going to fight him did not look any less whacky either. They had the typical Anti-Bad Ghost garb on, spirit warding staves and were led by two strange geezers, one looked like a blast from the retro 70s and the other one looked like he was kidnapped by a time machine from Ancient China. Clearly, crazy spirit clown stood no match against the battalion of mushroom hat people and two whacky old gentlemen. Yeah, I am sure like, all of you out there could smell an epic battle looming in the horizon (or stupidly hilarious at least). A brief transition back to the Morgue director’s rooom now, and looks like the dead have all escaped his facilities, he is going to have one hell of a time writing that report (personally, I would just blame Gummi Bears, or hard crack).

    He shops at L’Oreal. Because he’s worth it.

    If you thought you had a BAD day at the office.

    After beating the crap out of the “Four Retards of Shitsville” the pair take a manly break. Tatsuma manages to break Toono’s doton-no-jutsu (someone call the Naruto lawyers). Toono’s a cool secondary character already, she is just concerned with getting “scoops”, this makes her both entertaining and goddamned scary. She even knew how many bags of chips Tatsuma ate ever since he transferred to the school (Big Sister is watching). Transition back to Gramps Yang now, he is bloody cool by the way (for a nearly bald old man). He is an ex-Taoist sage who specialized in the study of the living dead and has spirit seals all over his pad as wallpaper. His two apprentices, Wan and Fang both get assaulted by the living dead, as the puppeteer realized his presence as a threat in the district. Both the apprentices themselves are awesome, one of them was dual wielding massive blunt weapons, you could even say he had Balls of Steel. The other apprentice was more of Revy fan, so he dual wielded himself some guns. Unfortunately, even with all this badassery flying around, they stood no chance against the Horde of Undead.


    I don’t think you will win either, chief.

    Then it was time for Gramps Yang to fight, and it was something of a marvel. He did some energetic break-dancing Kungfu and then exectued an awesome Katton-Gyokakku-Flying-Squid-BBQ no jutsu with his toes and feet. This caused him to glow like a neon sign and give him super magical powers which he used to instantly deep-fry all the other zombies around him. Unfortunately for this very awesome old man, he was ambused by the lvl 70 elite boss before he could recharge his mana, who then critted him for massive damage (Rets is shaking his head at my WoW-ness probrably). Its also my job to describe the boss, so I will. It looks like a Huge Yin Yang Eyeball with a moisture-sapping tentacle in the middle, and it has many limbs which it uses to puppeteer the zombies. So in general, its one of the most retarded monsters I have seen in any shounen series. That aside, I want some of what the guy who created that abomination is smoking, because boy, that creation of his is definitely damned unique (so unique I think I threw up in my mouth a little).

    Epic. BBQ, that is.

    Then the audience gets a scene where we meet the whole gang. Kyouichi the Sword-wielder, Tatsuma the Brawler, Sakurai the GARcher, Kisaragi the…uh guy who is probrably in charge of the mission briefings, Yuuya the Wrestler and Lady Misato, the lovely class president and caster of the group. Now being a Shounen hero means asserting your manliness over the rest, which is what Kyouichi does “really” well, unfortunately, he starts to scold the soft, gentle and warm class president to assert his jackassery. I think I understand why he chose not to scold Yuuya instead, because the man would have probrably gone Zangief on him and break 80 different bones. The gang decide that the crazy eye-ball thing of doom was going to strike Homei High next, so they all decided to haul ass to do some damage, Kyouichi and Tatsuma decide to split off to cover more ground (or something strategic along those lines).

    I can see why a lot of people like Misato already.

    I can also see fangirls squealing at Yuuya x Kyouichi yaoi already.

    Before the pair heads off, a teacher in the school gives them a weird look and tells them that, “Its dangerous out there”. I was thinking to myself, never mind the freaking psycho look on his face, no shit its a dangerous place out there. Bodies are being found everywhere, most are brutally dismembered and the local morgue cant even keep the dead in the containment chambers. Oh no, the place is damned safe, as safe as walking through a battlefield with a neon sign saying, “shoot me”. Then theres a cool epic battle between the two geezers and the crazy spirit clown, but we find out that he has a hot, gothloli assistant as well. The mushroom hat people get owned in like five seconds, because they were doing some lameass chant instead of KameHameHas.The two geezers managed to stave off the attacks because they were doing some DragonBallZ style charging. These old men have watched Naruto and DBZ before, so thats why they are not dead yet. When in an anime world, use your spirit energy oldskool/generic shounen style, not chant and wave your stick like a fool.

