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  • Naruto - 219 - JUST ONE MORE, OH GOD

    Posted on February 1st, 2007 by retsgip - 3,348 Views
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    Lee: “Sooo…who’s going first?”

    Rating: 7/10

    Not quite what I was expecting, but it worked out pretty well. I still think the writers are retarded for throwing in the “use shukaku powers” arc right before the time skip. Well, whatever, there’s not much we can do about it now, but at least we know that next episode Naruto leaves town, and hopefully never comes back.

    You can tell he’s enthusiastic about his new mission…

    I guess it’s cool that they’ll involve Kakashi somehow into Naruto leaving town. The scene will probably reflect the sort of atmosphere that might feature a father sending his kid off to summer camp…for three years. I wonder if Kakashi and Jiraiya save the day next episode, or they arrive afterwards and send Naruto away. From the looks of it, Naruto will have everyone there to say good bye to him as well (except Tenten lol). I’m just glad he’s finally leaving, and the new storyline will finally start up again. Jesus it’s been a long run.

    His balls are inert

    What the FUCK is with his penis sword, and the two glowing balls? Judging by his sexy voice I’d have said his balls have dropped quite far, but obviously that’s not the case. They’re clearly floating at head level. I feel bad for him kinda though, he needs like a street performer who knows how to swallow swords in order to satisfy himself. Ah well, shit happens you know? Kids these days will do anything for power…

    Gaara, you’ve got something on your chin…right there–er no, oh forget it

    Not much happened this episode except for us watching Gaara change into his Shukaku state. I almost felt like I was watching a DBZ episode, except the fighting was worse. Yes, I just said I’d rather watch people disappearing and shooting balls of energy at each other than watch Naruto jump into the air 5000 times only to get pwnd. I find the world of the ninja to be rather inconsistent these days, but I guess it can be explained with 3 words: “this isn’t real.”

    To Naruto: If you don’t fucking leave next week, I’m gonna kick your ass over the ledge that Jiraiya threw you off of. Then I’ll spit so that when you finally explode into a million pieces at the bottom, I’ll desecrate your corpse with my saliva. Peace.


    13 comments to “Naruto - 219 - JUST ONE MORE, OH GOD”

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    1. 1. That kid is a girl? She also dresses like she’s from the 80s or a 90s hooker.

      2. Ino-Lee-Sakura threesome ohoho! (or should I say, o HO HO?)

      3. So Gaara can’t escape from a cage which has space between the bars enough for him to walk out if he turns sideways?

      4. What the hell could Sakura *possibly* have been healing? Her hands were right above his crotch! Did he sustain injuries there? Or was she just trying to see the real graceful beast of Konoha? (Back to #2!)

      5. Naruto has reverted to his ADHD/amnesic state what with the jumping at the guy. Though he must have pretty crappy fire powers to only slightly singe Naruto’s clothes.

      Awful episode, but +2 for teh implied secks

    2. I think his whole body is meant to represent his penis.

      That would make him a dick-head. Get it?

      HAR HAR.

    3. OK WTF?
      Naruto has only 2 Jutsus: Kagebunshin and Rasengan which he uses like 100% of the time. And now he doesn’t? During the whole arc?.
      So after he watches the whole resurrection thing, without doing anything, he jumps at the guy, of course without using Kagebunshin, what would have been a good idea for a change.
      Then he tries to “open” the cage. You’d think he would try to attach an exploding seal to it or use Rasengan to destroy it, but no. He obviously thinks scratching it, with his figer nails, is a better idea. Then he tries to dig underneath it (yes, with his finger nails) what could actually have worked out if he had just created some clones to distract the penis-sword-guy while digging, but again: no bunshins.
      Maybe the writers tried to make up for the 740,278,785 times Naruto used Kagebunshin, Rasengan and the godawful Naruto-Rendan during the filler.
      Goddamit! You are Naruto! Use some Kagebunshins! It’s the only thing you can!

    4. From the looks of it, Naruto will have everyone there to say good bye to him as well (except Tenten lol)

      What happened to Tenten?

