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  • Bleach - 112 - Finger in the butt

    Posted on January 25th, 2007 by retsgip - 6,555 Views

    Nothing says “I love you” like a finger in the butt…or somewhere

    Rating: 9.0/10

    It seemed like they skimped a little bit on the art here and there, but I couldn’t tell if it was for comedic effect or not. In the end it doesn’t really matter because the story has completely opened up, and I can’t help but love it. The story now has so many different possibilities (yeah yeah, manga readers know all) in which it can turn, and I have no idea what to expect. I do know, however, that this is a cyclical storyline so we’re probably going to get some sort of rescue mission somewhere.

    She looks like a fuckin’ hollow @_@

    Not really sure why, but this scene cracked me up. It was pretty straight forward Bleach humor but DAMN Chizuru is one crazy bitch. I know some lesbians are manly, but this is like a whole new level, she’s a hollow. Yeah, that’s right. A hollowly lesbian. I would have also enjoyed it if she glomped Orihime one last time before the end of the episode, but alas, I did not get to witness ginormous boobs being fondled.

    Danny’s babe finally appears

    Alright, so Danny was like splooging all over Hiyori’s manly nuts last week because he saw her in the preview for this episode. Well, she’s here, and she’s the manliest female I have EVER scene. Holy crap. Not to mention she’s a loli so I’m sure half the world is fapping out their second (or third) round staring at this screen cap. Basically, we learn who she is kind of and her relationship with Shinji (finger in the butt relationship). We also find out that she may have had a troubling past, which probably compelled her to seek out the Vaizards but I still don’t know how Vaizards operate so I can’t really say.

    We also get a short description of the Arrancar and how Aizen is possibly associated with them now, trying to lead an army to destroy something (correct me if i’m wrong with this). This tells me that a lot of shit is gonna hit the fan at some point and we’re gonna get some crazy fights in the future. Who knows though, that’s what’s so great about shounen anime.

    Is it just me, or does Ishida look like a sexual predator?

    Soooooooooooooooo, Ishida is accepting his father’s proposal? We don’t really know yet, but we do know that he wants his powers back. I have a feeling he’ll talk back to his father, which will probably send him into a massive rage. There’s kind of a soft spot in my heart for Ishida since he’s been all over the map in terms of usefulness. You’ve got to hand it to him for not breaking down and giving up after losing a good portion of his purpose in life.

    Everybody loves ninjas, but I can’t help but love Bleach for the approach it takes on the shounen genre. Ichigo is a MUCH better character than Naruto, especially for an audience older than the age of 5. I hope they keep up the awesomeness. I will cross my fingers, toes, and reach across the world and cross Darkshaunz’s as well. Thank god for Bleach not sucking.


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    1. “Is it just me, or does Ishida look like a sexual predator?”

      LOL i was thinking that scene looked a bit off and you just pinpointed exactly the reason why!

    2. Ishida just needed to push up his glasses and lick his lips, Rets (for ultimate Jailbait effect).

      Also, its how they say hello in Quincyland. >=)

      I was beginning wonder why I was crossing my fingers whilst brushing my teeth here one night, and Im glad I found out the reason being Rets’s abuse of his psychic powers. Again.

      Next time, you know who I am going to call if there’s trouble.

    3. thats weird cuz i thought it was opposite. It seems like Ishida reverted to a school boy mode and is about to get raped by Michael Jackson or something… like OH SHI- wrong room… *runs*

    4. @Danny: Haha, yeah. His glasses do it all.

      @darkshaunz: umm….ghostbusters? *innocent*

      @mthchan: Well yeah, thats the reality, he’s really the prey, but in that pic he looks like he can be one of those a sexual predator.

    5. ichigo is great but naruto has his moments when he makes me stand up and say go naruto go go you can do it
      mmm i know alot of spoilers for first arc in naruto part 2 but i dont know if his character became mature or not

    6. -takes Ishida and runs away with him-

      Ne, Ishida did accept his father’s proposal. -blinku-

    7. @qwertypoiuy: Yeah, Sometimes naruto makes me happy too, but I tend to enjoy the other characters much more than Naruto. It’s sad when you look for action from other characters than the show is named after.

      @whispy: yeah I just had a strange feeling that he didn’t accept it fully yet. As I’ll say many times, I haven’t read the manga and I have no idea whats going on so I’m speculating like crazy.

    8. Hee, yeah, like he’ll say he’ll accept it just to get the powers but then act normally once he gets them xD Though I don’t think Ishida’s the type to do that, and I’m sure his father has some way of keeping tabs on his son.

    9. its true that ishida doesnt seem like the type to rebel, with his ‘quincy pride’ and stuff, though if in a life or death situation i think he would help the shinigami. I mean, they ARE going to war as Urahara said..

    10. i was disappointed by this epi.
      enough said.

    11. Umm, does ishida have his finger up that girls arse, and does she call that gooseing? Please someone tell me that wasn’t imagined!!!

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