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  • Naruto - 218 - Xtreme Fail

    Posted on February 1st, 2007 by retsgip - 12,524 Views

    Lee’s smile gave me the courage to watch on, what a guy

    Rating: 6/10

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING. Yeah, despite the awesome start of this arc, it quickly went into Xtreme depths of shittiness and decided never to return. Excuse me for a few seconds while I /wrists and cry in the corner of the room because this episode pretty much kicked me in the nuts. “Hey, fuck you retsgip for rating the previous episodes in the 8’s because we want shitty episodes in order to contrast the awesomeness that is the manga story.” Anyways, on to the good stuff

    Xtremely emo

    I’ll at least hand it to the writers for making a decent plot, but man, they really screwed up some of the details.  Gaara’s fight with the Xtreme-chakra-eating bad guy was pretty good, since we’ve never seen Gaara use his sand like an item, but all the others were just Xtremely retarded.  The sword dude died in 3 seconds once Kiba, Chouji and Kankuro worked together, and the wind lady fell prey to the water casts a shadow trick fairly easily.  Maybe if they worked in some sort of suspense I wouldn’t have laughed so hard at their endings.  I’m glad the girls are you know, “contributing” by doing nothing.  I guess healing is cool for now, but I really wanted to see Sakura do something this time because she’s sexily strong in part too (too bad for the Sakura haters).

    Xtremely Married

    Best scene of the episode for sure.  Seeing Temari and Shikamaru lash at each other was so cute and precious I almost hugged myself with ^^ eyes.  I even laughed when Ino said she felt like she didn’t belong, which caused me to point at the screen and laugh hysterically.  The writers just spat on every Ino x Shikamaru fan out there and raised the Temari x Shikamaru  fans’ epenis tenfold.

    At least this episode was XTREME.  We got Xtremely retarded fights, Xtremely cute couple pairing foreshadowing, all mixed with an Xtremely predictable situation!  Now, if only they were riding snowboards in the snow, or chakra surfing down the river during this whole ordeal, it might have been a little more interesting.  At least Gaara getting his student back will be somewhat touching, even if the episode before it sucked hard.


    8 comments to “Naruto - 218 - Xtreme Fail”

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    1. XTREME ShikaTem FTW! I wanna hunt down every ShikaIno fan and just crudely shove this episode in their face xDD

    2. Yeah, that was pretty funny, even though I might consider myself a ShikaIno fan (although Shikamaru’s more of a proxy for me so it doesn’t really matter; I probably have issues :P ). It tied in later to the medical ninja stuff though. Later, Ino stops being a useless ninja and becomes a useless medic!

      Though I’m being unfair. Tenten is really the most useless character. The only fight we ever see her win is against herself (clone), which just reinforces how crappy she is.

      I wonder - is 219 going to be the end of this arc and 220 a one-shot episode? Or will it stretch to 220? Or perhaps they’ll even skip a week *gasp*! I can’t see how it can go for 2 more eps.

      Also, that first picture of Lee is dirty.

    3. looks like naruto really wont get any better until shippuden right?

    4. @whispy: haha, yeah! Your comment made my day.

      @einsteinmonkey: Yeah, tenten is pretty under appreciated so far in both the manga and the anime. As for your question about 220, well, as I have been lead to believe, 220 is naruto leaving town with Jiriaya, probably gonna show him saying goodbye to everyone, MAYBE some training, maybe not.

      221 will be Shippuden episode 1. I’m not sure if I’ll create a new name for it and start at episode 1 or if I’ll just keep going past 220 (e.g., 221, 222, etc. ).

      @danny: That would be a correct assessment, yes. Although, I’m sure others might think this arc was good. I recently reread the manga for god know how many times this is, so I was kind of disappointed in the lack of depth that was presented in the fights.

    5. Hahahahaha they spat on Ino x Shika fans lmao XD
      They’re preparing us all for the time skip I see!

    6. Hee, glad I can crack up even Batman xP

    7. “At least this episode was XTREME. We got Xtremely retarded fights, Xtremely cute couple pairing foreshadowing, all mixed with an Xtremely predictable situation!”

      Just for such Xtreme!!! Usage of XTREME, this passage encompasses all the possible win that one could have in an episode. I’m inclined to think that unless the episode had the X factor, it would have failed much more miserably.

      Xtremely Satisfying wrapup.

    8. you do know these were fillers? as in they dont relate to the real story line AT ALL? just saying ya know, so for the manga, which is the real story of it, that never even happened, shikaino can still happen

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