    5. @einstein:
      1. She looks like a hooker to me
      2. word!
      3. Or..he could like go under it using some sort of sand jutsu?
      4. word.
      5. It’s fucking awful :(

      @Darkshaunz: Indeed a dickhead

      @Ben: YES. That’s exactly the problem with this arc. The fighting is so retarded that it hurts to even watch it. They set it up nicely, with each 2 man unit going to help and then having a 3v1 against each badguy, but even that fucking SUCKED. I can’t wait for Shippuuden so so I can see people other than naruto rape some ass.

      @w1ckhunt3r: That is what the world would like to know. She’s probably off training to be the Hokage like Tsunade while the rest of her team are actually helping out. When Tsunade said she had an extra person who would be going to help naruto out with Kakashi, I was like OMG TENEN?? But it turned out to be Jiraiya (which is perfectly fine imo), lol.

    6. Sending Tenten lol

      Nobody sends Tenten to do anything important, and they always send Neji with her to compensate.

      In fact, Tenten is the epitome of this arc’s theme:
      Never send a woman to do a man’s job.

      The men fight and the women take care of them afterwards, Rock Lee style!

    7. Seriously, Ben, I was wondering exactly that. I was waiting for some totally-overused Rasengan or some Kyuubi power or something. God, even Matsuri was of better use against, what you boys coined him as, penis-sword-guy.

      That whole paragraph was lol btw, Retsy xDD

      I think the only part I enjoyed was the teaser of Jiraiya.

    8. I’ll… stick to the good points. It’ll be shorter that way.

      Random Thoughts on Ep0219

      ..) Did anybody else find it hilarious that Seimei sucks chakra through his crotch-piece? I think the scriptwriters decided to snort the rest of their powdery-substances supplies before ending this season…

      ..) Not since Inukami have I seen crotch-beam attacks. Either Seimei has over-compensation issues, or the Takumi village is obsessed about phallic-worshipping.

      ..) Naruto’s look after Matsuri got smacked down by Seimei was golden. It was like a combination of “She’s sucks even more than me” and “That’s it?”

      ..) Naruto apparently forgotten how to use ninja-jutsu in this battle. Oops. Does this count as a negative remark?

      ..) I hope that eyeball doesn’t turn out to be a red herring…

      ..) Does the Naruto production team have a fetish for girls who despair over their utter uselessness or something? What. Now that Sakura is useful, they decided to make Ino the fall girl?

      ..) I’ll give props to the team if Matsuri ends up being the boss-killer in the next episode, but I think pigs would sooner fly than that happening.

      ..) Tsuanade suddenly has access to Jounins for her missions! AMAZING! Not only that… but a Sannin too!

      ..) This episode is much more enjoyable if you decide to view it as a comedy.


    9. @einstein: hey, it could happen!! Its not like I like tenten that much anyways so whatever.

      @whispered.hope: i try ;p

      @Skane: Hah, lots of good points as usual skane. You ready for non-fillers, cuz I sure am. The second time i watched this episode for screen caps, I was laughing hysterically.

    10. […] Oh, I’m sure I had some pure thoughts about this episode before I headed over to Retsy-san’s, but after reading everything there all that comes to my mind is Seimei as the penis guy xD And a threesome with Lee xDD Anywhoo, this last filler arc has turned a four and a half episode one, ending with Naruto leaving on his little two and a half year trip with Ero-sennin. I thought that it’d end this episode and dedicate an entire one to Naruto saying goodbye, but I guess it’s fine like this, too. There better be some gosh-darned Sasuke references! The little teaser with Jiraiya was, in fact, the only good thing that happened with this episode, IMO. Maybe even the appearance of Shukaku, though they’re really ruining the early story for Shippuuden with it. Ever since the last episode this arc has taken a turn for the worse. It started off good but then just completely nosedived. […]

    11. actually “this isn’t real.” are 4 words :)

    12. Actually, since “isn’t” is a contraction, forming a new word from two or more words, I would consider the saying “this isn’t real” 3 words. Just so you know I didn’t pull that out of my ass, check it out on dictionary.com or wikipedia, they usually refer to the contraction as “a word.”

      The rest…is up to you, brother.

    13. rofl nice review

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