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  • Pumpkin Scissors - 16 - Darth Alice and Tuxedo Mask

    Posted on January 25th, 2007 by retsgip - 1,697 Views

    Tuxedo Mask? No, Phantom of the opera? Hmm, Vega?

    Rating: 9.0/10

    Another beautiful episode of Pumpkin Scissors! This episode was able to balance suspense, action, and comedy without seeming too rushed or that they were trying too hard. I for one, was quite happy to see some new kinds of encounters this time and was almost worried when Claymore I rolled in on a tank. I’m glad they didn’t overuse the whole “Panda-kun rapes a tank” theme and focused on other characters and their ability to fight. Awesome.

    Oreld fights with charm and sex appeal

    One of the greatest traits about Oreld is his ability to be clutch and is usually able to complete whatever task he sets his mind to. Unfortunately (or not), most of the tasks he sets his mind to involves some sort of fornication with random women around town or in the office. Even so, he’s still my favorite character, sporting his “i don’t really care” attitude that I love so much. How he finds time to be passionate about certain aspects of his life like sexing women, while still being a member of P.S III is beyond me. At least this time, he was ordered to go fool around some some womenz in the other section to receive information. God, what an order.

    Alice handles long objects with ease, I wonder if Panda-kun is that long…

    Wasn’t really sure what to expect from Alice and her bladestaff or whatever that’s called. I couldn’t help but wonder how she was going to swing something that large around and kill peoples, but she managed to do so fairly well. Too bad we get the typical flawed hero scenario, because Alice isn’t perfect or GAR or whatever, she’s human. She’s getting tired after killing 2-3 of the Claymore I guys, which I’d expect after swinging that huge fucking sword. I was hoping for a little more fluidity in her movements (e.g., kung fu, wushu) but even without it, I thought it was a decent scene.

    I’m pretty convinced that Alice’s fiancee is Tuxedo Mask, and I thought it was pretty nifty that we got to see him pwn some insignificant soldiers. Yes, in anime, all lives that aren’t the main cast are insignificant (ouch, shallow). Too bad the ratbastard didn’t get his head sliced off when he tried to flex his muscles.   I was praying for it the entire episode but Tuxedo Mask let me down. At least we got to see Machs ram into a doorway at 40 mph, thanking god he joined the circus as a child in midair, then somehow managing to do 100 somersaults to safety.

    Next episode seems to be more fighting and stuff, and Panda is gonna get even hotter than this. Oh yes…OH YES. His shirt better come off at some point in this fight or I’ll be sorely disappointed. Wait…I meant Alice’s shirt…ALICE.


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    1. That guy definitely reminds me of Vega from the Street Fighter series, I would have lol’d seriously if he had the claws as well.

      I like how those guards are wearing like modern combat kevlar, 16th century knight helmets and wielding what looks like reaper staves. It looks like a Cobra Commando collided with a Wheat Farmer whilst falling on one of Camelot’s knights.

      That aside, Alice with her Bladestaff is freaking sexy. Its time to put this episode on overnight download I guess. I also hope Alice’s shirt comes off, uh for, “Appreciation”, with the emphasis on appreciation.

      Nah, she’s just Sex with a Bladestaff. =p

    2. >>Alice’s fiancee is Tuxedo Mask
      This possible plot point just makes the show seem so cheap…

      On the other hand, loved Alice’s fighting, but if she gets tired after just fighting 2-3 guys, I would suggest she get a normal sword.

    3. Erm… Alice’s fiancée can’t be mask-boy when we have seen him talking with mask-boy a few episodes ago. ^^;


    4. @Darkshaunz: Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool.

      @tripleA & Skane: Awwwww, you guys both actually read my entry. I was wondering if anyone would catch that. That has made me feel quite loved.

    5. The challenge for Pumpkin Scissors is clearly to top Panda-kun’s hotness in that scene (or to find reasons to revisit it as often as possible). And here’s hoping it involves more slow, panning shots of his great big body and not…fire. (I’m nervous for him. I don’t know how well fire scars would fit with his other battle wounds.)

      It seems everyone in Section III has some hidden talent - seducing the ladies, acrobatics, wielding a mighty sword. Oh, and Alice has that double-sided thing.

      I’m glad we got to see more of Hunks this episode, too. Just when I’m thisclose to forgetting about him and he pops up to orchestrate some more badassery. What a cool old guy!

    6. holy shit….this episode is actually…..GOOOOD

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