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  • Naruto - 210 - Don’t bother

    Posted on November 17th, 2006 by retsgip - 916 Views

    Sorry for the lack of thumbs, there’s plenty of pics in the actual entry

    Rating: 4/10

    Wow, this arc seriously takes the cake. I thought the other ones were bad, but this is just ridiculous. I already know what’s going to happen and that bores me to the bone. I think the fact that I paused this episode halfway through and took an hour and a half nap should say enough.

    So, besides the plot holes from last week’s super awesome episode, there seems to be a huge drop in quality as well. Not just art quality, but everything quality. This arc just keeps getting better and better!

    My prediction of what’s going to happen:
    The dude in the 3rd picture will find out that Fatman actually did save his younger brother back in the day. The older brother will be so moved and ashamed that he tried to kill Fatman that he’ll vow to do anything to save him from the criminal charges. Yeah, happy reunion. Another mystery solved by those meddling shinobi…*sigh*

    I’m not sure if we’re supposed to know that the brother is alive yet or not, but he is. He’s the little shit running around trying to kill Lee and Sakura but getting owned. I spotted him though! Nothing gets by my keen eye(pic 1 and pic 2) of judgment! Wow, thank god I’m sooo smart and spotted this. Too bad the 3 year olds watching will be shocked when they “reveal” this bit of information next episode. This shit is like, ground-breaking news here. You heard it from me first!

    In any case, this was fucking boring. I listened to music while watching this and I took a nap in the middle. This episode sucked. This arc sucks. This show is sucking. There are a few good things, associated with sucking, but unfortunately this isn’t one of them. Oh well, I’m off to see Casino Royale which should look pretty damn good after watching this!


    9 comments to “Naruto - 210 - Don’t bother”

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    1. This is….Unacceptable. I wish they did something do somehow drag this miserable excuse for a show out of Filler already. They need to restore Naruto to its former glory (Yes, if you try very hard to remember, this show used to be decent).

      It seems like the rumours that the anime is breaking from the work of the mangaka are true. Truly, this is the death knell for the Naruto anime. Naruto fans will just have to wait for the manga releases then.

      Also James Bond makes everything look good. :p

    2. Yeah, I’m not sure if I can keep doing full length entries on them. I’ll probably end up doing like 1 or 2 pics and a few lines with short heavily sarcastic words.

      Stuff like, “A ninja must always be prepared for battle, even with ordinary snakes.” GG fucking naruto. I didn’t lie when I said I took a nap and had itunes playing music while I watched this. So sad, what has become of you Naruto? What has become of you…

    3. Fillers are poison. The thing is the manga seems to have taken a turn for the serious, which is in its own right pretty bold a move and very encouraging for the reader.

      .. as for the anime.. I don’t know why you’re still watching it. Sorry, but I just don’t. XD

    4. Indeed. I’m wondering if the manga is going to end soon. It seems like something big is going to happen at the end of this arc, but i’m not sure how successful Konoha will be. There can’t possibly be more badguys out there after they round up all the current ones. If more do appear, I’ll just roll my eyes and mumble something along the lines of “modern dbz” or something.

    5. Hahaha I love the title. Don’t watch this episode, it’s dangerously stupid. Many brain cells died to bring you this information…

    6. @Kabitzin: Your brain cells died heroically. /salute

      @Retsgip: Have a think of Rasengan, doesn’t it remind you of those energy balls they toss around in dbz?

    7. Kabitzin is a fucking trooper, thats why. See, he sacrificed his brain cells to watch the episode, then he weaved his way across the interweb to our little blue site to give us this information. *bows deep* you will not die in vain my friend.

      Darkshaunz, don’t tell anyone but, pssst, naruto’s new uber special awesome move is probably a Kamehameha. OOOOOOOPS did i just say too much…oh shit..

    8. Seriously, this has to be one of THE worst arcs (I doubt it can compete with Gennou, The “Ghost Warrior” and the “Haunted Chameleon Insides” Arc. I really have watched all the eps up to 209, but now this is seriously fucking boring me. I really doubt the filler will end, though there may be some evidence to prove them ending (Naruto Part 2 Plushies, drawings of Part 2 chars, etc.) I just really want them to end around Christmas/New Years/my birthday (not too far off). Also, I think THE worst top three badly animated fillers have to be 208, 54, and this one.

    9. Wasn’t episode 54 when Naruto finally summons his damn frog that he almost never uses?

      Honestly, I think the Naruto peeing off the house one was pretty bad. This are is incredibly shitty though, at least for the potential it has with the way the plot is set up. Also, anything with konohamaru in it is usually pretty shitty as well, even though he’s a decent character. They just don’t use him correctly.

      My all time favorite filler: episode 101. Funniest filler ever.

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