    This is one loli which pedobear stays well away from.

    Kagebunshin no justu.

    Kyouichi and Tatsuma pair up once again in the episode to do some old fashioned street fighting. Tatsuma keeps eating these strange pills, I think they are like soldier pills or something (is there enough Naruto references in this anime?), and Kyouichi does some super samurai sword attack where his blood lights up the sheath. The pair eventually become overwhelmed, and Kyouichi does the closest thing to a Bankai, and opens up the earth beneath his feet with the hellish power, slaying all the undead around him. Meanwhile, the two geezers are still managing to hold off the crazy spirit clown and hit gothloli assistant, by doing some kind of two man “Pagoda Pose”. As Kyouichi and Tatsuma fight off the Horde and hunt for the boss zombie, the rest of the gang are off to save the dead girl’s boyfriend from a Zombie Ambush. Before the guy becomes the next meal of the day, Sakurai comes in with her very sexy archery.

    I can tell I am going to be a Sakurai fanboy already.

    …make that a Misato fanboy as well.

    Sakurai manages to land a shot with her powerful missile attack of doom shot and score a critical kill on a nearby tower. Here in Retsgip anime blog, we totally adore Xtreme Tower Killing, and this just loses out to Ichigo’s massive bankai on the tower in Seireitei. Xtreme games aside, Misato manages to save Toono from the ugly boss zombie, but had to erase her memory and break her camera as soon as she did. It was up to Tatsuma to finish the boss zombie by going inside it and doing his unlimited organ smash works on it. This totally killed the Fugly Boss Zombie, and the rest of tha gang went to a Karaoke bar and got drunk to celebrate their goddamned awesome victory against evil that night. All in all, I was definitely left wanting more from this Multi-tiered shounen series.

    Tatsuma, if he can’t do it, noone can.

    This wasn’t what Kyouichi had it mind when he said, “Lets get it on!”

    So thanks once more to Rets and our friend Danny over at Novastorm for sparing my boxed Evangelion collect-I mean for recommending this truly energetic, gung-ho and very very in your face anime. I was left sitting at my sight, furiously concentrating all my energy at everything that was happening on screen, the fluidity of the animation and the very rough and get character designs. It was a visceral and momentous feeling to once again, feel the “Black Lagoon Rush” within my veins once more. Bring on the Living Dead!

    Time to hit the Karaoke bars, and get totally smashed.



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    1. awesome summary Darkshaunz! It’s actually the first long summary I’ve read of an episode I’ve already seen before! usually i dont bother =D

    2. rofl @ Boom! Headshot. That was golden. Ah, a great entry ^^ Tatsuma~~! -fangirls-

    3. How long is the first episode? So many different scenes… If this was only 23-24mins( inclusive of OP&ED), then the pace must be at warp-speed or something…


    4. yeah, its a normal length anime episode!

    5. do anyone know how long this anime is because with this animation it cant be longer than 13 episode
      i hope its 50+ because i hope to see villians on the level of akatsuki or arrancar

    6. No image of the doll with the caption “I am not junk” ??

    7. Yeah, I dunno. Darkshaunz must be slipping in his old age. tsk tsk tsk.

      Great episode, great entry. I always enjoy the cultural references here and there.

    8. Personally, I hope we see more of the crazy guy with the…uh…pruning shears?

      After that review I just couldn’t pass it up - hope it keeps up this level of wtf-intensity!

    9. hahah awesome summary.
      I dled this a couple of days ago, just got around to watching it.

      two hot guys + lots of fighting = best new series of the season :D

      i’m totally in love w/ tatsuma, and CANNOT wait for more

    10. Black Lagoon Rush! I’m such a fiend for it. I think the action in this series will be better than BL even (used too many static chars translating across the background), though I still think I prefer the cast of BL to this one for overall cool.

    11. kyouichi and sakurai looks cute but i know they wont be together..sad..T_T

    12. Do anyone know how long this anime is because with this animation it cant be longer than 13 episode and I really hope its 50+ because i hope to see villians on the level of akatsuki or arrancar.

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