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  • One Thousand Years of Pain!

    Posted on January 30th, 2007 by retsgip - 9,258 Views
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    1000 years of pain

    Hidden Leave Ancient Taijutsu Supreme Technique:
    One Thousand Years of PAIN

    OH hohoho~! My Narutard is finally catching up to me, but enough of that. Basically just reminding anyone who actually reads this blog that I have been extremely busy and it will continue to be such for another 6 weeks. On top of all the reading and writing I’ve had to do for school, I’m also trying to find a job for next term (since I’m graduating), watch/blog anime, as well as live a normal life. Yes, life is sticking four fingers into my ass, and shooting me 30 feet into the air. Gfg.

    Blogging and watching anime has always been a hobby, which unfortunately means it gets put on the back-burners when important things show up in my life. Normal and important are relative to each person, but to me they mean not being a total shut-in. As most should suspect by now, or don’t already know because I tell them, I’m very much an American in terms of activities I do and whatnot. I’m like batman except my superhero persona is an anime blogger, which unfortunately is not quite as exciting as batman, but it’ll do for now. First I need money for my super gear, then I can start saving the–wtf am I talking about? (i’m a nerd…)

    Anyways, if my entries become sporadic, don’t assume I’ve given up or stopped, it’s just because I’m extremely busy! Most of my free time is from Wed-Fri, so yup. Peace, ya bastards.

    Obligatory Shizune pic for Darkshaunz


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    1. good luck with life ;-)

    2. Kanchoooo!!!

      Very many loves muchly for the Shizune pic. <3

    3. Ouch :(

    4. Yet another of our number has fallen! Noooo,…..

    5. So is this blog going to be renamed the Darkshaunz Anime Blog now?

    6. Hee, hope to see you around, Batman xD

    7. sounds like me in a little way. The difference is that I cannot even see the light beyond me ~_~

      sigh. T_T

    8. @danny: ty

      @darkshaunz: lol…sore butt.

      @lenners: word.

      @rdrake: I have yet to fall motha fuka!

      @kabitzin: It should be named that huh? He’s more popular anyway ;)

      @whispy: Batman always comes through, i’ll still be around towards the ends of each week.

      @impz: you are a strong man/woman impz. I can’t manage my life as well as you do.

    9. I say, to hell with work, go to grad school.

      That’s my plan, anyway. ;)

    10. Good luck with that world out there. Batman also has more free time because he’s filthy rich which is always a bonus…(damn my lack of money). The Shizune pic was nice.

    11. Here’s a larger image of One Thousand Years of Pain.

    12. mt gira a foto xD

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